Guaranteed Ways to Get Through the Airport Faster I TSA Security Hacks

Guaranteed Ways to Get Through the Airport Faster I TSA Security Hacks

TSA Security Hacks & Tips 2020:

In today’s article, I’m going to tell you the guaranteed ways to get through the airport and I will be giving you some tips and tricks on how to get through the airport faster.

As we know the airport’s sometimes and seasons are super busy with people flying in, people flying out, and so you want your process to getting through the airport to be as seamless and as less complicated as possible.

Before you leave home

The first thing we’re going to talk about is the things you need do before you leave your home, that will help you get to the airport faster.

#1 – the 2-3-1-1 rule

The first thing is 2-3-1-1 rule. if you don’t know what this is, is the rule on the TSA website where you can have 3 points four ounces of liquid on the plane in a one-quart container in one container per person. so make sure anything that you have that has liquid like shampoo, conditioner, sprays, lotions toothpaste, anything that is liquid or a paste needs to be 3.4 ounces or less and it needs to off it in a one-quart bag, so you need to consolidate everything that you’re bringing onto the plane just think about you only need this stuff in case your bag is delayed or they lose your bag so you need to have things that you can freshen up brush your teeth.

Make sure you can get yourself together until they find your bag and deliver it to you or if your bag just gets completely lost.

So, that’s the thing you can do before you leave the house to make sure your bag has the appropriate size and liquids in it.

#2 – Checking Online

Next, you need to go ahead and check-in online this is very ideal if you’re not checking a bag and you’re just bringing a carry-on, this way you can go ahead and have everything done you have the boarding pass you’ve picked out your seats and things like that now I have found that when you do this online and you go through and you’re checking a bag sometimes it works and sometimes they don’t sometimes they’ll still give you another boarding pass they still have to recheck you in so it just depends on what’s going on at the airport but if you are taking a carry-on you’re not checking a bag this is the best thing to do.

#3 – Accessible documents

The next thing you need to do is have all of your required documents accessible. don’t be that person in line at the airport digging through their bag, digging through their tote, digging through purse trying to find every last little thing your IDs over here your boarding passes over here you are holding up the line it frustrates everybody behind you. you need to have it where you can just pull the stuff out hand it to the person and go ahead about your business.

#4 – Packing

Next, you need to make sure you pack everything you don’t need away, anything that you will not need on the plane or in the car pack it away have it all packed up.

So, when you get the airport you don’t have to worry about scrambling trying to put things inside of a bag and all this kind of stuff, just have everything completely packed in its place and order before you leave the house.

#5 – Knowledge

The last thing you need to do before you leave your house knows where to go, know where your terminal is, know where the person needs to drop you off, know where you need to check your bag, know which line you need to stand, in that way you won’t get confused and standing alone the wrong line or get dropped off way down there the other end of the airport of your plane and your terminals at another end of the airport so make sure you know where you’re supposed to go.

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In the Airport: Before Check-in

So, now you at the airport, what can you do to make it super simple?

#1 – Pay attention to the lines

So, the first thing you need to do is make sure you find the last busy security line, make sure you just look around and see if you know one line may be longer than the other one line may be moving faster than the others, just take a few minutes to pay attention to which line you may want to get in but make sure that the line you get in is the line you can use to assess the terminal that you need to get to, because sometimes you may get in the line and only for these terminals over here so make sure you’re able to assess the terminal where your flight is gonna be taking off before you go through the TSA line but also just take a few minutes looking around to see which line is moving faster see who looks frustrated and don’t go in their line.

#2 – Get prepared

like I said in the first segment go ahead and have all your documents ready so before you get in line go ahead if you’re not using one of the passport wallets like I said and take out your passport your ID and your ticket and right before you get to the line because like I said you do not want to be that person who is frustrating everybody because you have to dig through your person find everything that you need go ahead and get it out and be prepared.

#3 – weigh your bag

Before you go through the line is to weigh your bag. a lot of airports have scales installed that you can go ahead and weigh your bag before you start the check-in of your bag process so therefore if your bag is overweight you can go ahead and shift things around take things out and make sure that your bag meets the weight requirements and therefore when you start checking into your bag is overweight people behind you don’t have to wait for you to take things out of your bag and put it over here and put it over there so you won’t be holding up the line.

Between Check-In and Airport Security

So, now you’re a security, the only thing you really can do at security just checks what you have on if you know you have on anything that has to be removed and put into the buckets right before you get to your turn in line go ahead and start collecting like your iPads, your laptops, have everything that is a TSA approved with like the liquid on top of your carry-on so that way you can just open your carry-on take out the court bag and put it in the little bucket or whatever so just anything you have to take off if you have like metal objects like a belt or your shoes have metal on them or your shoes because I think they just make you take your shoes off regardless and make sure you just have an inventory of everything you will need to take off, therefore, you can take it off quickly put it in the bucket go through the line and then pick everything back up.

After Airport Security

#1 – check your boarding status

We’ve made it through security so now you need to check your boarding status for your flight unless you’re super early for your flight then this may not be something you have to do but if you’re like right within 30-40 minutes of your flight or lastly you might want to check the status of the boarding because sometimes they’ll go ahead and board early if they have enough checked in or if you know they check the plane and everything seems okay and they can go ahead and start boarding so make sure you know the boarding status of your flight so you’re not round here trying to go get chick-fil-a or go get snacks and moseying around do you think you have enough time when in actuality they’re boarding for your flight so go ahead and check that status to make sure you don’t miss your flight.

#2 – Go to your gate

So, now that I know about the status of the flight the next thing I like to do is go ahead and go straight to my gate the reason I like to do this is that it is an unfamiliar Airport and I don’t necessarily know where I’m going I like to go ahead and get to my gate so I know where my gate is I can access anything that’s going on like they may be making announcements there may be a lot of people they may be boarding whatever the case may be and once I know exactly where my gate is then I will check out my surroundings for like the bathrooms the restaurants ATMs anything that I think I may or may not need.


The last thing is actually two things that you can have with you just in case there are some problems with your flight, like your flight is delayed or canceled go ahead and have your Airlines flight 1-800 number in your phone program so that you want to scramble on Google look forward go ahead and have a program inside of your phone then we can go ahead and hit the speed dial and call them if you have any problems with your flight and they’ll be able to help you a little bit quicker.

The next thing is an app called TripIt, with this app you can put all your flight information in there and it will notify you sometimes or all the time or whenever there’s a problem about when there’s something going on with your flight you can go ahead and see if it’s canceled it will give you options on other flights that you can take therefore you won’t have to make like spend the night in the airport or find a hotel or be stranded so go ahead and download this app it’s really good I’ve used it all the time and I think you’ll like it but there’s also other apps besides trip it doesn’t do the same thing I just don’t know about those so that’s another thing you can do to help you get to the airport faster.


That’s all my tips and tricks on how to get through the airport faster hope this helps.

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