Secure yourself: Why you need a VPN at home and when you travel?

Secure yourself: Why you need a VPN at home and when you travel?

Today I want to talk about using a VPN for all-day usage and when you travel. a VPN stands for the virtual private network and not too long ago was only available to the government and large corporations as a means to protect their data now it’s available to anybody who wants to use it.


What’s great about a VPN is when you use it nobody can find out who you are, where you are, and what you do. when you’re using the Internet at home there’s a whole lot that can be done or when you’re using the internet in a cafe or any public spot, anybody who’s around can get your information because your computer and the way of traveling through the internet has an identity your IP address so if you’re in a public area Starbucks or hotel or anywhere that has public Wi-Fi any hacker can be around and they’ll be able to somehow infiltrate at your information with a VPN it’s virtually impossible and it’s something especially nowadays that we need to have.

When you use the Internet there’s a very simple thing that happens you go on your website let’s say for example Expedia you’re typing in on your laptop it’s going to go from your location to Expedia now when it reaches their server over there it’s going to know where you are, it’s going to retain all the information that you’re putting in so if you’re trying to book tickets you look at the website for a minute then you close your laptop or your phone or whatever and then a couple of hours you’re gonna go back or the next day that website already knows what you did the day before the last time you were there, so that’s probably something that you don’t want to do and it’s not beneficial to you know to go to the same website and do multiple searches on the same thing because the system knows what you did and the price is most likely gonna go up.

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When you use a VPN the source your search or the website that you’re using is going to go from your location to the VPN server and then to the website but when it gets to the VPN server it’s going to mask who you are, your location, and what you’re trying to do so in a nutshell what that means is if you do a search and you close your laptop, then you come back there is no history of what you did because with a VPN your information is not recorded, nothing is retained and it is all erased so you’re starting from fresh especially when you’re trying to buy tickets.

There is something called price discrimination and every company, airline, hotel whatever they all use it, and they use it with their cookies so you get those pesky things on your laptop the cookies that are retaining all your information right there so when you go back to that site the site already knows what you did you’re going on social media or you search the engine you get these pop-ups or these ads it’s very similar to something that you did not too long ago because all your information is stored and wherever you are and it has a record of everything that you’ve been doing and you hide that each and every time when you use the VPN and that’s why I love it.

Another good thing to know about the VPN is you can use it for many different things, different types of encryptions or geolocation, what I like to do when I travel, sometimes I have some downtime I’ll go on Netflix and that’s a problem when I’m overseas because Netflix is gonna recognize that I’m not home and then I’m gonna get a message saying you’re not home you don’t have a subscription in this country you can’t use it.

Another thing that I like about the VPN and this can be annoying and those travel over abroad you know exactly what I’m talking about so you want to check your bank account because you don’t want to be traveling around without knowing what you have in your bank.

when you use your phone you’re on the internet wherever country you are and you try to access your bank account it’s going to recognize that you’re not home through your IP address which is your identity especially where you are.

so it’s gonna recognize that you’re not home and it’s gonna ask you these security questions or possibly lock up your account and then you’re gonna have to answer all these security questions you’re gonna have to call the bank to reset your password or get the information that you need.  

The same thing with the VPN you turn on the VPN and by the way you can have the VPN on your phone and your laptop and you can have it different places.

That’s the amazing thing about the VPN, and that’s one reason why you want to have it when you travel it’s available to anybody who wants it, there are some countries that kind of have some restrictions on its usage, China was kind of one of them but they’re not able to block it out I think the United Arab Emirates they may have some issues with VPNs because it allows you to access things that are not available in your own country and that’s the great thing so it just opens up so many doors when you use it. It allows you privacy, you can hide your identity when you’re traveling it’s extremely hard for hackers to get any information on your device when you’re using a VPN.

In this day and age I think we all need to have it every corporation has it, any company has it, it’s getting to the point that you know you become a victim at some point in time somebody getting into your private information or hacking into one of your accounts and you have this whole fiasco now trying to fix everything up. it is so worth it to have it.

There are plenty of VPN companies that you can use but you want to do your research because not every VPN operates the same way you want to have a reliable VPN. but when you use the VPN remember you’re going from your location to the VPN server and then to the location where you are so its kind of like a tunnel and the tunnel that you use at home everybody’s on it’s just like a traffic jam but when you’re using the VPN it’s going through a different tunnel, a different Avenue and channels that are not used by as many people as you would think.

Top 5 Free VPN Services for travelers in 2020: Is There a Safe One?

So you’re in the markets for a free VPN service. With so many options, how on earth are you supposed to decide which one to go with? Within the world of VPNs though, free is not always the way to go.

As with any investment, whether it be your time, money, or in this case, security, it’s important to do your research and understand what “free” really means.

Given that you’re not paying for their service, the network has to recoup its costs somehow.

And with certain VPN providers, they could potentially make their money off of your data on the backend through logging even though from your perspective, you’re completely anonymous for the time being.

That doesn’t mean information about you isn’t being stored for a later date to say, for example, be sold as a prized commodity.

They could also trade your anonymous browsing abilities as an opportunity to show you advertisements, allow third parties to access information about your online activity, or even spread malware on the device or devices you are using when accessing the Internet.

All of this is bad news no matter which way you look at it.

So is there a free VPN option out there that won’t maliciously take advantage of you or your data once leveraging the services?

so, we’ll be covering exactly that but going over what exactly is the best free VPN service for you to look into.

#1. ProtonVPN

We’ve coined this as the number one best free VPN service, and for good reasons.

With ProtonVPN you have free, open reign on how much you download, how often you go between servers, and how quickly you were looking to download the content you find.

The difference between the paid and free VPN service provided is that they limit you as to how many devices you can use per account.

Also, you don’t get to use Proton’s advanced security features. Other than that, they’re pretty great.

I say this because their free offering touches on the security points that matter the most when considering which VPN to use. ProtonVPN leverages encryption on par with that used by the military as well as a no-fail and reliable kill switch.

There are also open to peer to peer or P2P network traffic.

All of these factors combined make ProtonVPN a big contender in the free VPN realm and our humble opinion, the number one best option you can choose.

Now that’s not to say that there aren’t other great options you can choose from. Sometimes it comes down to a matter of preference. With ProtonVPN in mind, let’s move on to some of the other great free VPN services you can find.

#2. Hotspot Shield

If ProtonVPN was the best, Hotspot Shield still comes in at a close second as the most popular. Hotspot Shield touts this title proudly with 600 million users to back it. With this many users, wouldn’t that create a huge burden on networks?

 Are they able to handle this much traffic all the time? The short answer is yes. They in fact can.

In addition to being the most popular free VPN service available, they are also likely the world’s fastest, surpassing speeds offered by ProtonVPN free network. With that said though, there is always an upper limit and it could be only a matter of time until one Hotspot Shield’s servers become overloaded. It is debatable as to when this can happen and so far, it hasn’t. Time will ultimately tell. In the meantime, though, you can certainly check out their free offering and enjoy fast speeds available for free VPNs today.

If Hotspot Shield’s speeds are faster than ProtonVPN and they have an enormous user base, wouldn’t that technically make them the number one free VPN service available?

Not necessarily. In the past, Hotspot Shield has had some curious data practices that could be considered questionable.

#3. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN made our list because of its excellent no logging policy as well as its security and privacy measures.

The Windscribe VPN free offering leverages the same security features that you’d get with its paid premium version, which is almost unheard of.

Very few other VPNs offer this with their free service, and for that reason, Windscribe VPN has made our list of the best free VPNs out there today. For example, you’ll receive their ad blocker, leak protection, and time zone spoofing capabilities, just to name a few. This is a fantastic deal considering it doesn’t cost you a single penny.

Windscribe VPN is also very user-friendly with its easy to use and simplistic design. These factors all work to compensate for its admittedly lagging speeds and at times occasional drop.

The privacy surpasses these possible issues, making it a viable contender for user’s consideration when looking for a free VPN service to try.

#4. TunnelBear

TunnelBear VPN would have made it higher on our list if it wasn’t for the glaringly obvious hurdle of its low 500MB monthly bandwidth limit.

If you ask us, this is more or less a dangling carrot on a stick constructed by the company to get users to try their paid version.

Despite this though, TunnelBear’s free service still offers everything that you would want when looking for a free VPN. For example, they have powerful encryption and a reliable kill switch amongst other features. They also have a user-friendly interface which makes their service easy for anyone to leverage.

Even with all of this, the data limit is just too restrictive for us to move it up this list any further.

#5. VPN VPN offers all of the security measures that you would expect to find in a premium VPN package, which is great!

This includes similar qualities like strong encryption, IP leak protection, and a no-log policy, which is all fantastic seeing as you’re not paying for any of these items here at all.

The only possible limitations are a 2GB data camp and the inability to unblock Netflix. So for those of you out there who are hoping to find a free VPN service for your streaming activities, you won’t find what you’re looking for with VPN. With that said, whether or not this free VPN service is the right one for you all depends on your individual needs.

If you think you’ll need a large amount of data, VPN may not be the best choice. Alternatively, if you plan on sharing small to moderate-sized files via a P2P network or are looking for the general privacy measures that a VPN can offer, VPN may be all you need.

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