20+ Worst and biggest mistakes that travelers make and how to avoid them

20+ Big mistakes that travelers make and how to avoid them

Man is mistakes-prone. this is a reality for traveling too. regardless of how wide and far you’ve got traveled in your life, there might be lots of times when you get it incorrect. and this is real for even the most avid travelers.  following travel trends sometimes mean you fall a victim to those mistakes. every one of us wishes to enhance the great of our journeys and it is great to learn from our travel mistakes.

Right below are some of the most common mistakes that I see other travelers make these days and how to avoid them. So, you can learn from some of my and other people’s mistakes to make your travel more enjoyable and stress-free. 

#01 – The 1st biggest mistake that I see people make is having too full of an itinerary, and I feel the biggest failure on this one is people who go to Europe for example and they want to do every single European country in two weeks, you really can’t do every single European country in two weeks and it’s almost like people who fall into this mistake see travel as checkmarks like I just need to go check off the Eiffel Tower, I need to go check off the Colosseum, I need to go check off these things, but I feel that part of travel is exploring and you should have some slack time in your agenda.

One that I see quite a bit also are people who schedule things on their first day after an overnight flight, I mean the first day it is nothing except just like get into the hotel get some food get comfy maybe wander around as kind of a dead day it’s good to have dead days, and you can pick up things to do as you are on your way.

#02 – The 2nd biggest mistake that I see people make and this is related having to full of an itinerary but it is underestimating travel and train times. I see a lot of people going to Europe and going to Japan where they’ll say “okay well, I’m gonna start in Tokyo and then I’m gonna take a day trip down to Kyoto, and then I’m gonna take a day trip up to Sapporo” they don’t realize that they’re gonna be spending 6 hours on the train every day and it’s no fun spending all day in transit, and they not seeing anything.

So, I would recommend as you are planning your trips to make sure you look at what the travel time for the trains are, look at the travel time from your hotel to the train the station, look at connection time so you can evaluate and see if those things are viable,

#03 The 3rd mistake I see people make quite a bit is overpacking, and I fell victim to overpacking when I first started traveling. you don’t need your whole house it just weighs you down.

The best thing when you’re traveling is just to bring a carry-on if you can, and you also need room in your luggage for the stuff you buy because chances are you’ll want to bring back souvenirs from places and if you don’t have room for things you buy, well that’s no fun because you can’t pick up souvenirs.

#04 – The 4th biggest mistake that people make when traveling it’s related to overpacking it’s under packing. I think wherever you’re going the weather might be good, so always have at least one pair of pants and at least one thing with long sleeves. regardless of what the weather throws at you, you can roll with it.

#05 The 5th worst travel mistake that people make is: this is when they’re planning their travel and they’re doing flights its impossibly short airline connections, many people say well if the airline let me book it, it must be okay. that is funny and that’s the biggest travel mistake you can make, having a 45-minute connection for example in London Heathrow or Frankfurt good luck on that.

Yes, the airlines do publish what they call minimum connection times but those minimum connection times I often think are nearly impossible, particularly because many flights get delayed on arrivals especially if you’re going through customs or any passport control, you’ll want a bit of time.

Another thing that people do is they’ll book their impossibly short connection on different airports. you need to pay attention to this one quite a bit, this happens in London and Tokyo because they have a pair of airports. London has London Heathrow, so you might be arriving in the London Heathrow but departing out of London Gatwick which means you’re gonna have to take a train there, that’s gonna take a lot of time or in Tokyo arriving into Tokyo Narita but departing out of Tokyo Haneda for a Japanese local connection.

#06 – The 6th biggest mistake that people make when they’re traveling is not realizing that a direct flight is not the same as a non-stop flight. Yes, these are two different things: direct versus non-stop.

Direct may often be cheaper than non-stop they sound kind of the same don’t they, but they are different, a non-stop flight that is one that makes non-stops. well, those flights they typically don’t make you get off. they’ll let off some passengers, they’ll pick up some more passengers you can still keep your butt in that seat.

#07 – The 7th mistake that travelers make is not paying attention to all the fees. this is known as the booking Spirit Airlines’ mistake. an example of Spirit Airlines fees if you’d like to carry on a bag on Spirit Airlines and you decide to pay that at the gate because you have to pay on Spirit Airlines whether you’re checking a bag or carrying on a bag it is $65 if you pay at the gate to carry on your bag on Spirit Airlines.

If you print your boarding pass at the airport that’s gonna cost you more money everything on Spirit Airlines pretty much cost you more money and so many people often just look at how cheap the ticket is but doesn’t look at all these ancillary fees, fees for booking seats, fees for food, I mean the fees in the airline industry have gotten out of control.

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#08 – Let’s go to the 8th mistake travelers often make is booking afternoon departure flights. if you have a preference for an early morning flight or an afternoon you want to book the early morning flight. why? the most on-time flights are generally those that are the first thing in the morning. why are they on time? it’s because those planes arrived last night, they’ve had time to be serviced, the crew just gets there in the morning and then they take off when airport curfews are lifted.

But afternoon flights they have to arrive from someplace which can lead to delays, because they could be delayed where they’re coming from, when they get to your airport they could be delayed because of mechanical reasons, they could be delayed because there’s something wrong with the crew. many things can happen and I’m sure you don’t want that.

#09 – The 9th biggest mistake that people make is booking flights that arrive someplace in the dead of night. so an example of this would be you know booking a flight that arrives in London Heathrow midnight or booking a flight that arrives into Tokyo Narita at 10:00 p.m. you know these flights are cheaper because people often don’t want to arrive that late, and because often there’s no transportation to meet your flights that late. so you should take a look if you’re getting a late arrival into an airport, and how are you gonna get someplace and are you gonna have to end up taking a really expensive taxi which might you know balance itself out with what you would have paid for the more expensive ticket.

Particularly if you’re flying into a city that does like different taxi rates at night Singapore is one of those examples but if you arrive late at night, you’re gonna end up paying a premium to take those taxis late at night.

#10 – The 10th mistake that travelers make is not selecting a seat ahead of time. many people say well “ I’ve got a ticket they’re gonna put me on that plane right” well, you don’t have a seat on the plane technically they don’t have to fly you if it’s overbooked, because if you have no seat then no luck to you.

So, when you book your flight if it’s possible to select a seat just do it and make sure you select your seat it’s something that you should pay attention to.

#11 – The 11th worst travel mistake that people often make is not checking visa requirements before they go to the airport. many countries have visa requirements. Australia is a great example of who would think that Australia would require American travelers to get a visa? but yes if you’re coming from the United States of America to Australia you have to get a visa, and it costs $20 you can do it online you don’t have to go anywhere but you do need to have it. otherwise, they won’t let you check-in for the flight.

And there’s no fun to get turned away from the airline counter because of no visa, also if you’re traveling internationally your passport should be valid too, what does valid mean?

Your passport needs at least 6 months of validity from the time you travel. that’s one that people often overlook they say my passport is valid were you talking about either that or people never even look at the expiration date of their passport.

So, make sure you do that because that’s another mistake and you aren’t gonna get a new passport quickly, and that can gonna ruin your vacation if you can’t get to where you’re going.

#12 The 12th is a mistake that travelers often make is not checking in online. It’s a very important thing you need to do before you go to the airport.

If you can check-in online you should check-in online. Why? if the plane is weight limited and they can’t travel all the passengers they’ll decide what people to travel based upon the order that they checked in, or if they do a plane swap and they swap to a smaller plane they’ll also look at when they checked people in and what seats they’re in. that’s a good reason for being up towards the front of a plane as well because when they make shorter planes typically the people at the end that don’t end up on that plane. just use your mobile device to open up the app for your airline and hit the check-in button. it’s a very important thing you should get in the habit of doing it. 

#13 The 13th mistake that travelers make is not getting money at the airport when they arrive someplace. So, I recommend to use the ATM, and when I said to use an ATM when you get to the destination, I mean use an ATM at the airport, you will want money when you leave the airport, don’t get into a taxi without having money. taxis don’t take credit cards everywhere and you don’t want to end up walking around a foreign city with zero currencies and hunting for that perfect currency exchange place or that perfect ATM to save $10 totally isn’t worth it just use the airport ATM get some cash before you hit the city and you will be happy.

#14 The 14th worst mistake that travelers make is taking the airport shared-ride shuttle. taking the airport share Drive shuttle is the worst $20 you will save in for wasting 90 minutes of your life.

When you’re spending thousands of dollars to go someplace, I don’t think it’s worthwhile to save money at the expense of lots of time. how much did you pay for those airlines? how much did you pay for those hotels? if you look at what you are paying to do the whole trip and a per-minute of what you’re saying you are not saving anything. so, skip the airport share drive shuttles if you want to do that back at home to get to your home place whatever that’s fine but don’t waste your time in your travel destination on the shared-ride shuttles.

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#15 The 15th mistake that travelers make is not checking hotel prices before booking their flights. many people will look and say “hey I found these cheap flights to Tokyo in April” well that’s because the hotels are $1,000 a night, so make sure you also, look at what the hotel costs are before you book your flights otherwise you might end up being homeless or staying out in the boonies

#16 – The 16th worst mistake that travelers make is booking hotels in the middle of nowhere to save $10. spending $20 on transportation and 60 min each way to the city. don’t do it I think when you’re going someplace pay a little extra money, book yourself a hotel that is near the city center, or if it’s not near the city center that at least right near transport to get into the city center, you don’t want to be walking 30 minutes or taking a shuttle from your hotel to the subway, and getting into the city. I mean that’s just a huge hassle and you waste all your time going back from the hotel into the city.

#17 – The 17th mistake that travelers make is not paying attention to flights that cross the dateline or paying attention that it’s a red-eye and day changes tonight. it’s really important when you’re traveling to look at the date that your flight arrives at some places so that your hotel is booked for the actual day you arrive, not the date before, not the day after.

So, if you’re going internationally really double-check and figure out what day you get there so that your hotel is booked for when you are arriving.

There’s nothing worse than arriving in a hotel and saying “oh I’m sorry we had you arriving yesterday, so we’ve canceled your reservation” or “we have you’re arriving tomorrow and us don’t have rooms” that is a big drag. 

#18 – The 18th worst mistake that travelers make is not signing up for rewards programs. if you are traveling on any big airline, if you’re staying in any big hotel, if you’re renting from any big rental car company, sign up for the rewards programs. if you don’t you are throwing money down the drain.

Yes, those rewards points might not seem like anything right now, but they do add up even if you don’t redeem it for a flight you could redeem it for a magazine, and often just having a Rewards account gives you perks.

#19 The 19th  mistake that travelers often make is not getting an international data plan or a foreign SIM card but still using their cell phone internationally, and not realizing they’re getting charged exorbitantly until they get that text message from their telephone carrier that says you have just racked up about $500 in charges in one day so pay attention to what your international roaming fees are the phone companies will give it to you.  

#20 The 20th mistake that travelers make is not printing out their travel and reservation details, and relying it just on their phone or just on their laptop but there are many times where people will in foreign countries particularly want to see your itinerary like print it out, Japanese airlines do it all the time can you show me your itinerary or some airports you might not have a boarding pass but to get into the airport through the connection you need to show your itinerary.

Well, if you don’t have it printed out and your batteries are dead really hard to show it to people and the batteries never die on paper so always print out hotels, itineraries, flights all that stuff have it on paper. paper always works. 

#21 Let’s go to 21st mistake the travelers often make this was alluded to when somebody asked if I was ever pickpocketed and that is not paying attention to the thieves that are paying attention to you. Yes, if you are in any major tourist destination there will be pickpockets and they will be watching you because you’re a tourist and tourists are easy targets.

Pickpockets love tourists. don’t be a victim be sharp don’t be overly trusting, scam artist not just pickpocket the scam artists love tourists too, they’ll give you some sob stories if there’s a random dude at the airport who comes up to you with the taxi and he’s maybe not that honest you may want to skip that, people who offer to take your photo they may help you out with your camera too you might not get that back, so be sharp, be vigilant, don’t be a victim.

#22 The 22nd mistake travelers often make is never leaving the tourist areas. For example, when you’re going to Manhattan it’s easy to be like a moth and attracted to the lights of Times Square but get away from the major tourist sites to experience the real city.

In Tokyo, the same way there are the major sights Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku but explore some of the side streets, explore real Tokyo.

When you go to Paris don’t just be in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Eiffel Tower is not real Paris get out of the tourist areas and enjoy it.

#23 – The last mistake that we see travelers often make is only eating familiar foods. you can eat McDonald’s at home, you don’t need to eat McDonald’s when you’re on travel all the time.

Be adventuresome that’s why you’re going to travel, experience new things, experience the local things.


There are such a lot of things to keep in mind before traveling, especially abroad. There are also a variety of costs involved. Planning a vacation may be a handful and stressful, however, if you stay away from these mistakes it can be very profitable.

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