5 best ski gloves in the market: tested & reviewed

5 best ski gloves in the market: tested & reviewed


Planning for skiing, I am sure ski gloves are the last thing you would want to forget. But generally speaking, winter sports require you to protect your fingers appropriately because that is where you lose your temperature most. Even other sports like snowboarding; snowshoeing, climbing, and snowmobiling all demand some kind of outdoor research gloves that matches their activities and prevailing conditions.

Best Ski Gloves in the market

Here is our list of top 5 best ski gloves in the market to choose from the ideal one for your needs:

#1 – Hestra Heli Gloves

Ski professionals the world over have trusted Swedish manufacturer Hestra for decades, and the Heli as our top pick. This comfy and highly functional ski glove has been around for many years, but its hybrid leather and synthetic construction remains best in class.

The Heli’s premium builds quality, warmth, and comfort all stand out at a price that undercuts other high-end ski gloves. For these reasons, we think the Heli is the perfect partner for keeping you warm on the mountain.

As with nearly all Hestra products, the Heli has generous amounts of leather in its construction. The benefit is that the glove flexes easily and is very sturdy, but you will occasionally need to reapply a leather conditioner to the palm and fingers to keep moisture at bay. Some prefer a glove with a nylon shell for better waterproofing, but we find the simple maintenance to be well worth the effort even for skiing in the wet snow of the Pacific Northwest. This popular glove has spawned a couple of variations, including a mitten for maximum warmth and a 3-finger glove that splits the difference. For a truly waterproof version without removable inserts.

Hestra Heli Gloves

Key Features

  • Synthetic construction
  • Liberal amounts of leather
  • Warmth and durability

#2 – Black Diamond Guide Gloves

Black Diamond’s Guide glove is legendary among hardcore skiers for its impressive warmth and durability. It’s closed the top in terms of the hand protection on our list, and unlike the Hestra Heli’s, the design is completely waterproof with a Gore-Tex insert. Inside its very tough exterior, Black Diamond uses both PrimaLoft synthetic and thick boiled wool in the removable liner for insulation. If your hands are consistently cold or you ski in frigid conditions, the Guide is hard to beat.

The downside of all this material is that the BD Guide can take some time to break in. And even after a few years of reliable use, ours still lacks the flexibility that you get right out of the box with the Hestra Heli’s that are nearly as warm. It’s a compromise many are willing to make, however, and the Guide is among the most popular ski gloves on the market.

Black Diamond Guide Gloves

Key Features

  • Warmth and durability
  • High hand protection
  • Thick Boiled wool
  • PrimaLoft Synthetic
  • Lacks of flexibility

#3 – Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II

If you only get out a handful of times each year or don’t want to blow your ski gear budget on gloves, the Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II is a winner. You don’t get the supple liners or premium shell fabrics of our top two picks, but this glove is durable, waterproof, and just plain works. Also, warmth is surprisingly good considering its $65 price. it’s a step down from the Hestra Heli, but the difference isn’t substantial and should be plenty for most days on the hill.

Both the Storm Trooper II and Burton Gore-Tex are solid options at around $70. The Gordini is a little warmer overall, although the removable lining gives the Burton more flexibility for warmer ski days. But the Storm Trooper is much softer on the interior and the best budget ski glove we’ve used to date. Its combination of comfort, good dexterity, and protection make it a standout in the sub-$100 price range.

Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II

Key Features

  • Removable lining
  • Warmer and soft interior
  • Substantial and good dexterity

#4 – Black Diamond Mercury Mittens

For keeping your hands as warm as possible, you just can’t beat a mitten design. It may compromise dexterity for skiers trying to grip a ski pole, but by keeping your fingers together, you get extremely efficient warmth. The Black Diamond Mercury is our favorite mitten option for offering the expected bump in warmth without a huge leap in price. It’s also made with 4-way stretch in the shell and includes removable split-finger liners to make it very user friendly.

As with other BD ski gloves, it has a bomber construction that should hold up to plenty of wear and tear. Really, the only downside is whether or not you’re comfortable wearing a mitten. We still find a glove to be more convenient and effective for skiing, but smart designs like the Mercury are a convincing reason for those prone to really cold hands to give mittens a shot. And for those needing maximum insulation, it may be worth considering mountaineering-inspired options like the Black Diamond Absolute or Outdoor Research Alti.

Black Diamond Mercury Mittens

Key Features

  • Beat Mitten design
  • Expected bump warmth
  • 4-way stretch
  • Bomber construction
  • Maximum Insulation

#5 – Dakine Titan Gloves

Year after year, Dakine’s Titan and women’s-specific Sequoia are top sellers among the resort crowd. The logic is simple: they offer no-nonsense warmth, the right mix of features for season-long use, and a great price point. With substantial synthetic fill in the shell and a surprisingly thick removable liner, they’re about as insulated as gloves get in the sub-$100 price range. And Dakine nailed the details with an easy-to-adjust gauntlet closure, zippered pocket on the back of the hand for adding a heat pack, and touchscreen compatibility on the liner. What’s not to like about the Dakine Titan and Sequoia? They’re priced the same as the Gordini Storm Trooper and deliver comparable warmth, yet fall a bit short in terms of material quality and dexterity.

Their polyester shell is a little more prone to absorbing moisture than Gordini’s burly fabric, and we prefer the grippier palm on the Storm Trooper. Also, the Titan and Sequoia’s thick liner makes it difficult to hold onto small items like a zipper, although it’s still easy to maintain a solid grip on a ski pole.

Dakine Titan Gloves

Key Features

  • Season-long use
  • Warmth and comfortable
  • Resort crowd
  • Removable liner
  • Synthetic fill
  • Easy to adjust

Bottom line

If you enjoy skiing, purchasing the best ski gloves will immeasurably add to the pleasure of your skiing activities. Purchasing bad quality gloves will inevitably lead to such a dreadful experience that you will be heading home much sooner than planned. Buying the best does, however, not necessarily mean buying the most expensive pair of gloves. So, make sure to choose wisely your ski gloves for your next ski adventures.

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