American Giant travel wear: The classic fold zip hoodie Review

American Giant travel wear: The classic fold zip hoodie Review


The American giant is a direct-to-consumer company that focuses on high-quality American-made apparel that’s casual, comfortable, and sturdy.

The company offers a lifetime warranty on their unique set of basics. As a direct to consumer business, American Giant sells its product through their website only and has a very limited stock in their store. The prices are higher for some items but the quality is great. Designed to last, focus on comfort.

American Giant
The American giant classic full-zip hoodie is probably the finest hoodie on the market. it’s comfortable, durable, high-quality and it’s backed by amazing customer support and service, I’m gonna give this hoodie an admirable 9 out of 10.
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Made 100% from cotton (Cozy and warm)
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American Giant hoodie

The classic fold zip hoodie has been touted as the best hoodie ever. but we’re gonna give you an honest review and let you know what we think.

This hoodie is a heavyweight tailored fit sweatshirt that is made from 100% cotton fleece. it has reinforced elbow and shoulder areas a double-lined hood, double-needle stitching, and a high-strength spread where it’s needed most.

The classic hoodie looks like a classic hoodie with a slim down profile. The custom drawcord hips and zippers add a nice touch and communicate that this is a really high-quality garment. the reinforced elbows and elbow patches give it a nice tough-guy quality while still looking and being a very comfortable hoodie. All in all, this hoodie gets an 8 out of 10 in the looks department. So, what about the fit and feel?

Well, the American Giants website says that their hoodie is true to size and I’ve got to agree. The extra-large ribbing does make the sweatshirt a little bit longer for your taste but it is definitely not a deal-breaker.

The overall feel of the hoodie is pretty amazing. is comfortable and cozy and warm and you could pretty much put it on and leave it on all day.

The hoodie is soft and warm and big enough to fit over a beanie on cold days. the only downside to the hoodie’s beefiness is got limits the ability to say layer it under maybe a slim-fitting jacket so if you’re gonna layer it under a jacket it’s got to be kind of a roomier sort of thing. I’m gonna give the fit and feel solid 8 out of 10. 

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Price: $170.00

 So, what about the material?

The materials using the sweatshirt are of the highest quality. the cotton fleece genuinely feels like it’s gonna outlast any other cotton garment that you can own.

The zippers are high-quality and I really don’t foresee seeing any issues with them in the future this hoodie easily gets a 10 out of 10 for the material.

Now, let’s talk about this build quality. The quality control standards at American giant are clearly very high, there were no loose threads on this hoodie and no noticeable mistakes you can tell that very great care was taken in the construction of this garment and that it’s gonna last you a very long time I’m gonna give the build quality on this hoodie a full out 10.

Let’s talk about customer service and support. American giant sells exclusively through its website. they have a very generous return policy allowing their products to be returned at any time for any reason for a full refund you really can’t beat that.

Their customer service can answer your email questions in just a few hours. incredibly impressive. So honestly, I’m gonna give American Giants customer service and support a full-on 10 out of 10.

American Giant clothing

The American Giant company has a range of clothing in a range of colors and materials, for both men and women which includes some of the following Apparel:

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  • Leggings and more apparel to choose from.

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