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Cruising Tips: Must-know for a first-time cruiser

We’re excited to share with you these important hacks and tips for cruising in 2020 whether you’re new to cruising or cruised Lords. 

So, you need to take a cruise? right here are the tips you need to know before booking your cruise.

#1 – Insurance

You need to buy travel insurance and it is so important because that anything happens to you while you’re on vacation you just want to be fully covered make sure that your travel insurance covers cruises because some don’t so you need to look at the small print to make sure that you’re gonna be fully covered when you’re on your cruise.

You may not know it but there are a full medical center and hospital onboard the ship. most of the equipment that you’d find in any major hospital there’s even doctors and nurses. So, you’re safe and the knowledge you’re gonna be fully covered.

#2 – Save your money

Our second tip is to save your money too as well, you have to arrive the day before your cruising and stay in a hotel nearby if you have a flight delay or heavy traffic on the day caused by congestion or a road accident, you may miss the ship and it will not wait for you and could end up costing you an absolute fortune to catch up with the ship or even missing it altogether.

Plus, it adds an extra daily on vacation as well and there’s no rushing or stressing about a cruising day.

Honestly, imagine how much money you would lose or even if you had to fly to the next port to catch up what a waste of money.

I guess people don’t apply to his laws who live close to the ports or say like an hour or so because even if there is an accident just make sure you leave early enough so that you don’t miss your ship.

#3 – Cruise card

The next tip is a tip that we always do. as soon as you’re bored take a look at your cruise card to see what table number you have been assigned to in the main dining room and you can go to the main dining room and check out where your table is and see if you’re gonna be happy with it we do this all the time as soon as we get on board.

If you’re not happy where you have been assigned to sit and if you’re not happy where you’re going to be sitting you can ask to be moved to another table if it’s available.

Cruise card

And sometimes on quieter cruises and if you do this quickly enough you could end up with a much more desirable location like a window seat.

#4 – Food

The next tip is also food-related. don’t just eat breakfast and lunch in the main buffet sometimes it can get super busy and it’s really hard to find a table why not choose to eat in one of the main dining rooms it’s much more civilized and less stressful.

there’s usually also a nice big selection of food that served right at your table and piping hot dining rooms are also much fancier and you can also grab some true cheap offers to eat in specialty dining venues as properly for a large discount.

#5 – Wi-Fi

tip number five is to ask the crew where the best place is to get free Wi-Fi while you’re in port because the crew always knows, this will save you on Wi-Fi packages that you can buy on board because these are expensive. the crew will know the best quality spots around the port area it’s a good chance to share all those amazing pictures that you’ve been taking on your cruise.

#6 – Cruise shore excursions

Cruise shore excursions are one of the costliest things on a cruise. these can cost you anywhere from $40 per person to $300 per person just to spend the day in port and this usually involves some sort of bus ride to one or several locations and then a few different activities.

Price them up using local transport in taxis and especially in Europe where local transport is usually very good with trains, buses, taxis, and even trams all available.

Honestly, it can work out so much cheaper, keep the extra cash to put towards your next cruise.

But it’s very important that you get back to the ship in time, some places around the world where it can be a little bit more dangerous to go out, we do still recommend that you take an official shore excursion provided by the cruise just to keep safe.

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Whatever excursion you do make sure that it’s a reputable company has good reviews and you need to back on the ship on time because if you late the ship we’ll not wait.

#7 – Take some cash with you.

Also, gonna need to take some cash with you that are ATMs on board the ships but these are expensive to use because they’ll charge you with fee and sometimes the exchange rate isn’t that great. So, take a selection of big and smaller bills for tips so you can buy all of the drink or whatever you need to import.

We always recommend the US dollars when you’re set in the Caribbean and euros whilst you’re sailing in Europe.

The crew will be happy to take either as they travel around the world a lot so if you do you want to give a cash tip just give it in US dollars or Euros.

#8 – Stay away from room service

So, tip number 8 is to stay away from room service on cruise lines that now charge this includes cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, MSC, and Norwegian the food is no better than the buffet and it’s just easier and cheaper to just quickly run-up to the buffet and grab a few plates of food then bring them and enjoy them in your room.

And you never too far from the buffet or quick-service, restaurant either feel free to ask for a full-size pizza at the buffet or free quick-service restaurant and save money they’re usually really happy to do this some cruise lines that include free room service includes princess celebrity Holland America and carnival.

But all have extra charge items on the menu as well which you can buy. If you do get room service you should tip a dollar or two that’s where the cash and small build from the last tip come in handy.

And the thing is room service can take so long to come sometime, so it’s just so much easier to go grab all the things you want completely free, then if you still hungry you can just go grab some more but people always ask: can you take food out there a buffet? and that’s fine.

#9 – Seasickness

tip number 9 is some alternative seasickness options so we all know about the bands and the medication and if you want to avoid being sleepy and drowsy why not try ginger real ginger is a really good option and has been used for thousands of years you can buy ginger tubes or pills on Amazon green foods as well such as apples are supposed to work too so just grab a few from the buffet and keep them in your cabin for emergencies.

Also, pick a cabin in the middle of the ship and lower down as this is where the least amount of the movement will be, higher cabins and cabins towards the back or the front of the ship will feel the most movement.

While centrally located cabins will suffer the least you’ve just got to think of the cruise ship as a giant seesaw essentially.

#10 – Power strips

It is not to bring power strips that contain surge protection this can be very dangerous as currents on ships work very differently as they do on land. so they can do more been good some lines have now actually banned them altogether.

#11 – Cabin tip

We’re gonna give you a little quick cabin tip here guys a little bonus tip, cabins are often quite small so remember to use the space underneath your beds for your suitcases or any bags one packed putting them underneath the bed keeps him out of the way and keeps your cabin tidy we also like to bring some strong magnetic hooks and so that we can hang things, it’s really good for hanging up shoe clothes anything because there’s not much space especially on some cruises where there’s so little storage like wardrobes bears especially when you’re a family you can get all in court jackets cardigans even things like the cruise daily planner.

#12 – Patience

Tip number 12 is to have lots of patience on the first day of your cruise especially when boarding a lot of people are stressed is it’s a big day and the elevators can be super busy and restaurants and buffets can be chaotic if everyone is waiting for their cabin so the ship may be very busy because everybody’s in the same place.

Cabins are usually ready around 1 to 2 p.m. you’ll hear a ship announcement when they are after this the ship really quietens down and everybody starts to relax and enjoy their vacation so don’t worry the ship shouldn’t appear that busy ever again. especially if you’re new to cruise your first cruise began being right at dawn inexperience, he first got on board you’re stressed you tired you’ve been traveling all day.

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