Learn how to Travel for FREE using credit card rewards: Credit Card Points hacks and tips for Beginners

Learn how to Travel for FREE using credit card rewards

Traveling is one of the passions shared through the majority in the world. people travel for the cause of business and to find out new locations. traveling offers people the possibility to discover new cultures, cuisines, and experience new languages. for the reason that traveling is an essential part of the lives of the majority nowadays, many credit card issuers provide cards that include a selection of travel advantages.

In case you are a person who travels frequently, you may gain from applying for a travel credit card because it will offer you with access to unique gives, promotions, and offers to be able to make traveling an extra profitable experience for you.

How to select the right travel Credit Card for your travels?

It’s miles a reality that there are too many travel cards to be had these days and so it will become a daunting challenge to select the right credit card for traveling. right here are some suggestions to help you in making the right choice:

  1. A great sign up bonus – most cards include exceptional forms of sign up bonus and within the case of travel credit cards, the cardholders are provided with free air miles or a free air ticket once they use their card for the first time after receiving it. You must ensure that the card you choose will provide you with a large signup bonus ideally in form of air miles so you can redeem the same for your travel bookings.
  1. Extra air miles for your money – earning air miles is one of the principal reasons behind applying for a travel credit card and so the card which you choose need to apply you with extra air miles for your credit card prices. as an example, whenever you spend a dollar on the card, you need to be able to earn as a minimum 1 air mile. If the credit card can’t provide you with enough air miles for your costs, it will not be very useful to you.
  1. Airport lounge access – the travel credit card must additionally provide you with complimentary access to Airport Lounges so that you can travel with luxury and comfort. since most of the top credit cards for traveling provide complimentary lounge access to the clients, it’s going to not be very hard to apply for such a card.
  1. Travel insurance – another function which you have to search for when applying for a new travel credit card is free to travel coverage. in case you are provided with travel insurance you may travel in peace as you may be confident that the insurance coverage will offer you with the specified help in case something awful happens while you are on a trip.
  1. Low annual charge – even though the card gives you an extensive variety of features, it’ll be futile to choose the card if it comes with a high annual charge. the annual fee charged for the travel card has to be small so that you will not come to be spending plenty of cash to avail of the advantages provided with the card.
  1. Wide acceptability – it is going without saying that the travel card must be extensively accepted so you will not have any trouble using it when you are on a holiday or a business trip. The acceptability of the card must not be restricted to only a handful of merchants.

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Prepaid Credit Cards: Control for your budget during a trip

For trip makers who would want to travel for a considerably long period of time, prepaid credit cards can be the great budget control tool to use while on holiday. These cards are more like travelers checks but they are relatively hassle-free. All the card holder needs to do is load it before traveling and use it to spend or withdraw cash just as one would use a debit card.

Are They Safe?

Most of them are offered or backed by reputable banks and building societies hence they are completely safe. Ideally, when one loads cash into a prepaid card, the cash goes directly into a ring-fenced account that’s separate from the card provider’s account. This means if the prepaid card company runs out of money, the card holder’s money will still be retained in the bank or building society the individual has banked the money in. However, should the bank the holder is registered with go bust, the cash in question will not be protected. Hence, choosing to work with a reputable banking institution is very important to anyone wishing to use the credit card.

What Will Happen If One Is Lost Or Stolen?

After the card is lost or stolen, the first thing the holder should do is contact the provider of the prepaid card to get it blocked. And to continue using the services of the credit card, one might need to replace the stolen Card. It might cost a few bucks but it’s the only way through which one can continue enjoying the money and services using the credit card. Those wishing to acquire prepaid credit cards should pay attention to credit cards that are without contacts. Contactless cards, if stolen, can be used in carrying out a series of fraudulent transactions which might result in the cardholder losing lots of money.

Do Prepaid Credit Card Providers Offer Higher Exchange Rates?

While most of the specialist cards that use Visa and MasterCard offer almost similar exchange rates, prepaid cards tend to use different rates most of the time. When setting exchange rates, prepaid credit cards usually take a certain percentage as their exchange fees. Hence, it’s upon the individual wishing to acquire the card to do a comparison between the ‘perfect exchange rate’ in the market and prepaid card rates to identify the best.

Are Prepaid Card Exchange Rates Affected By Currency Fluctuations?

Unlike the conventional credit and debit cards that provide different exchange rates depending on the day the holder spends, prepaid credit cards only use the same exchange rate which was set on the day the card was loaded. The lock-in rate is very important and can either work for or against the cardholder. For instance, if the dollar or pound weakens, the cardholder wins because the rate is high and fixed. On the other hand, if the currency in question strengthens, the card user will not be able to enjoy the high exchange rate when spending on a particular day. But generally, prepaid cards are the best for holidaymakers because one is guaranteed a fixed rate throughout the holiday period.

Recommended Travel Budget: Tips to Help Save Yourself Some Money when Traveling

The top 4 best travel Credit Cards in 2020!

Now we’re going over 4 of the best travel cards that you can get in 2020. if you’re a huge traveler, or you want to travel more, or you just want to travel for free which I assume a lot of people want to do, then make sure to read this to the end because I’m going over 4 of my favorite travel credit cards. these cards have great perks, great benefits, huge signup bonuses, and much more.

Each card is very different so you’ll want to read the whole article, comparing these 4 cards and see which one is the best for you.

#1 – Capital one Venture card

capital one venture card

The number one of my list is the capital one venture card, and right now if you sign up for this card and spend $3k within the first 3 months then you get 50k points as a signup bonus, and that is a lot 50k points is equal to $500 of travel, so just think about how much travel $500 and get you that can be amazing.

One of the best parts about this card is that it is such a great everyday card, every purchase you make no matter what category it is you get 2x points, 2% cashback. there are not many cards out there that offer you 2x points on every single purchase so, this is a great everyday card.

In terms of the travel program for Capital One, it’s not as good as chase or Amex but it’s still very good points from this card you can transfer to 12 loyalty programs and you can use the points to book any airline and any hotel that you want to. One cool perk about this card is that you get $100 to spend on TSA PreCheck or Global Entry and if you already have one of these things you can still use this card to pay for someone else’s TSA PreCheck or Global Entry and you’ll still get a reimburse. these programs allow you to bypass the general security line at airports and get into the faster TSA PreCheck line. it can save you a lot of time.

In terms of fees, this card is $0 for the first year and then after that, it’s $95 per year so that’s something you want to consider when you’re choosing a credit card is the annual fee. the capital one venture $95 is actually on the low end of fees and of course, if you’re traveling internationally a lot it’s very important to choose a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees. this lets you use your card overseas without paying any additional fees.

So overall if you want a very good everyday card with a 50k points sign up bonus this is the card to get.

#2 – Southwest Rapid-Rewards Plus credit card

Southwest Rapid-Rewards Plus credit card2

The number two on my list is the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus credit card, and with this card you get 40K points when you spend $1k in the first 3 months, and additionally, if you spend a total of $5k within the first 6 months you’ll get an additional 35k points giving you 75k points just for opening this card and spending $5k.

I think if you’re able to spend $5k and you travel Southwest a lot this is probably one of the best cards that you can get because these Southwest points are very valuable. a one-way flight from LA to SF, for example, can be as low as 4k / 5k points, so just think about how many flights you can get with that. For the rapid rewards plus card you also get 3K points every single year just for having the card, the annual fee for this particular card is $69 which is pretty low but that also means that you don’t get as many perks as the other cards on this list. you do get 2x points per dollar you spent on Southwest and Rapid rewards purchases and you get 1x point per dollar for all your other purchases.

So, that’s pretty standard but it’s not the most points you’ll ever get for spending money but this card does have that very high initial signup bonus which makes it very tempting again.

Now if you look into this card more closely, you’ll see that there are two other versions of this card the premier and priority. they’re all very similar but the premier and the priority those cost a bit more and you also get more perks with those cards. for example, the premier card cost $99 per year which is $30 more than a b-plus card but you do get 6k points per year just for having the card you get no foreign transaction fees which are very important if you’re traveling abroad and also all the points you get qualified towards a list status and the rapid rewards priority which is the high end of this card and comes in at $149 per year gets you even more benefits such as 7500 points per year just for holding the card.

In addition to all the perks on the premier card this card gives you $75 of credit to spend each year on Southwest you get 4 upgrade boardings per year and you also get 20% off on in-flight drinks and Wi-Fi.

So, if you’re flying a lot consider the high-end prior inversion of this card if you don’t want to spend as much money for your annual fee then go with the Plus version. but I do think if you’re flying Southwest a lot it makes sense to go the priority version of this card. So, now we’re gonna get into more of the high-end cards that cost a lot of money per year to have.

#3 – American Express Platinum Card

American Express Platinum Card

The first high-end card on this list is the American Express Platinum Card so currently, you get 60K points when you open up this card and spend $5k within the first 3 months. the biggest problem that people normally have this card is that it’s really expensive $550 per year to be exact, with a sky-high price like that this card better have a ton of perks, and yes it does have the top perks getting this card automatically gets you free uber VIP status this gets you $15 of credit each month and in December you get an additional $20 in credit which gives you $200 of lubricants each year.

So, right away if you’re using uber a lot this is basically like $200 that are free for you. each calendar year that you have. this card you also get a $200 airline fee credit, you can use this credit for baggage fees and a lot more on qualifying Airlines.

And you also get $100 per year to spend at Saks Fifth Avenue, so you have a lot of free credits on this card if you’re able to use all the credits then this card comes free pretty much.

One other cool thing is that you do get access to the Amex lounges which in my opinion are some of the best in the world if you’re flying constantly and you want to travel the style then definitely pick up this card because you’re gonna be so glad when you have a layover or something like that and you’re able to stay at one of their nice lounges.

So, in terms of the points that you get while spending money using this card, you do get 5x points when you book flights directly with airlines or on Amextravel.com you also get 5x points on prepaid hotels when you book through Amextravel.com and then if your everyday spending you get 1x points on all other purchases so it’s not the best card to get if you’re making a lot of purchases and want an everyday card but for all the benefits that this card gives you it can make a lot of sense to get this card just to get all those perks. this card also gets you a lot of stats upgrades for many of these programs that are connected with the card.

#4 – Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Next up on my list number four is the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and this is the card that I probably use the most for travel if you already have an Amex Platinum Card then you probably don’t need this card and vice versa. when you open up this card you do get 50K points when you spend $4k in the first 3 months.

Now when you book flights using the chase traveler portal this is worth $750. And yes, unfortunately, this card is also really expensive it comes in at $550 per year just like the Amex Platinum Card, but just like the annex Platinum Card, this card has a ton of benefits as well making it in my opinion probably the must-have card if you’re going to be travel a lot.

so we’ll get into the best part of this card which is $300 travel credit you get per year this credit is automatically applied to any of your travel purchases so you can pretty much count it as straight-up cash that’s why this card effectively is like $250 per year and yes they just raise the price from $450 per year to $550 but with that price increase, they also increased being several perks that come with the card.

If you’re doing a lot of travel and dying purchases this card gives you 3x points on all those purchases so whenever I dine out whenever I spend money on travel I’ll normally charge it to this card for all other purchases you get the standard 1% cashback.

In terms of some of the perks, this card gives you $100 to spend on TSA PreCheck or Global

Entry. you can also transfer your points to a ton of airline loyalty programs which for like when you’re deeming business class flights you can get as much as 5 to 10 cents per point in value.

This is why chase is probably my favorite points ecosystem out there because you can have so many different ways of using your points and if you’re really into travel, the points that you get are worth a lot.

If you have any other chase cards you can transfer those points directly into your reserve account and your points are going to be worth 50% more and that is one reason why I think this card is so valuable.

Another really good part about this card is that you get free Priority Pass Select membership and this gives you access to over a thousand lounges throughout the world this has been so helpful when I travel with family friends that don’t have this card I can get them into the lounges for free if you love getting food delivery through the door – then this card is also really cool because it gives you $60 of

door Dash credits each year it also gives you a one-year membership to door Dash’s upgrade subscription service which gives you free delivery and also reduced service fees.

And if you love riding on Lyft then this card is going to give you so many benefits. you’re gonna get 10x points on all your Lyft rides from now through March 2022. you also do get a one-year complimentary subscription to Lyft pink worth $199 that gives you 15% off on all your rides and priority Airport pick up.

Best no annual fee travel credit cards

Chase Freedom Unlimited®: Best for flexibility

Citi® Double Cash Card: Best for everyday spending

Citi Rewards+℠ Card: Best for small purchases

Capital One® Savor One® Cash Rewards Credit Card: Best for dining and entertainment

Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card: Best for customizable rewards structure

Capital One® Venture One® Rewards Credit Card: Best for airline transfer partners

Hilton Honors American Express Card: Best for hotel points

Wells Fargo Propel American Express® card: Best for beginner travelers

Chase Freedom®: Best for rotating bonus categories

Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card: Best for existing Bank of America customers

Discover it Cash Back: Best for credit card beginners

Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card: Best for beginner cash back

Final Thoughts

See how these premium cards have so many perks, they do cost a lot but you just see if you can use the benefits that they come with and it’s going to make sense for your particular situation and if it does I honestly think that it’s a no-brainer to pick up one of these high-end credit cards.

Those are my 4 top travel credit cards for 2020 if you’re not traveling too much or you’ll want to put up $550 in your annual fee then get one of the first two cards they offer and a lot of perks but don’t cost a lot per year if you want to go all out if you’re traveling a lot for work get the Amex Platinum or the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Travel credit cards FAQs

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