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Tips & Steps to take when an airline loses your Luggage

Luggage loses:

Having an airline lose your baggage can be one of the many frustrating headaches of traveling. mix in some rude agents, a couple of delayed flights, and a stomach full of greasy airport meals and you have gone from happy traveler to tired, ticked-off passenger.

Before you completely lose your cool and take out the whole Delta customer service counter, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of finding your misplaced luggage and stopping further complications in the future.

So, what to do if your luggage gets lost or misplaced? how do you handle that situation? And how to avoid these headaches in the future?

It’s happened to me a couple of times and these are the things that I learned:

#1 – Look for the airline’s lost luggage counter

After you wait for your baggage at the carousel and it does not appear, look for the airline’s lost luggage counter.

So, you may report your bag missing as soon as possible. it’ll often be a small office on the same floor as a luggage claim. Have your luggage identification stubs given to you at check-in ready to give the agent. The bag identification stubs have been given to you along with your boarding passes at check-in. The agent will use this specific number to attempt to find your bag first. it is probably that your bag is on a later flight to your destination because it didn’t make it to the plane in time for your flight.

#2 – Take a picture

This is something that a lot of people forget about but it’s a very important thing.

Take a picture of your bag and make sure you travel with that picture. An easy way to make sure that you always have the pictures on your person during travel is to take the pictures with your phone. make sure to include the bag’s details in the pictures. for example, if the bag has a unique pattern, make sure to get a close-up shot of the pattern, etc. whilst you go to the airline’s misplaced bag counter, the agents will ask you to describe your bag. And having a picture helps the agent with the best idea of what your bag looks like.

Taking a picture of your luggage it’s a good idea and helps out because it will help you out in a situation where you get your luggage loss.

#3 – Get your Travel Insurance

Get your travel insurance. Travel insurance is available to cover lost baggage and many other things. in case your bag is lost, not only will your insurance cover the value of the bag, but the company will often intervene to help you search for your bag. so, make sure to check your Travel Insurance before you go on your trip.

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#4 – Pack Extra clothes

The second thing is you always need to pack at least one day worth of clothes: pants, shirt, underwear socks, etc. pack that in your carry-on and keep it with you. Or put it in your backpack or something like that, just in case that check luggage doesn’t make it to your destination at least you have something for that day and then hopefully they’ll get it back the next day.

#5 – Baggage ID stubs

Always hold your luggage id stubs! when you check in on the ticketing counter to get your boarding passes and check your baggage, the agent will print out stickers for your bag with a special alphanumeric code. One decal goes at the bag and the stub is given to you. this is an important piece of identification information in terms of finding your misplaced bags. placed it somewhere where you will not by accident throw it away.

#6 – Itinerary form

If your bag is not located on any other flight, the agent will initiate a bag search by way of calling luggage handlers working for the airline to begin tracking it down. Have a picture of your bag and you’re itinerary available to give the agent. you’ll then be asked to fill out a claim form that will ask for your personal contact information, information from your itinerary, and a detailed description of your bag. ensure to hold a copy of this form for yourself.

#7 – Talk to the Airline

You get to your destination and now you’re waiting for your luggage and your luggage doesn’t arrive. so the first thing you want to do is you want to find it, you know they’ll have a little customer service booths out there with the different airlines. You need to go to your airline and explain your whole situation. they’re gonna ask you what your luggage looks like and you need to show them that information, after that they’ll look at your boarding pass and they will be able to scan it in and they can find out where your luggage is.

Now after your luggage isn’t there obviously, you’re not gonna get your luggage right now you’re gonna have to wait a day, maybe two days if that’s the case.

  • So, from that point what to do? you go to your hotel room, and they will bring that luggage to you, there should never be a situation where you go pick your luggage up you should always have them bring that luggage to you if they misplace your luggage it’s their duty to bring your luggage to you. so, you shouldn’t have to worry about it.
  • You also need to find out what their policy is. So, what is their policy with misplaced luggage? how are they handle that? how do they compensate? you need to find that information.

#8 – Use a Credit Card

Another thing that you should do is always book your airfare with a credit card. travel credit card preferably, because you get extra added benefits with that.

After that 6 hours mark, if you don’t have your luggage, they will start crediting you $100 to your credit card, you can go out spend $100 a day is until you get your luggage. you can go out spend $100 on clothes and toiletries and all that good stuff that you need.

The airline might give you something and then you also have your credit card that will compensate you as well.  it’s always best practice to use your credit card when you’re booking your airfare.

Credit cards are the way to go when it comes to booking your airfare don’t use your debit card, don’t pay with cash or cheque or anything else, you want to have the security of a travel credit card, that’s why travel credit cards are out there because they offer you many benefits for travel.

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That’s my advice and those are my recommendations if you ever get Your luggage lost, those are the steps that you should take but the main thing is to know what your luggage looks like so take a picture of it, use your credit card when you’re booking your airfare, and that way you have some extra added security, and just if it happens it happens it’s gonna happen to you if you travel enough, it’s gonna happen to you at least once or twice but just be prepared, have that stuff in your backpack and you will be fine.

Usually, they get your luggage back within the next day so you don’t have to wait that long but it does kind of put a hinder on your vacation and them kind of start you off on the wrong foot but I mean it’s one of those deals if you prepare for it then you’re not it’s not gonna make a big impact.

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