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DJI review: What makes the DJI OSMO Mobile 3 the best?

Today we’re gonna talk about the DJI mobile 3, the super small, super economic gadget, and I’m gonna explain why the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 so good.

We’re going to show you all of the amazing things and all the features of the DJI mobile 3. So, keep reading.


For all of you people out there that don’t know what a gimbal is, and don’t know why you need one. When you’re trying to film stuff with your phone even though it does have some stabilization, built into these newer smartphones you’re still gonna get a little movement a little unwanted bounce when you’re trying to run or even if you’re walking, it makes a kind of jittery movement, sometimes you want that but sometimes for cinematic stuff you don’t want that at all.

So, what a gimbal does is it can remove these kinds of little movements. once you put your smartphone in the gimbal it makes it quite a lot rock-solid providing you with the potential to get those smooth cinematic photographs with your phone.

Built-in Battery

Some feel may frown the fact that the DJI mobile 3 has an integrated battery but it is an 18 650 battery that with a properly balanced phone can run this thing for 15 hours you’re not going to use it for 15 hours, so this is an all-day battery and it’s cool that it’s integrated you can charge it overnight and this aspect is gonna remaining you all day.


DJI Mobil 3 uses the MIMO app which seamlessly connects two devices it uses Bluetooth but you don’t have to set it up every time.

 It’s very seamless. when you turn on the app and turn on the mobile 3 it connects automatically, that’s one of the good things DJI has never failed at, is good software.

DJI mimo app

One-Handed – Wireless controls

Now one of the good things about using the MIMO app is all of these controls on it are designed to be used one hand at keeping your other hand free so that you can manage your phone record, stop, start, zoom in and out, the orientation of this tool, you may simply click on this thing and you may switch from front camera to back camera using the trigger, it all works with one-hand operation and that is super important when you’re by yourself trying to get the shot.

DJI has been the leader in drones for many years and every one of those drones has an amazing gimbal on it, and this is one of the reasons that makes this gimbal so good.

They’ve pretty much-perfected gimbal technology and they’ve shoved it all into this affordable handheld unit that you can put your iPhone 11, or Samsung or any phone camera on it. these cameras are extremely good and they deserve to have a companion like the DJI mobile 3.

Active track 3.0

they have even included the active track 3.0 that is what permits the drones to follow a topic they have that within the DJI mobile 3 so that you can draw a square around a subject, an animal, a dog, a cat, anything and this element will track it so that you do not should worry about your framing all of your framings are handled in the software program. it’s especially good for vloggers because you can draw a circle around your face and not worry about where you’re pointing the camera and you can look around the scenery talk and it’s always gonna nail your framing it’s super impressive.

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Gesture control

After you become a YouTuber you are probably going to lose all of your friends so that you need to figure out a way to film yourself most of the time. thankfully, they have got added gesture control so that you can start recording, take a picture while this thing is sitting on a tripod, and also you do not need anyone around, you don’t need any friends.

Unlike all of the different DJI apps when you record with the Mimo app, it is going immediately to your smartphone and also you don’t need to download the files off of the device, it’s simply on your smartphone once you get through recording it’s superb.

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Some other cool features of DJI OSMO Mobile 3

You can use it as a normal gimbal and get all those super smooth shots but will make the DJI mobile 3 impressive is all of its features:

  • Because there may be a thumb switch that controls your zoom you may use this to get those awesome cool Hitchcock styled dolly zooms which you see built-in films create an amazing effect.
  • It additionally has a built-in, slow-motion feature, so that you can get that buttery smooth cinematic B-roll that everyone’s looking for and you may do it together with your smartphone.
  • One of the most difficult shots to achieve as a filmmaker is moving time-lapses, where you can go from point to point to point. static time-lapses are super easy everybody can do it but the DJI mobile 3 allows you to create these amazing moving time-lapses and select different points. DJI says you should use a tripod for best results when doing time lapses you can use the one that comes with the combo pack it’s super short.
  • The next feature is the hyper lapses. now, what is the difference between a hyper-lapse and a time-lapse? well, a time-lapse is a type of the cameras in a quite much a fixed position and you may move the camera or hold it stationary however a hyper-lapse you move the camera through the area so that you either move into a crowd or you may go around objects and create these truly dynamic photographs.

hyper lapses

  • All right talking of fast notice how this thing in case you make speedy moves continue the smartphone relatively slow and smooth well what in case you’re filming something and you want to get some fast motion? In case you tap the trigger after which hold it down it allows sport mode and this thing moves super-fast so you can hold up with the motion.
  • if you pull the trigger 3 times, it switches from the front-facing camera to the back camera now that is an excellent feature because these new front-facing cameras are high quality it is not like the old phones where the front-facing camera became quite much worthless and the old mobile gimbals used to simply spin your phone all of the ways around however then you couldn’t see yourself so now that the front-facing cameras are so excellent DJI was clever sufficient to simply switch the camera in the app and now you may see yourself frame yourself active track yourself and everything and get fantastic pictures without having to spin the smartphone all the way around.
  • sometimes if you move this thing around specifically in sport mode, I have observed that it could get a bit out of whack but all you need to do is a double click of the trigger and it’s going to recenter everything back up.
  • One of the biggest complaints which are not that big a deal is that you no longer have the beloved flashlight mode, because of the new design of the arm. So, what you have to do is you have to hold this thing sideways, not a big deal you’ll get used to it.

Multiple features that I wish the DJI mobile 3 had were a few sorts of ways to lock down the balance or marking a system. I mustn’t rebalance this phone every single time I put it.

now you get pretty quick at it. It takes probably 10 seconds to balance the phone in it, once you do that you’re good to go and you kind of start memorizing where it goes but it’d be nice to lock down these features because I use the same phone every time in it.

Customer Rating : 4.6 out of 5 stars (496)


So, is the DJI mobile 3 the best mobile gimbal? no there’s still absolutely room for improvement but it is the best mobile gimbal on the market now.

I’m going to be using this overall my different mobile gimbals without a doubt with its advanced functions its ease of use it works with the extensive-angle lens you can’t beat it included tripod you could screw this off and put on an ordinary tripod I put this up on a tripod and take cool time-lapses.

It’s just a very unique beautiful device, so until the DJI mobile 4 comes out the mobile 3 has a place in my camera bag.

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