Work abroad job ideas: 10 Jobs that pay you to travel the world!

Work abroad job ideas: 10 Jobs that pay you to travel the world!

Today’s article is going to be about 10 Work abroad jobs that pay you to travel the world, no you didn’t read the title incorrectly this is exactly the topic. I’m going to be talking about traveling the world and getting paid. who wouldn’t want to do that? so, I’m going to be discussing with you the jobs that make it possible for you to explore the world, and at the same time holidays don’t just have to be for a few times a year you may make it a way of life.

 #1 – Au pair 

So, job number one is Au pair, you may become an Au pair pretty much everywhere in the world so au pairing is something that households generally do when they need extra help in the house to take care of their kids and of course they need to pay you the complete point of this is to offer people who need to discover the world a possibility to do it. you deal with the children maybe like 5 days of the week there may be such a lot of families available that you’d have to read them in the individual description and the necessities of the family however essentially you could have rental charges or meals costs or even visa real flight costs sometimes the family does cover your flights and your visa and whatever else which you would possibly happen to want and they pay you for taking care of the kids for a specific amount of time in a week I suppose it is usually between 20 or 25 to 30 hours in every week which you’d be doing for them in case you happen to do more hours then you get paid more, then, of course, you generally get days off and that’s usually the weekend because it’s the those are the times when the parents are home.

Say for example if you’re appearing in Europe you may at the weekends explore surrounding countries or the country which you are best in when you’re in mainland Europe it’s so easy to get a train or a bus or a plane throughout to the specific countries surrounding countries.

Work abroad job ideas: 10 Jobs that pay you to travel the world!

#2 – Cabin crew 

The second job that pays you to travel the world is cabin crew. now if you have ever dreamed of living that hotel lifestyle or jetting from one place to the opposite and just having an incredible time and a bit like basically living up within the air then steward is a very good option because you get to travel for free of charge often flight attendants get to possess layovers in several countries so that they can explore the town during which the layovers are in, and therefore the flight attendants often get either free standby flights or heavily discounted flights they will even have friends and family rates and flight attendants do tend to urge far more holiday allowance than in your typical job I feel it’s about between 30 and 40 days of holiday that flight attendants get and it’s just a very cool job so that is job number two that pays you to travel cabin crew.

There are such a lot of airlines out there all you’ve got to do is to decide on where you’d wish to explore which airline suits you best which airport is closest to you and you’ll choose what airline you want to travel for because there are numerous options and you do not exactly need a college degree to become a cabin crew you’ll just get to be you recognize have great customer service and treat people well and care about people and that is the most thing that they care about therein profession. so definitely consider being a cabin crewman if this sounds appealing to you.

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#3 – Teaching English 

the third job that pays you to travel the globe is being a global English teacher you’ll gain TEFL qualification or a CELTA which qualifies you to become qualified English teacher and teaching English as a far off language to be hired abroad now typically its Asia that have a high demand for English teachers they are doing hire sort of a very high rate you’ll even be hired in other countries like Spain or Italy or France but not such a lot within the European countries as Asia.

So, if you’re pretty good at English and you are feeling as if you’ve got the makings of an educator you are feeling such as you can communicate yourself quite well then you’ll check out teaching English as a far off language abroad. Typically, they are doing require you to possess a university degree a bachelor’s and a teaching qualification but, in some places, you’ll escape with not having a degree or maybe not having an English qualification. if you’re determined and you want to show English abroad then I say explore that option and it’d just be ready to work for you.

But if you have been thinking of traveling to a rustic where English isn’t so widely spoken then maybe you’ll use your English to your advantage to travel and to explore. once more once you’re in Asia or once you’re on the continent you’ll then explore surrounding countries also because the country you’re based during which is great and that I think for English teachers the hours that you simply actually are required to place in per week between 20 and 30 so you’ll have tons of spare time on your hands to explore and that I just think that’s an excellent option so you are doing your research as many information out there.

Work abroad job ideas: 10 Jobs that pay you to travel the world!

#4 – WWOOF

So, the fourth job that pays you to travel is woofing. now woofing stands for worldwide opportunities on organic farms that were a mouthful. basically what this suggests is you’ll continue to the present website and find farms everywhere the planet to figure on and they are all about sustainability they’re all about organic produce and they are all about being earth friendly so if that’s something that’s a robust belief in you then this could be an honest opportunity for you to explore.

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#5 – cruise liner worker

The fifth job that pays you to travel is being a cruise liner worker. now if you’re employed on a cruise liner, cruise ships are constantly stopping in several destinations everywhere the planet and your job is essentially on a ship so you’re constantly traveling and if you wish the thought of being on water constantly and awakening to the breeze of the ocean then maybe this is often something you’ll consider how people on cruise ships tend to possess tons of fun so why not take part thereon fun and have an excellent time too there are numerous different professions then many various job opportunities that you simply can check out, you’ll be a wage waitress you’ll be a photographer you’ll be an occasion organizer there are numerous things you only “> that you simply might be on a cruise liner you just need to explore your options and see what’s out there so that’s another job that pays you to travel.

#6 – Digital nomad

job number six that pays you to travel may be a digital nomad. now I assume this type of covers an entire bunch of professions digitally now you’ll do freelance work you’ll have an employer back in your home city or your hometown you’ll combat clients along the way you’ll be a programmer you’ll be introduced marketing you’ll be a graphic designer there are numerous belongings you could do one could take up clients on these outsourcing websites build a reputation there and take your work wherever you go numerous belongings you can do as a digital nomad so if you’ve got a skill that you simply know people would be keen to pay you for then why not explore that and become a digital nomad and your boss.

#7 – Travel blogger

the seventh job that pays you to travel is being a travel blogger. now, of course, this type of encompasses travel vlogging with video and travel blogging copywriting and content creation if you write on your travels document your travels share them gain a reputation you’ll then start reaching bent companies to possess your posts sponsored then you’re essentially being paid to travel then once you’re well-known enough or once you’ve built up a reputation that companies start to note you then they’re going to start to succeed in bent you and things will become a touch easier therein sense, and that I think that would be a lucrative and exciting job if you’ve got the talent to make quality content and to write down then I’d say that’s an option that you simply could go down, of course, it might take time to create up a reputation, I assume with a number of these jobs they’re more long-term goals as against short-term so check it out and explore that option.

Work abroad job ideas: 10 Jobs that pay you to travel the world!

#8 – Business owner

the next job that pays you to travel and see the planet is to line up your own business. once you found out your own business you then have the liberty to urge clients anywhere you would like. Get clients I feel being self-employed and having your own business means you’re freer you’re liberal to explore the planet, you’re running on your timetable and you create the principles.

Of course once more like my previous points with being a digital nomad and a travel blogger which are essentially similar things they will tend to be more long-term goals so you would possibly need to work thereon a touch before you launch yourself out there and begin being that independent traveling business woman or man but I feel if you crave freedom and you crave the outside you only crave not being at a desk then fixing business is that the way forward.

And the neatest thing about fixing business is you’re then doing something that you simply personally really are hooked in to hope and you’re keen on.

Work abroad job ideas: 10 Jobs that pay you to travel the world!

#9 – International consultant

the ninth job that might pay you to travel is to be a world consultant if you become particularly skilled or experienced during a certain area you’ll either be self-employed or employed by a corporation you’ll essentially leave and provides advice to companies and individuals all around the world people are going to be seeking your help as a consultant.

#10 – Tour Guide

The 10th job that might pay you to travel is to be a world guide if you become particularly skilled and experienced during a certain country maybe you’ve got expertise in Icelandic nature and you quite know a couple of special spots that aren’t too touristic or even you’ve got connections in Africa you recognize the way to hold safaris group, then maybe you’ll explore that option and become a world guide you’ll take groups of individuals on holidays and obtain purchased it in fact without paying not just for the vacation except for the experience of being shown the country and being given the chance to bond with other individuals that there may or might not know, so a world guide is an option if you’ve got a passion for travel and a passion for people especially so definitely consider that if that’s something that sounds appealing to you.


So, that might be it for my article those are 10 jobs that pay you to travel the planet if you’ve got been yearning to travel all this point and type of wondering about the way to make it happen maybe it’s pretty expensive at the instant or even you only can’t seem to suit it into your lifestyle maybe you’re employed quite a lot and you only can’t get the day off then maybe this one among these jobs are some things you want to think about I feel when it involves self-employment you are doing tend to urge tons of freedom especially when it’s travel-related but even when it involves the opposite jobs like cabin crew or cruise liner worker they will offer you more freedom than you expect I just say do deeper research into the individual professions and that I think that might offer you a way the bigger scope of exactly what the work entails.

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