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Travel Sickness: Avoiding and Dealing with Travel Sickness

For those people that get sick when abroad, it’s just typical! you’ve got all year round to be sick then the one week that you simply are far from your mundane and boring life you’ll guarantee that the bugs will bite!

There are many common ailments which will strike whilst you’re elsewhere, and maybe travel sickness is that the first you’ve got to deal with.

Travel sickness can weaken the body and leave you more vulnerable to illness.

However, because you simply get one chance to travel away, it’s essential that you simply deal with travel sickness as and when it happens instead of waiting.

Here are a couple of ways of preventing problems before they happen. And, if you’re susceptible to a touch of travel sickness, we’ve included some possible cures below. Perhaps you’ll plan, just in case.

Preventing travel sickness


Try to not have an empty stomach once you get on the plane. At an equivalent time, try not to eat too heavy a meal. Dairy products or meals with high calories, salt, or protein content aren’t advisable. These will serve to saturate and unsettle the stomach.

Fresh air

This usually helps, so attempt to top up before you board. If you are a smoker, it helps if you do not illuminate immediately before you allow.


Sitting within the middle of the plane (near the wings) often helps to scale back the effect of movements within the air, including turbulence if you’re unlucky enough to experience it.

Keep moving

When you’re flying and feel as if you are getting to be ill, don’t read or look downwards in any way because this may serve to disorientate you. However, you ought to keep moving so take a walk up the aisle now and again.

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If you get travel sickness:

Drink Water

Drink many glasses of water. this may keep sickness cornered somewhat because you’re replacing the fluid that you simply are sweating and maybe vomiting out.

Water also will avoid unsettling your stomach, but carbonated drinks and acidic drinks like juices will upset the balance.


Take a while to relax because anxiety can increase the matter. it’d be easier said than done, but if you’ll keep relaxed it always helps to decrease sickness effects.

Is there any way you’ll take you to mind off your sickness taking note of music, reading, or searching for the window.

alternatively, reclining your seat, keeping still, and shutting your eyes can help.


you may get travel sickness drugs over the counter at your nearby pharmacist antihistamine capsules containing cinnarizine or anti-sickness drugs with hyoscine.

In most cases, you will need to require a dose a few hours before you’re taking off, and you’ll need to take more later if you’re on an extended journey.

If you suffer badly with sickness, it’d be worth investing in sickness patches (again, available from a pharmacist). Stick one at the back of your ear and it can remain for up to 72 hours.

Ginger or peppermint

If you are doing happen to experience travel sickness or other illness when abroad, natural cures like peppermint and ginger root can assist you to fight nausea and calm your stomach. There also are some anti-sickness pills that will convince be effective that you simply can buy from a pharmacy.

However, you ought to always drink many glasses of water to re-hydrate your body and visit a doctor if symptoms don’t abate for upwards of 24 hours.

Acupressure band

An alternative to medication is an acupressure band that you wear round the wrist.

This works by pressing to some extent within the middle of the inner wrist and about 3cm above the wrist skin crease. you’ll do this yourself if you are feeling the consequences.

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Believe it or not, travel sickness happens to between 60% and 80% of the world’s population at just one occasion or another.

Fortunately for those individuals that fly, it happens to most of the people while traveling during a car, but that’s to not say that travel sickness doesn’t apply on a plane! It does. If you begin to feel dizzy or sick whilst flying then you’re almost certainly experiencing travel sickness.

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