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Cruising Hidden Costs that you don’t know about

Cruising is an excellent holiday for a family on a budget. The cruise cost consists of almost the whole thing from meals, accommodation, and transportation (to different port but not to the port of call). however, certain costs aren’t part of the cruise charge.

So, today I want to share 10 fees that you might not have thought or aware of while planning a cruising vacation and ways to keep the lid on those costs. so you may not need to come home with a massive bill waiting after the amusing holiday.

#1 – Gratuities

The first thing that you’ll notice is not included in the cost of your cruise and can be a big shock at the end is gratuities. these are not included in the cost of your cruise and these are usually added to your cruise bill at the end of the cruise.

Usually, these are around $12/$15 per day per person, if you’ve all got a week cruise and there’s two of you, you can expect that to be about $200 by the end of your cruise. Make sure that you put this into the cost of your budgeting.

Also, those Gratuities added to the top of any drink you buy on board and any specialty dining or any meals that you buy on board as well, and this is when you are making purchases, and on most ships, this is 18%, if you buy a drink for $10 this is going to cost you about $12 and these are Auto added on, this is not actual money you hand over to your server these gratuities are auto-added on to your bill.

#2 – Fancy Drinks

Drinks not usually included especially the alcoholic drinks, and drinks like juices, water, and sort of coffee are usually included at the lunchtimes, dinner, and breakfast, but alcoholic drinks unless you’ve already bought a packet or it came in your cruise cost these are not usually included and usually would be one of the biggest amounts of money that you would spend whilst on a cruise.

You have to factor this in when you’re budgeting for your cruise, think about the type of person that you are if you’re a big drinker or even if you’re just having to say two or three drinks the night before dinner on a 7-night cruise for two people this could end up in $300 per person.

#3 – Shore excursions

Which is another big cost of cruising is shore excursions, I mean you don’t want to just sit on the ship you wanna get out and about and some of these excursions are incredible but they can be very costly you’re looking at around $100 for chugs short excursion per person.

You can be paying something on board which would cost you $100 if you do the research and looks it into yourself using local companies you could do it as a tenth the price it’s crazy so what we recommend is you do if you want to do a short excursion do one and bucket on board but if you want to save some money look at all of the different ports that you’re going to be going to do some research look at some local reputable companies make sure they’ve got some good reviews out there they’re not going to rip you off and make sure that the safe and everything as well, and it can save you an absolute fortune it’s not just a shore excursion as well as either day but it’s the transfers as well.

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#4 – Port Transfers

Some of the docks at your dock Island can be quite far away from the place that you want to visit, so consider this point as well when it comes to booking transfers or taxis because these costs can add up people on cruise lines may offer transfers, but you can obtain a premium, look at local transport options, buses, taxis, trains, or even local transfer companies but just make sure that they are reputable.

You just do what you’re happy with you to have also got your airport transport before and after your flight as well these are usually a lot more expensive with the cruising lines but the one thing that they do offer is just eased so sometimes you do pay a little bit more but sometimes it’s worth it because it’s a lot easier just getting off the ship and going straight onto a bus without having to worry about it.

#5 – Speciality Dining

You’ve got to remember that the included dining will already include a few things like some of the main dining rooms, the buffet, some ships still offer free room service, others usually offer it for a small fee of around $7/$10 and there’s usually some quick dining options like a grill onboard and a pizza place but these are usually free but you’ve got to remember all of the specialty dining restaurants as well, some ships have up to 10 specialty dining restaurants and these can cost anywhere from $10 per person up to $50 plus per person as well,  make sure you budget this into your budget when you’re booking your cruise.

#6 – Snacks & Treats

You also have to think about little extras such as sweets and treats. cakes, gelato ice creams, and things like that and even some quick-service things such as fish & Ships, you know these are not included in the cost of your cruise.

This research is much you can about the ship to see exactly what could have been included and what isn’t gonna be included when it comes to booking and you’ll be fine.

#7 – On-Board Activities

While most activities the big chunk of onboard activities and entertainment are included there is some charges for extra ones, this is usually things like fitness classes sort of things like spinning and yogurt may be an extra charge, so make sure that your kids are not enough a huge bill in the onboard arcade.

Whilst most entertainment is included like the Big Show’s and music some things like dinner shows on Norwegian cruise line, Royal Caribbean cruise ships, and MSC has a small extra charge as well.

Also, some of the onboard facilities may have an extra charge so this is things like the racetrack and the laser tag on Norwegian the zip line on MSC these are sometimes a small extra charge and of course, the spa and any of the spa treatments are not included in the cost of your cruise.

#8 – Laundry

Everybody’s favorite task or a handful of cruise lines have onboard self-service launderettes this includes all Carnival cooperation cruise ships or we’ve got Carnival, princess, Disney also have self-service launderettes other cruise lines don’t, so like Royal Caribbean and Norwegian and MSC, we do recommend that you take on all the clothes that you need for your cruise.

Otherwise, you’re going to end up spending a fortune in laundry costs as you have to send these off to the onboard launderette.

#9 – Wi-Fi

Cruising ships have Wi-Fi but it’s very expensive and it’s usually pretty rubbish, so definitely don’t pay per minute if you aren’t going to do it book a package on board some of the best deals on board can be found on the onboard leaflet let you get through your door every single day you can find some really good deals and packages on there but you don’t expect it to be super-fast.

Outside of that when you’re in Port find a McDonalds they’re usually the best for the free Wi-Fi, make sure you turn your phone on to airplane mode if you’re not going to be using it whilst on the ship because things like Facebook, mail and some other apps are refresh automatically and will cost you money because there is an onboard form service which will cost you an absolute fortune we’ve been cruising before where it’s been updated throughout the night and cost was like $60/$70 so be very careful with that.

#10 – Medical care

Medical care can cost an absolute fortune, they charge you for every single little thing and you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the sea with no way to pay for it so just make sure that no do have travel insurance, but also get travel insurance when you book your cruise because it will include cruise cancellation if for some reason you do have to cancel your cruise and you’re past the deadline that you will have a way to recoup their costs.

Make sure to take all of your medications away with you so this includes prescription medication, and make sure that you have enough before you leave to make sure you have all your pain meds your tummy relief and sickness and all of that stuff, just make sure you take all that on board because there’s nothing worse than getting hit with a massive medical bill for something that could have been cured with you pain relief firm tablets.


Cruise vacations are an awesome value for a holiday, however, make sure you recognize the hidden fees of cruising which can cost you massive bucks so that you can plan your vacation finances.

I can inform you that I’ve found some great cheap cruises and I might have had a cheap holiday if I just stayed on the ship. but even as a cruise voyage is one of the great values around because all major charges (accommodations, food, snacks, activities, and leisure) are indeed covered in the fare, there many items and incidentals that could cost a fortune for you.

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