Travel Safety: How to keep your stuff safe whilst traveling?

Travel Safety Tips & Hacks:

Today I am going to talk to you about something that I worry about and I know some of you will be worrying about and that is how to keep your stuff safe when you travel, so I’ve got a list of 10 ways that you can keep your stuff safe for traveling and I’m gonna run through all of them with you.

Protect your valuable stuff when you travel.

#1 – hostel lockers

The first one is to use the hostel lockers. most hostels will have lockers and you may probably need your padlock for them I always travel with my little TSA padlock it’s got a little code instead of a key so I’m not likely to lose the key at any point I can always get into it.

So, hostel lockers are a great place to put your passport your electronics anything really of any values that you don’t need to carry around on you all of the time.

#2 – Be aware of your surroundings

Always be aware of your surroundings, so this is just a bit of a common-sense one in the same way that you would keep yourself safe.

Always keep an eye out for what’s around you don’t go walking in places that look dodgy on your own at night, or badly lit places that are more personal safety but in terms of keeping your things safe if you’re in an area that doesn’t feel all that comfortable to walk around in perhaps you’re you just not sure if the place doesn’t pull out expensive gadgets your phone iPods, things like that cameras just don’t risk it.

So, pay attention to this rule and the best way to judge it is have a look at other people are there are other people on their phones you know half of the street is on their phones probably gonna be fine for you to pull yours out but just always keep your eyes peeled and just listen to your intuition you will know if somewhere is not where you want to be pulling out expensive things.

#3 – don’t take sentimental or expensive items with you

don’t take sentimental or expensive items with you if you don’t need them for me I have to take my laptop my camera all of that stuff because of what I do but if you don’t think you’re gonna really use it and you can get away with using internet cafes or hostel computers and you just don’t want the risk of it don’t take it in the first place.

If you’re thinking you’re gonna be heartbroken about losing something it’s so much better than it stays at home and if you do take something with you that s sentimental or expensive and you’re concerned about losing it or a game has stolen always make sure that you have got travel insurance that covers it and some travel insurance only goes up to a certain limit on a certain number of items so always read that part in detail and if you’ve got a piece that isn’t gonna be covered by your travel insurance and you can’t take out a separate article limit on it get specific equipment insurance so say it’s an expensive camera get camera insurance specifically for that item.

#4 – Protecting your passport

Your passport is so important, yes you can get things sorted at embassies but you want the hassle probably not. so always make sure that your passport is either locked up in like hostel locker or on you at all times don’t just have it laying around really just it’s one of those two locked away or on your person and you will be the judge of what’s best for you there’s no right or wrong necessarily I know that I prefer it locked in a hostel locker because I worried that I’m just gonna leave my bag or lose it somewhere or it’s gonna fall out when I’m getting my camera out so that will be a personal choice.

And I recommend having paper copies in various locations as well as any digital backup so a scan of it on your computer email it to yourself use Dropbox if you want but have a digital version available so that if you do lose it at any point or it gets lost or stolen that you can get it sorted much more easily.

#5 – Don’t leave stuff lying around in hostel rooms

Like as I said in the first point put it in the locker if it’s something important sentimental or valuable just don’t tempt people you will probably find that you do end up trusting the backpackers that in your room and that’s fine however what if one of them suddenly moves out whilst you’re out for the day and a new person comes in that maybe isn’t so trustworthy it’s just not worth it lock it up and that way you’ll know for sure that it’s going to be safe.

Generally speaking, backpackers are pretty much a trustworthy Bunch and they’re very unlikely to take anything but when people are in hard situations are really low on cash and something is laying right in front of them it is a temptation so don’t put it right there and also it’s not always backpackers some hostels and other accommodation have lots of staff that come in and clean the rooms and everything and again it’s very unlikely that these staff would take anything because it’s not worth losing their job over however you don’t know people’s situations and it’s just better to keep her out of eyesight

#6 – Don’t take more than you need to the beach

This is a tricky one if you’re a solo traveler and because of you all kind of want to have a nice swim in that water but you’re gonna have to leave your stuff on the sand or similarly if you’re traveling with a friend or a partner maybe you both want to swim at the same time you don’t want to take it in turns so there are a few things that you can do at the beach to look after your stuff.

The first rule with this one is: only take what you need. if you’re taking money with you only really take what you need just enough for a drink or ice cream or butter hire kayaks or whatever just literally what you think you’re gonna need for the time that you’re there. if you want to take photos to the beach try and do it another day maybe just go down for the sole purpose of doing that don’t leave expensive stuff just laying around if you can avoid it and especially things like your passport and other things that you don’t need with you right then.

If for some reason you cannot avoid it and you have to take important or valuable belongings with you try and hide them in bags under your towel or you know just in your stuff somewhere don’t make it easy for someone to just walk past and grab.

You could also ask someone sitting nearby maybe there’s another group of backpackers or a family or someone to look after your things but that’s gonna be up to you on how much you trust this random group of strangers and but that is always an option.

If you do have to leave your stuff whilst you go for a dip in the beautiful water try to make sure that you can see it at all time so it’s easy to just look up the beach and keep an eye roughly on it every so often you can use as a colored marker so maybe if you’ve got a brightly colored beach towel or like I have my dry bags which are bright yellow and orange just to make it easier for me to have a glance and check that everything’s still okay.

#7 – Keep important/valuable belongings with you on long journeys

On long journeys this can be a tricky one if you’re on an overnight or an overnight train you obviously want to keep your stuff safe whilst you’re asleep so the easiest way to do this is to keep all expensive valuable items with you including any money or passport, never put any of those things either under a bus or in like a public storage area that you can’t keep a close eye on it’s always better just to have them like in your carry-on bag with you so that you can go to sleep cuddling them knowing that hopefully no one’s gonna be able to get ahold of them whilst you’re sleeping.

If you get off of the transport for a rest stop or example you stop at the station and there’s a chance to buy stuff as some sort of trains in some countries do always take those valuables with you because it’s just not worth the risk.

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#8 – Padlock your Bags

This is why I had a pack of 3 of padlocks because I used them for more than just the hostel lockers and although a padlock on its own won’t stop someone getting into your bag if they’re determined it acts as a deterrent. if you’re a thief that generally speaking is an opportunist thief most thieves are, you’re far less likely to target a bag that’s got a padlock on it than one that doesn’t so that is why I always suggest padlock in your bags.

#9 – Wear a bag with a cross-body strap

Is for the ladies, so if you’ve got a handbag or add sort of day bag that’s a bit handbag like I don’t know what to call it to make sure that it’s got a strap that goes across your body and makes sure that it’s also got zip on the bag. don’t make it easy for pickpockets to get their hand inside make sure the zip goes fully across just so there are no gaps for that.

If you’re somewhere where there’s a lot of motorbikes and scooters or that’s well-known for sort of snatch theft make sure that the actual bag itself is on the opposite side of the road so that someone’s going past on a scooter, they can’t just grab it off of you or someone even on the pavement can’t get it off your shoulder that’s why you want that cross strap.

#10 – Use clever Gadgets/Accessories

There is a range of clever gadgets that you can use to help keep your stuff safe. it’s entirely up to you as to how you want to keep your stuff safe you do need a padlock for hostel lockers but otherwise generally speaking it’s a really personal choice and it will depend on what you’ve got with you.

  • Money wallets

Money wallets and money bouts: some of them are horrific and I’m pretty sure if I had bought a traditional one I never would have used it what I did get was a little money pouch which has a zip, you put your money in and it just clips inside of your trousers so that it’s hidden and you can have backup cash or cards in that.  this for me was a way better option than a money belt but is a personal choice and preference.

  • Empty bottles

Something else I have seen that I’ve never used and I don’t know if anyone has is either empty lip balms or Sun cream bottles to hide cash in, or other valuables at the beach. and I can see why people use them, my general feeling with this is that you be taking so much that you need to use one but it is a handy and clever way of keeping things hidden at the beach if you need to.

  • PREY program for electronics

For electronics, so laptops and phones that is a program called PREY which you can download to your gadgets and it’s essentially a tracking program. So, if your laptop gets stolen it has like a little GPS type that when the laptop turns on it gives the location no it does mean the laptop has to be turned on but it is a way that you can keep tabs on electronics and it can run in the background so that a thief wouldn’t even know that if the program was on the computer. people have managed to track electronics down using it. and that is another option for keeping gadgets and electronics safe.



Keep your stuff safe is going to be entirely up to you but these are some of the ways that I think are good and that I think you would be able to utilize in your travels.

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