Eco-travel: What is ecotourism? Sustainability and Green Travel | + best ecotourism destinations

Eco-travel: What is ecotourism? Sustainability and Green Travel | + best ecotourism destinations

What is ecotourism? ecotourism is a term used to describe travel to areas where active steps are taken to conserve and protect the environment and improve the economic and social well-being of local people.

Ecotourism can be found in many different parts of the world. This term is often used about tourist visits to natural environments such as rain forests. it can also be applied to managed or man-made environments such as urban areas.

Ecotourism principle keys

There are 3 key principles to ecotourism:

  • The first key principle is to involve local communities in the development of ecotourism.

Communities must maintain control as the level and kind of tourism they want to learn the land. money from tourism projects should be invested in the communities that are hosting tourists rather than just two operators based outside the area. infrastructure projects plus are built to serve to encourage tourism such as new facilities, accommodation, roads, or electricity should also be built to benefit local communities as well as visitors.

  • The second principle is to reduce the negative impact on the environment

Ecotourism often involves visits to remote environmentally sensitive natural areas such as forest use of special areas. visitors undertaking these trips should try to make sure that they follow any rules regarding Lister and Wildlife disturb them. and ensure that personal use of resources such as water is sustainable. then use that house ecotourism activities such as hotels and restaurants should ensure sustainable practices such as using renewable energy and minimizing waste.

  • The third principle is to respect the rights of local people

Many tourists visit education to learn about local cultures and traditions the people that the greatest knowledge about the destination other people who live there and ecotourism ventures should be managed by local communities using their experiences and expertise to promote local cultures and traditions.

The 07 Most famous ecotourism destinations around the world.

#1 – Costa Rica

Nowadays, over 50% of Costa Rica’s land is under protection. The beautiful wildlife and ecosystems in central America attract hundreds and thousands of eco-tourists each year. there are numerous private reserves and National Parks all around the country, offering a lifetime vacation enjoy for kids and adults alike.

There are also many eco-lodges and sustainable rental properties available to support the Costa Rica ecotourism. Find out more about the features and facilities of each location. Private reserves offer quality accommodation close to nature.

#2 – Kenya

At Ecotourism Kenya, Ecotourism is known as nature and culture-based tourism that invests in and helps the protection of the environment respects local cultures and involves local communities to make sure fairness among all stakeholders.


#3 – Amazon rainforest, Brazil

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most delicate and unique ecosystems in the globe. Its specialty and uniqueness make it pretty famous among travelers around the world. you can visit it and enjoy a lot in your most favorite destination.

Amazon rainforest

#4 – Blue Mountains, Australia

The Blue Mountains have been included in the world heritage inscription for its natural diversity and ecological significance. It provides visitors with unique minimal impact guided tours allowing you to experience the very best of the world heritage Blue Mountains wilderness.

visiting some of the oldest rainforest tallest waterfalls and deepest canyons in the region accessing remote wilderness provides an enhanced experience an understanding of the natural history and ecology of the spectacular Blue Mountains.

mermaids cave is a fabulous place for a good sandstone escarpment rocky outcrops deep chasm lots of mosses and thousands of fungi that are amazing to get into.

Blue mountains Australia

#5 – Borneo. Malaysia

Borneo the home of ecotourism. Eco-tourists in Borneo will be drawn to the area’s amazing, ancient rainforests. This is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, and it is home to a staggering amount of diversity and great creatures. Malayan Sun Bears, Orang-utans, Clouded Leopards, and Proboscis Monkeys roam the forests alongside gorgeous birds and fascinating insects.

#6 – Kerala, India

Green Kerala is the most popular destination in India for ecotourism. Kerala known as God’s Own Country is an eco-friendly state which attracts tourists from all across the globe. Green Kerala situated along the southern tip of India and is a land of great green natural beauty and awe-inspiring scenic backgrounds. This state having 600 km long coastline, beautiful tranquil beaches, emerald backwaters, luxuriant hill stations, waterfalls plantations, striking flora and fauna truly make state to be a god’s own country. With all these reasons state has been rated amongst the top ten paradises of the world and one of the 50 must-see destinations of a lifetime by National Geographic Traveler.

#7 – Galapagos Islands. Ecuador

Galapagos is the most unspoiled tropical group of islands in the world but in recent times a new force of change has emerged its tourism a trend that is rapidly becoming more and more important.

more than a hundred thousand visitors come to Galapagos each year to help meet the needs of this growing interest in tourism the local population has dramatically risen in the last 50 years from less than 2000 to more than 50,000 inhabitants a day.

The amount of resources that are necessary for visitors and residents is growing day by day there is now a sort of air and sea bridge between Galapagos and mainland South America with a constant flow of people and goods Galapagos is no longer isolated.

Galapagos Islands

10 Best Eco-Friendly Hotels around the globe.

Being conscious of our impact on the environment is very important especially today but most of the techniques employed by hotels and resorts damage our environment further. luckily more and more environmentally friendly and sustainable locations are becoming available.

Here are 10 of the best eco-friendly hotels and resorts that adhere to a high environmental standard using measures to ensure that they are both efficient and help protect the environment.

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#1 – Proximity hotel in North Carolina

This hotel has more than 70 sustainable practices in place including 100 solar panels for power and elevators that regenerate geothermal energy for the refrigerators. Proximity hotel uses 39.2% less energy than a standard hotel.

#2 – Bardessono in California

This hotel uses natural heating and energy sources as well as organic materials for their linens and cleaning supplies. If you are looking for a more luxurious eco-friendly hotel Bardessono is the place for you.

#3 – The Green House hotel in the United Kingdom

This villa uses energy-efficient lighting and heating as well as locally made carpets beds and furniture the greenhouse is an affordable alternative to high luxury accommodations.

#4 – Hotel Terra Jackson hall in Wyoming

This hotel’s main goal is to be earth-friendly in all of its practices. this hotel offers 100% organic beds and bedding and was erected with recycled roof and building materials.

#5 – h2 Hotel in California

This hotel is rooted in nature surrounded by hiking trails spanning miles. the pools at h2 hotels are solar heated they also have organic linens as well as multiple solar panels.

#6 – Rancho Margot in Costa Rica

this ranch offers hands-on activities to help its guests learn about ecotourism. these activities include yoga, farm tours, cow milking, and cheese making. the pools at Rancho Margot are heated using excess energy and all of the food is naturally sourced close by.

#7 – Hoshinoya Karuizawa in Japan

This luxurious eco-resort uses a hydro-electricity system that provides 70% of their swords Energies Hoshinoya also offers low alkaline waters in all of their settings including the indoor stone bath sauna and an open-air bath.

#8 – Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas

From a first glance, you wouldn’t assume that Mandarin Oriental is eco-friendly. However, they use energy-saving lights environmentally friendly cleaning products, and offer organic cuisine.

#9 – Marataba trails Lodge in South Africa

Only 8 guests inhabit this eco-friendly getaway at a time. Marataba is completely solar-powered and is located in a national park.

#10 – Whitepod in Switzerland

Each party or individual stays in their pod that looks over the Swiss countryside the energy it takes to heat and cool a pod is 30% less than a conventional building Whitepod also offers 100% biodegradable cleaning products and organic locally sourced food.

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