Top 14 best electric surfboards in the market: Ultimate Review

Top 14 best electric surfboards in the market: Ultimate Review


Surfing is one of the most popular and best recreational activities, and a sport that is healthy, thrilling, and fun.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to surfing is that you have to find the right waves. When the water is flat there’s nothing the surfers can do. Well unless you have a motorized surfboard.

What Is Electric Surfboards?

Electric surfboards allow you to break the mold of traditional surfing. The basic principle behind them is that they are powered by their own battery-operated engine, this allows them to cruise along flat oceans and lakes without any input from the surfer.

These surfboards are seriously fun and we’ll be sure to get you addicted straight away.

14 Best Electric Surfboards in the market

There is no doubt that the motorized surfboard industry is growing exponentially, with new jet boards appearing almost every month. 

There are tons of electric surfboards to choose from and to help you select the right one for your needs, we make this list of the best electronic surfboards available in the market right now.

#1 – Jetsurf

The King of jet Board is still dominating the market. Jetsurf is the brainchild of engineer Martin Sula from the Czech Republic.  Jetsurf has created a whole new way of enjoying waves at high speeds and even started a professional motor surf federation.

Coupled with their amazing design and a strong carbon fiber body, including an electronic leash that has a dual function as throttle and the emergency kill cord. 

This petrol surfboard has dominated the market over the last years successfully. Creating an amazing way of enjoying waves at high speed. This is one of the easier boards to use and is a great choice for those that want to have fun.

Price: This board is available for $10.000

Jetsurf surfboard


  • Engine power: 14 kilowatts
  • Max speed: 50 km/h
  • Ride time: 45 min
  • Weight including battery: 28 kg

#2 – Awake Rävik

Created with speed in mind the Awake Rävik electric surfboard is capable of leaving other boards far behind. Its carbon fiber body is very hydrodynamic provides control and stability while reaching a top speed of 35 miles an hour.

With this board, you have a choice between 4 different power settings and rider styles. Run time on the Rävik S is a brief 20 to 45 minutes.

The Awake Rävik electric surfboard features a detachable battery that means surfers with a dual battery can carve up the nearest lake while charging their spare battery.

Time to a full charge takes approximately 80 min. The Rävik S inspires with its innovative drive and high-performance design arguably revolutionized the electric surfboard industry.

Price: This electric surfboard is now available for pre-order with an $1100 deposit and $17.275 final payment.

Awake Rävik surfboard


  • Top speed: 56kph / 30 knots
  • Riding time: 15-30 min / battery pack
  • Charging time: 1 h 20 min
  • Exchangeable battery: Yes
  • Acceleration: 0 – 30 MPH in 4 seconds
  • Rider modes: 4 different power settings
  • Weight: 34kg

#3 – Radinn Electric Jetboards

Radinn is a well-known name when it comes to electric surfboards. Thanks to the outstanding quality of their jetboards.

A huge bonus of getting a Radinn board is that they are fully customizable depending on which you choose you to get an easy to ride jet board that can do 25 miles per hour tops or the pro version that can reach a maximum speed of 35 miles an hour.

The range of this jet board is estimated at 35 to 45 minutes depending on the battery option you have chosen; this makes the board suitable for a wide range of different conditions and riders.

Price: The Radinn jetboard starts at $7200, and can go as high as $9600.

Radinn Electric Jetboards


  • Range: up to 45 min
  • Speed: up to 60kph
  • Charging Time: 2,5 hours
  • Weight: 40kg Including the battery

#4 – Lift eFoil

Electric surfboards have been taken to new heights with this fantastic eFoil. it’s a hydrofoil surfboard with its own propulsion system this particular board is an innovative leader in this category.

The board provides a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery to power the silent motor. This will last for rides that are over an hour-long at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

The major attraction of this electric surfboard is the hydrofoil element, unlike standard ones, this design lifts right out of the water. If you look for an electric surfboard that will give you a unique experience then this propelled foil board is the best choice for you.

Price: The eFoil is available for $12.000

Lift eFoil


  • Ride time: 90 min
  • Speed: 25 MPH
  • Charging Time: 120 min
  • Weight: 60 kg

#5 – Torque Jetboards

Torque Battery Powered Surfboard. This board is a powerful surfboard for large-sized surfers and the small average boat guys. Specially optimized for stability, extreme is capable of reaching top speeds of 50 kilometres per hour, made by Australian developers who know what a good wave is. 

The Torque jetboards come in very unique and colorful designs. Also, they are much smaller compared to other powerful jetboards, which enables riders to make much more aggressive turns. Comparing to other boards, Torque is pretty lightweight and comes in two sizes, Mongrel and Xtream. 

A side of the jet board, Torque also offers a racing track allowing riders to compare their speeds and compete against each other worldwide.  However, the board needs further improvements before it can go mainstream. 

Torque also provides an amazing app to its customers to help manage their surfboards.

Torque App: On Google Play

Price: Prices vary between the different models.

Torque Jetboards


  • Weight: 17 kg for the Board and 35 kg total with battery.
  • Power: 4.4KW or 8.8KW.
  • Speed: 50 km/h.
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion 2 x 48v.
  • Battery: 40mins – 1 hour.

#6 – Lampuga Jetboard (Air & Boost)

Lampuga has taken electric surfboards to a whole new level with its handy inflatable design that makes them easy to store. The current Lampuga runs at a top speed of 58 kilometres per hour and comes in two versions: Lampuga Boost and Air.

As a company went bankrupt a few years ago, it is now taken over by a new team, which keeps the name but completely improved the board and its performance. 

Unfortunately, like many other power boards, it is very heavy and requires you to get a friend to help you carry it.  Lampung Air is an inflatable beginner and family-friendly version, which lets you learn jet boarding in a matter of minutes. 

Price: This board is available for $14.000        

Lampuga Jetboard (Air & Boost)

Lampuga Air specs

  • Engine power: 14 kilowatts
  • Max speed: 50 km/h
  • Ride time: 45 min
  • Weight including battery: 50 kg

Lampuga Boost specs

  • Engine power: 14 kilowatts
  • Max speed: 48 km/h
  • Ride time: 45 min
  • Weight including battery: 50 kg

#7 – Jetwake B200

Jetwake B200 surfboard is created by a dedicated team from South Korea.  It provides a sturdy battery that is able of running for over half an hour at full speed. 

Jetwake’s surfboard is amazing for people learning the sport and the whole family fun.  The power it gives is enough to ride even heavy riders, and its innovative modular system lets you replace the broken parts without the need to ship the whole board for servicing. 

Price: This board is available for $14.026

Jetwake B200 surfboard


  • Length: 1850 mm / 72.83 in
  • Width: 750 mm / 29.52 in
  • Height: 180 mm / 7.08 in –
  • Top speed: 40 km/h / 24.8 mph –
  • Run time: 30 ~ 45

#8 – Onean Carver X

The Onean Carver and Carver X are both created by the talented Spanish team of engineers to end the need for waves to surf.

Working with its name.  The Carver X was designed to carve up water and was intended for more experienced heavy surfers while the Carver is intended for casual surfers and lightweight people.

The Carver X is a more powerful electric surfboard with a dual jet propulsion system with two batteries. The power of this board is designed for riders above 190 pounds and it can reach speeds of up to 21 miles an hour while being controlled by a wireless remote, this allows you to choose between 5 different power levels while also controlling the pressure settings.

The two batteries in this board are giving an average 40-minute ride time surfing at mixed speeds.

They both have foot straps, a wireless remote, battery. great design and affordable price, compared to other models make it one of the top picks. 

Price: A Carver board will set you back $5595.

Onean Carver X surfboard


  • Engine power: 10 kilowatts
  • Max Speed: 42 km/h
  • Ride Time: 40 min
  • Weight including battery: 38 kg

#9 – Esurf

Esurf surfboard is one of the most anticipated electric boards of the year. A lightweight, easy to use, full carbon board with straps and fins that weight 9.9 Kilos, and 15 kilos of the battery, and provides the power to drive 90-kilo riders for 30 minutes at a maximum speed of 64 kilometers per hour based on GPS measurements, which makes it the lightest and fastest electric board on the market. 

Price: This surfboard is available for $24.291

Esurf surfboard


  • Top speed: 60+ km/h
  • Acceleration: Aggressive
  • Run time: 30 minutes
  • Max load: 150 kg
  • Armed weight: 24.9 kg
  • Power: 27.5 HP / 20,5 kW
  • Weight: 9.9 kg

#10 – Blea Electric Surfboards

Blea is an electric surfboard that claims to remove all limits to surfing. shrinking the learning curve for novices and allowing its user to master the oceans in five minutes.

Blea is an innovative brand, their product is one of the most affordable yet powerful motorized surfboards out there, with an engine that has 8 horsepower that can reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour. Unlike many other battery-operated surfboards this one has a seriously long-life span; riders can enjoy sessions of up to 1.5 hours on this board weighing in at only 15 kilograms it’s way more lightweight than comparable models.

Price: This surfboard will cost you about $3000 to $5200

Blea Electric Surfboards


  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Top speed: 30 mph – 48 km/h
  • Range: 40 – 70 minutes
  • Battery charging: 2 hours.

#11 – Mako Slingshot

Mako Slingshot surfboard is one of the most popular and best petrol boards on the market, Created by a talented British team.  All the components are made in Britain, which promises high quality and great service. 

Mako is fast, powerful, and lightweight, able to reach speeds of 50 kilometres an hour, providing you with tons of fun and adrenalin rides.

Price: This surfboard will cost you $12.016

Mako Slingshot


  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Top speed: 50 km/h
  • Range: 40 min
  • Fuel capacity: 2.5 ltr

#12 – Mertek EX Easy Surf

This inflatable board is probably the cheapest among all on our list and a perfect choice for beginners, kids, lightweight people, and anyone with no jet boarding experience. The board is very safe, thanks to the inflatable body, and easy to operate. 

Unfortunately, it is not very powerful, so don’t expect wonders if you’re looking for adrenaline or high-speed rides.  This is a pure fun beginner board, not a racing board. 

Price: This surfboard is available for $3200

Mertek EX Easy Surf


  • Weight including the battery: 26.7 kg
  • Running Time: 20 min
  • Battery: 960 Wh of lithium-ion battery
  • Max Load: 100 kg / 220.5 lbs

#13 – Curf Jetboard

Curf Jetboard is another fantastic German jetboard, which is probably one of the most powerful on the market today, offering amazing speeds and powerful enough to tow another board or let a couple of people surf together. 

Unfortunately, with great power comes the big weight.  So, prepare to get a buddy to help you carry this heavy board with two powerful batteries to the beach.

Price: This surfboard is available for $21.920

Curf Jetboard


  • Speed: 61 km/h (1)
  • Velocity: thrust 90 kg
  • Power: 16 kW / 0 – 50 km/h 4.2sn
  • Weight: 30 kg (without battery)
  • Charge Duration: 20 minutes

#14 – Waterwolf jetboard

Waterwolf Jetboard is one of the best and powerful motorized surfboards made in Germany.  It is a great board that gives local surfers a chance to ride like the pros.  Unlike other jet boards, Waterwolf is using the power of a propeller with a rig instead of a pump, which gives an amazing surfing feeling. 

It has no remote control, which on one hand keeps your hands free, but on the other hand, makes it harder to control the speed. 

This machine can punch its way across flat water surfaces at speeds of up to 21 miles per hour, 35 kilometers per hour, which is great for lightweight surfers but a little slow for heavy riders over 90 kilos.

Price: This surfboard is available for $7189 to $8408 (without VAT)

Waterwolf jetboard


  • Speed: 20-30 km/h
  • Battery life: 35 min
  • Weight: 30 kg

Motorized surfboards: Best Alternatives

OLO Boards OLO One

  • Engine power: 11 kilowatts
  • Max Speed: 52 km/h
  • Ride Time: 20-50 min
  • Weight including battery: 40 kg

Radinn GX2

  • Engine power: 12 kilowatts
  • Max Speed: 35 km/h
  • Ride Time: 25-35 min
  • Weight including battery: 40 kg

Things to consider before buying Electric Surfboard

Before you buy your electric surfboard there are some considerations to keep in mind

o Common mistakes you should avoid

let’s quickly cover what not to do and the most common mistakes to avoid when you coming to buy your first jetboard:

#1 – Don’t buy Chinese ripoffs of Jetsurf.

The market is flooded with cheaply made Jetsurf ripoffs that might look the same, but definitely will break on the first use, and good luck shipping them back to China for service. Get ready to pay a little more and buy an original board and you’ll thank me later.

 #2 – Don’t buy the first-generation board.

You’ll find so many issues with the first-generation boards that you bought and they could be simply avoided if you waited a little longer and got the new and improved 2.0 version a year later.

#3 – Don’t get into long term preorders.

If someone is saying pay now and you’ll receive aboard a year later that means you might get stuck for two or three years and you might never see your board or your money back. The normal way time in the industry is 3 to 6 months, so wait till they are ready to ship or just buy a different Brand.

o Should you buy a petrol or electric board?

Before answering this question there are several things to consider:

#1 – Where you are going to use it.

In countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, it’s not allowed to use petrol boards in most of the lakes, so you have to stick with rivers or to the ocean.

On the other hand, electrical boards are allowed almost everywhere except on planes which makes it really hard to travel with.

#2 – Consider your age, weight, and physical condition.

Just be realistic, if you are too heavy, you’re not going to have fun with adrenaline boards, and they will just collect dust on the shelf. In such a case pick a big and powerful electric board like Carver X, Lampuga, Radinn, Waterwolf, or Curf.

And if you’re a lightweight person and in a good shape is much better to pick a fast electric surfboard like Jetsurf or Mako, which is lightweight and gives you a lot of adrenaline rides.

Finally, after you consider all those factors it’s time for you to start picking the board from 4 main categories:

#1 – Propulsion systems

Those ere attachments for your Sup or kayak and they provide you with hours and hours of slow cruising and enjoyment, and you don’t need to have any good physical condition to operate them, and you don’t even need to stand up, you can just sit and enjoy the ride. They’re also great family fun and kids friendly

Examples: Scubajet, Aquamarina blue drive, Blue lagoon propulsion, Bixpy.

#2 – Jetboards for casual use

Those are big, heavy, and easy to operate. Thanks to great boyancy. you can enjoy them with your family and you don’t have to be in a great physical shape to ride them, just get some friends to help you carry them because those surfboards are very heavy.

Examples: Carver x, Radinn Electric Jetboards, Lampuga, Torque, Curf Jetboard, and Waterwolf.

#3 – Adrenaline junky jetboards

Those jetboards are fast and lightweight boards that are very powerful and allow you to rapid turns. These boards require you to be in great athletic shape to operate them and get ready to get your hands dirty once in a while to fix them.

Examples: Jetsurf, Mako, and Esurf, and wake from Sweden.

#4 – Electric Foils

Those are perfect for cruising in the flat water. However, you must consider the danger of the sharp foil edges and use the protection. Those Boards are a little bit hard to learn but super fun once you master them.

Examples: Lift Foils, Fliteboard, and Cabratec foil.

Electric Surfboards FAQs

Q: How do electric surfboards work?

A 15-horsepower electric motor delivers water through a nozzle at the stern of the board, giving thrust for a top speed up to 34 mph.

The motor is powered by a 52-volt Lithium-Ion battery pack, which has enough capacity for up to 12 miles of range, or a riding time of 20-40 min, depending on the conditions.

Q: Can you surf without waves?

Those electric surfboards let you surf without waves for sure. This is the main purpose of those boards,

Q: Why are jet boards so expensive?

The companies and manufacturers are using powerful and high-quality motors and batteries, durable carbon body, and the latest technology.

In general, the development of a new surfboard model takes about 2 to 4 months. To justify the charge of production, companies are forced to sell those boards at such a very high price.

Q: Is hydrofoil surfing hard?

You have to be able to surf quite well to surf foil. Starting is hard for sure, and you have to start in small waves with a helmet on.

It’s a steep learning curve so take your time and be safe. Make sure to get a foil board similar size to your regular surfboard or a smaller one.

Q: How fast can a foil board go?

For average weight surfers, the hydrofoil board needs to reach speeds of 4 to 8 mph. On the other hand, Heavy riders will need to get more speed and conversely lighter riders will need less.

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