Layover: Best ways to survive long layover and Take advantage of that time.

Layover: Best ways to survive long layover and Take advantage of that time.

When you think of the word layover in terms of travel I’m not expecting you to have tons of warm and fuzzies about it, but over time and through my travels I’ve learned to enjoy layovers and how to take advantage of that time that you have when you’re sitting in a random Airport in the city that you probably didn’t expect to stop in so straight out the gate.

My top 3 benefits of having a layover.

#1 – Layover flights can be cheaper than non-stop

depending on the airline normally flights that have layovers involved in them are going to be cheaper than flights that don’t just for the fact of that small inconvenience that you’re gonna have to spend an hour two hours and maybe three hours in between your destination of where you’re trying to go.

#2 – You can visit a new city

 is just the fact that you get to visit a new city, you may not be able to actually at all outside of the airport but at least you get to discover a new airport and new place and usually airports have tons of like signage or a tourist shop tons you can go to and kind of see just a little bit of that culture of its state or country that you’re currently visiting.

#3 – It’s a perfect time to recharge.

Last but not least, as far as those top benefits of layover it’s a time to refresh and recharge especially if you’ve been on a plane that doesn’t have any outlets and your phone is about to die.

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Important tips for long layovers

Now that I’ve given you my top three benefits having a layover. I’m gonna just run through and no particular order some layover tips.

 #1 – Buy a portable charger

This first tip is in mind you should prepare for before you leave for your trip and that is purchasing an external charger. one this will help you for flights that are smaller planes that may not have outlets on them and you can still charge all of your devices and also don’t be surprised if the airport that you land in is a little bit smaller and not a major hub and may not have available outlets as you think, and you don’t want to spend your time walking around an entire Airport I look for an outlet so you can plug in your phone just make sure you

grab an external charger and make sure that your external charger is charged.

#2 – Be prepared to be WIFI-Less

Not only should you prepare for the airport not having any outlets don’t be surprised if you land and the airport doesn’t even have Wi-Fi, but I have also definitely experienced this especially when traveling abroad and international Wi-Fi is a luxury, what it’s almost like an airport privilege so definitely be prepared to have that by stocking yourself with a bunch of entertainment, download some movies, download some games that don’t need to be kept good to Wi-Fi on your Kindle on your iPad whatever device tablet Samsung whatever you have to be prepared to entertain yourself on your devices without Wi-Fi.

#3 – Explore the airport for the perfect chill spot

The perfect thing to do like straight when you get off the plane is exploring the airport that you’re in for a decent sitting area. your kind of don’t want to just like pop a squat like wherever insects sit on the floor especially if it’s a longer layover go and find a little casual coffee shop or a casual restaurant maybe list a little nook that has like rocking.

Always find a nice place because you may be sitting there for a while and if you do find a nice spot be prepared to fight for that don’t get up and leave it’s really dangerous to leave your bags unattended so make sure that you are set with some food some snacks before you find that area scope it out first go get some snacks and things and then settle into your nice comfortable place.

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We all know how boring it can be especially if you’re tired and you need to keep yourself preoccupied before your next flight so I made a list of all the things that I do to keep me occupied in between my flight and I’m about to share them with you.

#1 – Go for a Walk

One of the first things that we recommend you doing it’s going for a long walk. walk around the airport is good for stretching your leg especially after a long time but as well as that don’t go under and locate your next apache game.

#2 – Go to a Lounge

If you have lounge access go to the lounge and you can relax some of them even have showers but if you don’t have lounge access house on the line because a lot of the airports offer pay-as-you-go access so this is something you can pre organize all the content for each path.

#3 – Leave the Airport

Depending on the length of your labor you may want to leave the airport. there are a lot of hotels close by to the airport if you wanted to check into one but if your layout is quite long you may even consider exploring the city.

#4 – Read a Book

The next great thing you can do is just read a really good book. if you started well on the plane or if you’re saving it for your long layover there’s no better time than now to find a quiet place at the airport if you can and dig into that book.

#5 – Take a Nap

It’s possible to take a nap but just to remember to set an alarm so don’t miss your connecting flight as well as that make sure your kids belong is nice and safe try to attach them to you in some way may be through a little strap just for peace of mind while you’re closing your eyes.

#6 – Exercise

Some of the larger airports have fitness rooms or activity areas so it might be a good idea to do a little bit of yoga or a little bit of exercise as well.

#7 – Watch planes take off

One of my favorite things to do is to find a great spot and watch all the planes take off. it’s great for passing time.

#8 – Write

If you’re a writer or you like to journal it’s a good time as well to prepare out that book and do a little bit of writing.

#9 – Check out duty-free

This is one that I think a lot of us do anyway but make sure you also have a bit of a look at duty-free you may even be able to find some great last-minute gifts.

#10 – Eat something

If you have time to grab a meal away from you there, I know that the airports generally are overpriced but it’s a really good idea to have something healthy to eat especially because airplane food isn’t the greatest.

#11 – Watch a movie

Another great thing to do to pass time is to watch a movie or to catch up on your favorite series.

#12 – Go on the internet

While you’re on the internet you might as well have a bit of a browser catch up with the news in your social media.

#13 – Get a massage

I love doing this at the airport and it’s finding those chairs and getting a bit of a massage I get so tense during my flight so it helps me relax before my next connecting flight.

#14 – Listen to music

While you’re doing that you might as well listen to some music.

#15 – Catch up on Work

Now this one doesn’t seem very fun but if you have any work or assignments it’s a good idea to whip them out and do them at the airport you got nothing better to do so you might as well catch up on some work.

#16 – Play a Game

Another great thing to do at the airport is the play a game. you can either buy patent cards at the airport or if you have some bring them along or you can download a few apps to your phone just to keep you distracted.

#17 – Plan your Holiday

If you haven’t already it’s a good time to plan your itinerary for the trip with a lot of airports having free Wi-Fi already it’s a good idea to have a bit of a look online and plan to activities when you arrive.

#18 – Call someone

If you have a roaming card or you find the paper you can even give somebody a call and have a bit of a chat it’s gonna make time flight it’s a little bit quicker.

#19 – People watching

And one of my all-time favorite things to do at the airport is people watching. I love airports because it’s such a great place to see lots of different people from different backgrounds and different cultures to definitely grab a comfy seat and just enjoy being at the airport.


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