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Essential Tips: Traveling as an introvert

Being an introvert and a traveler is not as hard on the mind or the wallet as you might think I’m a pretty hardcore introvert and I need downtime to re-energize after being out in the busy world. 

Travel can be all about fighting the crowds at major tourist attractions busy itineraries and for budget travelers especially boisterous hostel dorm rooms even if you are on a budget, however, there are ways to have a fabulous travel experience as an introvert. 

Here are my top tips for introverted travelers: 

 #1 – Treat yourself to privacy  

for introverts privacy is paramount I feel so much better when I can close a door on my own space and know that I will not be interrupted even if it costs you a little more look for private rooms in hostels or private Airbnb rooms or entire homes on a super tight budget, but the best one for introverted travelers is house-sitting. 

#2 – plan a slow-paced itinerary  

when you shell out the big bucks to travel to an exotic and exciting new destination it’s tempting to try and see and do as much as possible but if you are too tense and exhausted from running around sightseeing all day is it worth it? give yourself the time to spread out all the things you want to experience so you don’t get overwhelmed. I also like to pair a busy experience with a more laid-back one I’ll visit to say a famous Museum in the morning then go to a park or garden in the afternoon build in time to stop and smell the roses.  

#3 – explore on foot or by bike  

avoid using crowded and noisy public transportation or paying tons for cabs and Ubers, all the time walking may be slower but you can see so much more it gives you the chance to get a good look at your surroundings and take everything in you can control how you get places when you walk taking less crowded streets or veering through parks or increase your range and speed while keeping to these same ideas by renting a bike.

#4 – visit small towns  

it’s very tempting when traveling to hit up the biggest cities in whatever country you are visiting as they are usually the easiest to get to and have the most attractions, but they are also crowded and busy I make a point to put small towns on my itinerary where it’s easier to be comfortable as an introvert these are frequently quaint picturesque and much less busy additionally they provide you with an extra well-rounded idea of the tradition and lifestyle of your destination through showing a rural aspect of it. 

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#5 – get out in nature  

I always feel recharged when I’m outside there’s something about taking a walk in an old green forest relaxing on a sandy beach or admiring the view from the top of a mountain that appeals to my introverted nature I can take a deep breath and smile I recommend introverts consider choosing a more nature-centric place to travel to in the first region or to ensure to add a few nature to a city-primarily based itinerary. 

#6 – pack self-care tools 

Pack reading materials and headphones to ward off unwanted small talk. 

#7- skip airport crowds 

Check out a lounge it’s quieter and the chairs are more comfortable. 

#8- inform fellow travelers 

Communicate your needs before and during the trip so all can enjoy themselves. 

#9 – avoid peak travel seasons 

Not only are there smaller crowds but you’ll save money too. 

#10 – engage when you can 

Stray from your comfort zone and flex your social muscles when you can. 

I hope these tips will help make your travels easier, more enjoyable and leave you with positive memories and the urge to travel again. 

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