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Stop doing this! – 7 Travel Photography mistakes

Travelers make a variety of mistakes on their trip. one of the common one of these is to fail to take good photographs! travel photography is a fantastic thing you may cherish for the rest of your life. even if the trip ends, you may still experience the pleasure of looking at the pictures and reminiscing the good times.

Let’s clear the maximum common misconception about travel photography. it is not all about the camera. You need to capture pictures that tell a story, so it is more than just owning an expensive digital camera.

Today we’re talking about the seven things that need to stop happening in regards to travel photography.

#1 – Taking the same old classic photo

Relying on the status quo or going up to a famous waterfall or mountain, and taking the photo at eye level and because it’s so beautiful that typically it’s a great photo.

now let’s try and be creative and take it from a new different perspective. for example, put the drone in the air or use a long lens compressing the subject in the background together or use a wide-angle lens with details in the foreground whatever you think to try and get creative, switch it up.

You don’t need to be confused with copying other’s photography. copying other photography or getting inspiration from other people’s photos is completely fine. you just don’t have to post them every time you do so.

Think about learning other things weightlifting, music, mindfulness, we copy the pros and we learn from them, we absorb, and we recreate. you understand what works for you, and then you go from there.

The same goes for photography you figure out how they took the shot while framing they used, what settings they used editing heck even by their presets first you understand how the photo was created then you can have the freedom to recreate something yourself.

#2 – Becoming an anti-tourist

The second mistake is to avoid touristy spots altogether. this is something you definitely should not do because it is touristy for a great reason, there’s probably some amazing landscape or historical significance behind whatever people are coming to see. but that just means there needs to be a little bit more planning or time involved so take a 30-minute walk around do some hiking and then you’ll find the spot that you need to get the amazing photo.

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#3 – Subject looking the wrong way

Mistake number 3 and this can be applied to the kind of all photography with the subject in it and that is when your subject is looking the wrong way.

The edges of the frame provide imaginary walls that don’t box in the subject the wrong way. So, while we’re on the subject I just want to transition into something that kind of I see a little too often and that is when people are looking to fake or posed and staring blankly into somewhere that this doesn’t make sense.

you don’t always need to be posing just look at the interesting piece in the photo whether that’s the mountain of the Taj Mahal or you can look in the lens or the light and if you don’t want to do that then try and go for a candid photo do what you’d normally be doing and have the photographer take a bunch of photos. Just try and appear natural.

#4 – Leaving after the golden hour

I thought this one was quite obvious but I continued to be proven wrong whenever I go to a place that’s more popular for sunset and that is leaving after golden hour.

Golden hour is the last hour of light where the Sun is dropping just before the horizon, and what I always see is as soon as it’s gone people get up and then leave and that is mind-blowing because a blue hour is when you get the best-reflected light when the Sun is down past the horizon and it’s lighting up and burning the clouds in the sky.

I thought this was obvious but I continue to see the majority of people leaving after the Sun has dropped behind the horizon.

#5 – Messy background

Mistake number 5 and that is messy backgrounds or horizon lines going into people’s head or trees growing out of heads. So, you just want to make sure that the background is either isolating the subject or framing the subject and just not messy and drawing the eye away from the subject.

#6 – Gear overload

Mistake number six and that is carrying too much gear. if you have a big drone, or you have more than one

Camera, too many lenses, that is just a huge mistake and you won’t be enjoying the activity that you’re going has to do whether that be hiking, or cycling, or something along those lines where you just want to enjoy the experience for what it is and not have to worry about a sore back or sore legs too much heavy gear.

 stay small, be minimal.

#7 – Over and under editing a photograph

Photography mistake number 7 and that is over and under editing a photograph. Firstly, we also use photographs that just have saturation bar goals way too much or we see far too colorized or HDR or just baked in general and don’t look good.

Cameras these days are designed so that you can perfect them in post-processing shoot in RAW you can shoot a little underexposed so that you can bring out all that information and post-processing. make sure you’re editing your photos tastefully for example portraits need to be mild and light whereas landscapes can be bold and contrasted a bit more freely.

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And the last advice is don’t take yourself too seriously alright now this is kind of a joke but I do come across the odd gear worshiper or someone who thinks are just good and it’s brutal. No one likes an ego. I guess that goes for everything in life.

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