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Travel to Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most breathtaking and a dream destination for a lot of people. Travel to Switzerland, to view the amazing alpine scenery of the country which is situated in the heart of Europe.

Swiss Confederation is the official name, the official languages are German, Italian, and English, but during your travel to Switzerland, you can discover that French and English are also widely spoken throughout the country.

Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is otherwise known as the alpine nation. Is a diverse travel destination with fascinating cities, stunning mountains, and countless lakes, from the elegance of Zurich and Geneva to the breathtaking views of the alps.

You’ll discover everything a traveler could want here. So, here is a list of the most beautiful places you can visit when you travel to Switzerland:

#10 – Lausanne

This beautiful and hilly city has competed with Geneva as the intellectual and cultural center of French-speaking Switzerland for centuries. On the shore of Lake Geneva, the prosperous city of Laussane is closely connected to the Olympics.

Lausanne features a sophisticated style that has attracted the wealthy and famous over the years. its compact and walkable city center has plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars, to entice you and there are lots of surprises in store as well.

Lausanne could be a helpful place to spend a couple of days while visiting Switzerland. Its railroad station is a connecting point for trains between France, Geneva, Bern, and the skiing and mountaineering resorts of the valley.


Without a doubt, Lausanne combines all the cultural cool of the most acceptable European cities with a dash of that traditional rural beauty you’d expect from Switzerland.

#9 – Geneva

Switzerland is thought of being a stunning melting pot of cultures and landscapes, and Geneva is no different. It is a serene setting for a slow-paced vacation that is why it is known as the city of peace.

In here exudes luxury, elegance, quality, and the cosmopolitan lifestyle. The place is buzzing with tourists from around the world and the city has excellent restaurants, beautiful parks, interesting museums, exclusive shops, and a vibrant cultural life.

You can wander around this town in an hour, and it is very easy to go on quick one-day excursions to the idyllic surroundings. Moreover, there are a lot of things to do in Geneva so it can be challenging to decide just what to see, what to do, or where to stay.

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Geneva is an international city that even the fine dining here is considered an art however despite all of the luxuries, Geneva can also make you sweat sailing on the lake, walking in the parks, and skiing down the nearby slopes of Mont Blanc are all amazing and popular activities.

#8 – Interlaken

Interlaken is located in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland. The city lies on an alluvial plain between the crystal-clear lakes of Thun and Brienz.

Interlaken is presided by its three central mountains which include the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

Interlaken may be an incredible place for seeing the finest of central Switzerland’s wonderful scenery while enjoying the comforts of a lakeside resort. The city features different hotels and mountain trips, making it a getaway to the lovely Jungfrau region.


It is also one of the oldest, best known, and most prevalent summer holiday resorts in Switzerland. Yes, day or night you’ll find a lot of things to do along with the endless variety of climbs, strolls, and outdoor trips especially for active travelers.

#7 – Zermatt

Zermatt in southern Switzerland is a mountain resort famous for skiing and climbing. the town at an elevation of around 1 600 meters lies underneath the iconic pyramid-shaped Matterhorn peak.

Zermatt brings to life all your desires of what a ski holiday should be. The beautiful chateaus nestled high within the mountainous terrain and the panoramic views set the same with the famous Matterhorn gleaming within the background.


Its primary street is lined with boutique shops, hotels, and restaurants. In case you plan to visit Zermatt for a ski holiday you truly can’t beat this year-round ski destination and would suggest you visit this lovely place.

#6 – Zurich

Zurich is long known as a culturally vibrant and hard-working financial center, and yes there are many things to do in Zurich. You can begin your first day by exploring the Zurich old town the heart of the city and art lovers can spend entire days ingested by the masterpieces on display in the const house.


However, skiers can shop for luxury timepieces within the city center and be on the slopes in the afternoon, in the summer you can rent a boat and explore lake Zurich amid the day and before taking your seat at the opera house and trying gourmet restaurants.

#5 – Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen is a place of scenery and otherwise known as the valley of 72 waterfalls.

No matter when you visit Lauterbrunnen, there are always lots of outdoor activities to enjoy, you don’t have to be a rock climber or experienced hiker to reach some of the area’s mountainous heights.

During the winter ski on its miles of slopes and along cross-country trails go on to Bougain runs and travel along with the winter hiking courses, and within the summer bike or hike many trails that wind through the valley.


Lauterbrunnen is indeed one of Switzerland’s most charming towns, making it a paradise for travelers and nature enthusiasts.

#4 – Jungfraujoch

Are you traveling to Switzerland and wondering if Jungfraujoch is worth a visit? Well, Jungfraujoch is the place to be. It is the most well-known destination in Switzerland next to Zermatt.

Here it’s the highest rail station in Europe with observation decks both indoor and outdoor with big panoramic views of famous peaks and the enormous Aletsch Glacier.


For travelers, this is often their only experience in the Swiss alps and it conveys exactly what they were hoping for. In Jungfraujoch, they make it generally simple for non-outdoor individual’s non-hikers, and those with mobility issues to also enjoy high mountain views.

#3 – Lugano

The city of Lugano is located within the south of Ticino Switzerland and is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and mountains.

The Ticino Canton has around 200 districts within its boundary. Lugano is part of the Italian speaking canton of Ticino, it is a lively city with posh designer stores, bars, and cafes, clustering within the maze of cobblestone streets that untangle at the edge of the lake and along the flowery promenade.

The city’s vibrant vegetation and swiss Italian culture have inspired artists, writers, and poets for centuries.


Monte San Salvatore and Monte Bre, are easily accessible by railway and ideal for a day trip. Once at the summit of either you can gaze in wonder at the lake’s beautiful vistas below and the incredible alpine scenery in the distance. Down on the lake, there are water sports in abundance, and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, and scuba diving.

#2 – Lucerne

Lucerne is located in central Switzerland on lake Lucerne’s shores surrounded by the Swiss Alps. Lucerne features a population of 60 000 people and is in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.


The small but well-preserved medieval city with its fresco painted houses, the beautiful wooden bridges, historical centers, and the riches of cultural events, sits at the north shore of glittering lake Lucerne and is surrounded by an amphitheater of glossy mountain majesty.

#1 – Bern

The first time many travelers see Bern, they are stunned by the magnificence of its setting, it is one of Europe’s smallest capitals but punches over its weight when it comes to world-class galleries, magnificent urban swimming, and of course chocolate.

You may take a walking tour at burn that takes around 2 hours in duration and includes the Cathedral, Clock tower, and bridge. It’s an incredible way to learn about the city and its history while filling some of your days. Yes, this tour is free, and keep in mind to tip the guide at the end.

Bern Switzerland

Window shopping along boulevards lined with cozy covered arcades and exploring the place in the lively market square. Enjoy Bern’s amazing museums, quaint for a capital ambiance, and delightful river scene.

Final Thoughts

Travel to Switzerland brings to you a great opportunity to realize the beauty of nature at its best. From adventure lovers to holidaymakers, the country has all that is required for a perfectly memorable holiday.

Click some amazing pictures at the stunning landscape of Locarno, spend a romantic time with your partner at the mesmerizing lakeside of Zermatt, or dance to the music of the nightlife at Zurich. Pamper yourself to the fullest with your Switzerland trip and live every second of your journey

Switzerland travel restrictions

Before you select your favorite destination make sure to check the travel restrictions.



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