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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a travel agent

Travel agent becomes very important in the travel industry, but what do they offer the consumer that the client cannot do on their own? additionally, because of the internet becomes a more and more powerful tool within the travel industry, and the whole thing is at the touch of a finger, are the days of the nowadays travel agent limited? let’s take a look at the pros and cons of hiring a travel agent these days.


Local Knowledge:

  • travel agents are good because they plan everything for you and try to find you the best deal. I know the reason why travel agents are good they’re knowledgeable about the place that you’re going and hopefully more knowledgeable than you are.


  • Another reason is travel agents are passionate about where you’re going and hopefully more passionate about your trip than you are.

Take care of everything

  • This is also another good reason once you hire a travel agent you pretty much could relax and they do everything, all you got to do is pretty much tell them when you want to go because they’ll take care of everything.


  • Another good reason some use travel agents is because their fee is mostly included with everything and if you’re getting the best deal you probably won’t even notice their fee at all. it probably won’t cost more than what you can probably find online.


But what the good there is always bad. there are reasons why you may not want to hire a travel agent.

Good and bad travel agents

  • there are good travel agents and there are bad ones. just like you would research your trip or research on a doctor you go to, you would want to research your travel agent, to make sure that they’re good. Because a bad travel agent will ruin your trip and you don’t want that, you wanna have no worries where ever you’re going.

Hidden Fees / Or Not Telling the Whole Truth

  • sometimes if you’re not careful there are fees could be high and you won’t even notice because they try and put the fees in with the whole expense of your trip, because a bad travel agent will probably charge you a lot more than you should be charged, so it’s always good to do research first anyway about your trip to find out about how much it would cost.

Takes fun away

  • Some people enjoy planning their trips because it’s so easy to plan your trips and trust me you will be enjoyed it. The travel agent takes that fun away from you, so you don’t really need to use travel agents and also the travel agent could take some of the control of what you are doing on your trip away, they will tell you exactly what you need to see but maybe you wanted to do something else. some travel agents have planned trips already planned for you.


  • There are some travel agents out there that do have trips already books and planned before you even get there, where they’re going to hand you a piece of paper and they’re going to say to you “hey, walk over there at this time”

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So, I recommend you to consider these things before hiring a travel agent, it is your choice whether or not you hire a travel agent. sometimes if you have absolutely no knowledge of the place you’re going it’s good to at least give ear to the expertise of a knowledgeable travel agent, usually consultations are free but you know to look into it just as you would look into your trip, your airline fare, look into the reviews of a travel agent and just make sure they’re passionate about your trip as you are,

Don’t go to one where they feel that they are doing you a favor by planning your trip for you. no that’s not how it works. because in my opinion, it’s like we’re doing them a favor because they get to do all the fun parts they do get to do all the fun planning and I don’t know that’s how I look at it but everyone’s different just because we normally don’t like using travel agents doesn’t mean travel agents are bad and just consider those things before you decide to do that both of us, we do enjoy planning.

There are many more pros and cons to keep in mind while making your choice, but at the end of the day, it is absolutely up to the consumer to decide what suits them best.

go with excellent over price, make the agent work for you, and ensure that they’re in good financial status. With these things in mind, you absolutely should not have any issues.

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