Top 10 Most Scenic and best hiking trails in the world

Top 10 Best hiking trails in the world – Ultimate List


Hiking can be an amazing activity for people to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Besides allowing people the chance to enjoy being outdoors it can also be a fantastic way for one to get and stay in shape.

How to be prepared for a hiking trail?

Having a great hiking trip can be hard but there are some tips and steps to take and make your hike a success.

#1 – Location Matters

The trail you choose must have ample links to other trails or alternative routes should you find a section closed or in case of an emergency. If you’re going on a multi-day trip, make sure the trail comes within proximity to water, campsites, and places to re-provision if necessary, and Don’t hike trails that don’t have a map.

#2 – Trail Guide

You have to hire a trail guide for your hiking trail if you are unfamiliar with the region, but If you assume that hiring a trail guide would be out of your budget or you want to explore the hiking trail by yourself then you must carry a compass, map of the area and consult about the place with someone familiar with this place. (you can download an app if you don’t have a map/compass).

#3 – Be aware

A lot of cases of lost or injured people are reported each year while they were on their hiking trail. So, it is better not to add to those statistics. You must be well aware of the habitat and wildlife of the area, and you have to take precautions on how to avoid encounters with animals, because animals are more vulnerable to attack during their breeding times or when they need to protect the children.

#4 – Knowledge

You must know the water sources and local plants on the hiking trail. It is much better to bring a portable water purification device during your hiking to avoid drinking harmful water. Even crystal-clear water may have unsafe bacteria that may be the reason for your illness. Remember the old saying, “Leaflets three, let it be.” This could put an end to almost all your such risks. This is very helpful in avoiding poison ivy or poison oak on the hiking trail.

#5 – Capabilities

If you are hiking in a group, then you must consider the individual abilities and needs. Family hiking is what people prefer to do today, and many trails are frequently easy due to young children. You could form more closer bonds if you go on hikes with the family. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, after all every experienced hiker was a novice in his past.

#6 – Account for Distance & Time

It’s simple and easy to underestimate the time you need to complete a hike. This could turn a planned 3-hour hike into a 6-hour ordeal. A good rule of thumb is to plan on 5-10 miles a day over moderate terrain if carrying a full load. On flat terrain, you’ll probably cover a mile in almost 30 minutes. For each 1k feet, you gain in boost add another hour. For each 1k feet, you lose in elevation add 30 min. Factor in 5 minutes of rest for each hour hiked and keep in mind that multi-day trips must include a complete rest day for each 4-6 days on the trail.

#7 – Rules & Regulations

Regulations or restrictions on group size limits, campfires, hunting, or breeding seasons may be in effect in areas around certain trails. You can check with park or trail officials regarding any regulations or necessary permits that must apply to the trail you’re choosing.

#8 – Define Your Objectives

Choose a trail according to the planned activities. Hikers hoping for wildlife photography are going to want a quiet, secluded trail that sees a bit of foot-traffic. Short trails over simple and easy terrain are better suited to hiking with kids. A trail with miles of ups and downs will be fine for physical conditioning.

#9 – Consider Your Level of Experience

In case you are going on a hiking trip alone, take an honest assessment of your experience level and physical capabilities. Are you in great shape or has your physical activity been limited? Can you use and navigate with a compass/map?

If you have a phone, take it along. Realize though, that it cannot work on the trail and if something goes wrong, you have to know what you can do. Unless you have enough experience, don’t hike alone.

Best Hiking Trails: 10 Top-rated hiking trails around the world

Whether you choose to hike for one or seven days, you will be looking out for the best hiking trails for the area you travel to, and the trails for hiking. There are several hiking trails that you can go on, but taking the time to select the best ones is probably what you want to get the most enjoyment out of.

By taking time out to examine many hiking trails in the area you are traveling to, you can then pick and choose what is more favorable to you so that you can be assured that you will enjoy your hiking trip.

Here is a list of the most scenic hiking trails around the world:

#10 – Pindus Horseshoe

This trail is located in northwestern Greece. It has long been identified to be one of the world’s top kept secrets in the field of trekking. Pindus Horseshoe was the hiking and trekking hub for expert hikers, it features scenic alpine lakes, jagged limestone mounts, and authentic old stone villages, plus an amazing rainbow-shaped bridge.

Pindus Horseshoe

The biggest part of the trail is known to be impressive and dramatic. The Vikos Gorge has an extreme depth of 1600 meters, and with this, it was recognized by the Guinness book of records as the world’s deepest gorge.

#9 – Laugavegur trail

This place attracts endless visitors with its exceptional havens and is one of the ideal hideaway destinations. It has several hidden places that only a few know about. It is in an amazing country situated between the mid-Atlantic ridge, and the Icelandic plume.

It’s a perfect site for the astounding geothermal activity that has active volcanoes, fascinating gazers, incredibly hot springs, amazing mud pots, and mind-blowing fumaroles. Don’t get close as they can be life-threatening.

Laugavegur trail

Hike the Laugavegur trail where you’ll find an amazing rugged coast that brushes the highlands, mesmerizing black sand deserts, spectacular moonscapes, and a natural environment.

#8 – Alta Via 1

This place has seen limestone peaks, breathtaking cliffs, pristine alpine lakes, and deep narrow valleys. This well-known trail in Italy (particularly in the Dolomites) is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Alta Via one is considered an excellent walkway for hikers. This famous pathway for hiking spans over 120 km and goes through many alpine landscapes. The trekking sections in this sanctuary have plenty of elevations, so they require a massive effort to pass through.

Alta Via 1

You don’t have to worry about getting lost as the entire trail route is well signed. Be sure to schedule your trip during the fine weather, so you can see the way along with this beautiful wonder.

#7 – Kumano Kodo

This trail is a great pilgrimage route where you could exercise faith. You can spot holy shrines from Kumano Kodo located in Japan. This place has an interesting network of ancient pilgrimage pathways, a closer route to see the pagodas, and lush mounts of this amazing country, and fantastic views of the landscape.

Kumano Kodo

As you reach the end of this trail, you could reward yourself with a comforting stay in spa treatments in a ryokan, or any of the beautiful Japanese hostels being managed by the locals. Sip some herbal tea while resting on a soft futon bed after doing your 14-mile walk.

#6 – Great Ocean Walk

Apart from being known to be one of the splendid trails in this world, this treasure of Australia is a great spot to witness Victoria’s coastal wonders.

Great Ocean Walk has crystalline waters soaring, high rock formations, and a magical sunset. You can free up to 10 days or more, to finish this unforgettable hike.

Great Ocean Walk

There’s also an app you may need to download as a guide, with it you won’t miss spots with a captivating history and fabulous nature.

#5 – Te Araroa trail

You can hike the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand for over a month or more. One of the most suggested sites to marvel at is the Tongariro alpine crossing, it has been known for having a striking aquamarine tone of emerald lakes and remarkable moonlight volcanic craters.

Te Araroa trail

There was also a 2-day hike trail that might match your need and preference. The east Ahuriri Track could greet you with a dose of the country’s impressive natural wonder with its astonishing forests, valleys, and rivers.

#4 – The Narrows

Fitting yourself between these canyons that are near together. Heaven in Zion national park in Utah is well-known as one of the greatest slot canyon treks around the world.

You can wander through the narrow canyons that look like they are going to knock into each other.

The Narrows

The canyons are made of sandstone and limestone rock. Rivers surround numerous areas of the trail; you can take a swim there. Finishing all the trail can take about 12 hours with an overall distance of 16 miles.

#3 – Snowman Trek

This impressive hiking trail is intended for hikers who are physically fit. It can take the hiker about 25 days to totally complete it.

The snowman trek in Bhutan has changeable weather and complicated terrain. To take on this trail, you need a qualified guide with you to guarantee your safety and to inform you about possible encounters.

Snowman Trek

During the winter season, this place is filled with snow so it is great to visit Bhutan at the end of the spring season or autumn.

#2 – Appalachian trail

Meet the lengthiest hiking-only footpath in this world. This journey can take up to 7 months. The legendary hiking trail stretches for about 2180 miles and will take you through over 14 states.

Appalachian trail

There are wooded zones, attractive pastoral areas, and wildlands. This trail of the USA has a common starting point in Georgia. You need to remember that there are a lot of ups and downs, which are said to be almost equivalent to going all the way to Mount Everest.

#1 – Pacific Crest Trail

Take over 7 months to discover and hike, this entire marvelous trail in the united states. The Pacific Crest trail is over 2 650 miles and crosses California, Oregon, and Washington DC.

Pacific Crest Trail

This amazing trail can take you over 7 stunningly beautiful national parks. There are also several deep forests not to mention state parks, and a fantastic wilderness section. You can see the terrain, interesting deserts, and dazzling snowy mountains.

Keep in mind that this trek can challenge hikers, so be sure to learn and master survival skills that could be needed along the way.

Hiking these incredible trails takes a lot of time and energy, but the beauty and peace of mind are worth it.

Final Thoughts

Hiking trips are an adventurous way to take a vacation or a little bit of time out to enjoy nature at its finest, up close. By taking a hiking trip you are also able to go to places that are remote or difficult to get to, making your trekking trip an adventure that won’t simply be gone and forgotten.

Research the destination that you are planning to go to on your hiking trip, find out the best season and the best time of the year is to visit, as sometimes the weather conditions can be quite extreme at some times of the year.

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