Best 30+ Travel Apps on The Market Worth Knowing About
Best 30+ Travel Apps on The Market Worth Knowing About

There are many travel apps on the market, which have turn out to be important travel gear, but the best is those that do their task well and fast at the same time as you’re on the go. select the apps that are tried and tested rather than the ones which are still getting installed. And the great thing is that most travel apps are free.

Many travelers find that apps that help them discover local amenities and sights; navigate, communicate, and control their money are the most useful travel and technology aids.

In today’s article I’m going to be sharing with you some of these great travel apps, so, let’s jump to our list:

Planning your trip / Guides

#1 – Google Maps

When you are still deciding where to go, use Google Maps. Type the name of the country, city, town, or even a hotel and explore surroundings with street view, see photos from other users, and get a feel of your next destination.

you may also use one of the following apps: TripAdvisor and Yelp, both an excellent resource of tourists’ pictures, reviews, and recommendations of places, hotels, and restaurants.

Roadtrippers, an app that allows you to find fantastic places along your planned direction and shows interesting detours. That comes in especially handy when you’re driving.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Real-time GPS Navigation & Local suggestions for food, events, and activities.
Google Maps

#2 – Guides by Lonely Planet

This guide is a wealth of information it has offline maps currency converter, a phrasebook, popular sites, and so much information is put into this guide, and best of all you can access it all offline all you have to do is just download the book before you go. it’s free I like that they break things up by neighborhood that’s incredibly useful.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Premium
  • Features: Top recommendations, Offline maps, Audio phrasebooks, Simple bookmarking, Guides by experts.

Guides by Lonely Planet

#3 – Localeur

Of course, I had to mention this one because this app is like TripAdvisor but I find it better because the premise is that you’re getting locals opinions about where to eat, where to shop, what to do in a city, where to go where to hang out, etc. and it’s just a different kind of you with what you’d be doing in a city so browsing through their gates through some great ideas or places to hit up, you can even build your itinerary and save it for later which I find to be a great feature so well done Localeur.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Find nearby places by category, discover thousands of places in the USA, save your favorites, and build your itinerary.

#4 – Been

This app has a very specific purpose and you travelers will know what I mean when you go to a hostel and you meet someone and they ask oh where else have you traveled to? So, this app you can pull it up and you mark every single country you’ve been to and it’s very useful to keep track of everything because I find that once you’ve been to like 20 countries or more you kind of lose track.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Tracking countries that you have visited, shared map on social networks

# 5- Withlocals

Doing things with locals can always add an extra layer, to your travel experience. Download Withlocals, it’s a great app that lets you book different experiences with locals like home dinners, workshops, city tours, etc. 

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: 1200+ Private tours, home dinners, and local activities in 50+ cities

# 6- Airbnb

Airbnb also offers similar experiences, from waterfall hiking to discovering hidden gems, partying with locals, etc. Eat with is an app that lets you book local unique dinners, cooking classes, and food tours.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Popular destinations, Book travel experiences, Book vacation homes…

#7- Meetup

If you’d like to hang out with likeminded people, download Meetup, an app that lets you find groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests. 

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Discover local events and groups, start a group, save events you’re interested in and revisit them later, use discussions and messaging to stay in touch with the people you meet

#8 – Culture Trip: For Curious Travelers

Culture Trip additionally gives excellent guides and suggestions to explore your destination.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Local Tips for Authentic Trip, Use My Plans to save places you want to visit and create your own, Book handpicked hotels
Culture Trip

#9 – ViaMichelin

If you’re traveling by car, you can plan your route with ViaMichelin which will calculate all road-related expenses such as tolls and gas prices for your specific route.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Michelin maps and satellite, Routes with numerous options and travel costs, Free GPS, real-time traffic…

Booking your flight or ride

#10 – Momondo

When it’s time to book your flight, you want the best deal, right? Use Momondo to find, compare, and book flights anywhere in the world. There are numerous different apps you could use to explore the best costs and book your flights including Kayak,, Hopper, and others.

And if you also want to rent a car, most of these apps compare rental car prices and you can also rent a car through their website. If you are traveling through train or bus, a number of the apps we described like provide that option too. For train tickers, you can also use apps like the Amtrak app, Rail Planner Eurail, China Trains, and others depending on your destination. But usually, every country and the bigger city has its app.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Find hotel deals, compare cheap flights, a personalized search experience…

#11 – HeadOut

This is a great app for booking last-minute tours, concerts, events, activities it has it all it’s available right now in 16 major cities so if you’re going to any of these places it would be a great thing to download before you go.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Flexible cancelation, seamless booking, Rated 4.7/5 on Trustpilot with over 5,000 verified reviews

#12 – Booking

It’s time to book your accommodation. Try using, as it’s easy to use, covers anything from hostels to luxury hotels, and often offers an option to cancel your booking free of charge, so if you find a better deal, you can cancel the old one without any worries. Many other useful accommodation booking apps are depending on the type of accommodation, you want to book. If you want a more authentic experience, use Airbnb. If you’re looking for luxury hotels, download one of the luxury hotel chain apps. And if you prefer free accommodation and hanging out with the locals, use Couchsurfing.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Plan Your Next Trip, Manage Your Booking on The Go, no booking or credit card fees, Find over 27 million hotels, motels, vacation rentals, apartments & more

#13 – Skiplagged

This one is such a controversial app and they got sued by United Airlines for the idea but they were still able to keep the app and it is so useful. Skiplagged is this app that can save travelers money on flights and the way it does it is very genius it’s called the hidden city feature.

A hidden city feature is where you get off at your layover instead of your final destination. For example, I’m trying to go from San Francisco to Houston now the flights to do that or maybe $500 with this hidden city flight feature I can book a flight from San Francisco to New York which goes for $300 and has a layover in Houston so I could get off there in Houston save myself 200 bucks and not continue to the final destination.

Now you do have to be careful when booking those types of flights there are certain rules it’s best to book those on a one-way pass because if we’re doing it round-trip it is possible they could cancel your flight back now if you’re doing it just one way great way to save a couple of bucks look into it Skiplagged pull around there and if you don’t use that feature you can still get some pretty crazy discounts.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Discover extraordinary travel deals, Filter hotels, read reviews and view traveler ratings, explore lowest-priced travel dates and see fare changes for flights

#14 – Hotel tonight

How it works is you can book a hotel tonight and it’s at a major discount. you can find last-minute deals this is amazing for spontaneous trips especially road trips think about that when you’re driving and you don’t know exactly where you’re gonna stop at what time you can’t plan that ahead of time so you booked your hotel the day of,

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Book tonight, next week, or up to 100 days in advance, user-friendly, Daily Drop rocks awesome surprise deals, 24/7 customer support, Supports paying with Apple Pay, find pet-friendly hotels
Hotel tonight

Getting around

#15 – Moovit

One of the best travel apps I suggest downloading is Moovit. Moovit combines all transit options into one single app. I found this way more useful than using something like Google Maps or ways best of all it gives you up-to-date information about when your bus is coming or if your bus is coming there’s nothing worse than sitting at a bus stop for a bus that is never going to come it gives you notifications of when to get off and it’s really useful so I suggest downloading that especially if you’re visiting a major city.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Real-time arrivals, Live Directions, Real-time alerts, Bike routes, Favorite lines, stations, and places, Maps view…

#16 – Google Maps

Ok, you have arrived at your destination. How to get around town?  Again, our app of choice is Google Maps. It covers extra territory than the majority of different apps and you can use it in large towns in which you can look for public transportation, small streets to find that hidden gem you discovered on TripAdvisor, and much more. Also, if you want to save money on mobile data you can download the entire city map at home or in your hotel and GPS will still work even with mobile data switched off. 

Apple Maps is similar to Google Maps, but it doesn’t have the same coverage all over the world. For public transportation, you can also use Moovit. If you want to get around town faster and comfortably use Uber or Lyft. If you use your car and want to check the gas prices around you, use GasBuddy, an awesome app that, unfortunately, only works in the US, Canada, and Australia. 

And if you want to share a ride with someone, use BlaBla Car, a great app for carpooling. Also, apps like Zipcar where you can rent cars by hours instead of days can be great when you don’t need to rent a car for your entire trip. In certain larger cities, you could hire an electric scooter like Bird or Lime. It’s a new fun way to explore the city.

Planning your budget

#17 – TrailWallet

When you’ve decided on where to go, you probably have a budget in mind. When you travel, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending. If you use Trail Wallet, planning and spending on your trip will be much easier. you could create unique categories which include food, accommodation, and many others.

Once your trip begins, you will have to track your expenses, which is a little bit annoying but in the long term can save you a lot of money. We always spend less and have some extra money to spend at the end of our trips. There are different similar apps too, like Trabee Pocket, Mint app, etc.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: built by travelers, quick and simple, Adding Amounts, Breakdowns, Categories,

#18 – Splittr

In case you are traveling with friends, you might need to use the Splitter app which enables you to split charges together with your travel partners. This was an app I had no idea existed before, and I’ve already fallen in love with it.

Who has ever gone out with friends or even on vacation with friends and you do the whole, I’ll pay for this meal, you get the next one sort of thing, So, with Splittr how it works is you put in all of your expenses and it divides them in half, but it doesn’t just stop there. it works offline you can sync it with your friend’s app and best of all you can even unevenly split purchases it may be one person got more use out of it than the other.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Works offline, Statistics, and fun facts about your group, all currencies supported, Syncs with friends, Intelligent equalization payment algorithm, PDF and CSV export, Super-fast and user-friendly interface…

#19 – Spending Tracker

It’s a very useful app because I like to budget when I’m traveling, this app allows you to enter every single expense you make, and its allows you to enter your income or your budget and best of all allows you to categorize your expenses to see where your money is going, it’s going towards entertainment, hotels, or food, it’s cover everything you need to know about your budget.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Simple and intuitive user interface, Summary View, Flexible Time Periods, Log Expense, and Income…
Spending Tracker

Currency Converter

#20 – XE currency

This is my currency conversion app it works great because whenever I’m connected to Wi-Fi it will immediately update the currency exchange rates and you can still access it when you’re offline on airplane mode and I’ll have the most updated currency rates available.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Global Money Transfers, Travel & International Exchange…
XE currency

#21 – Elk Travel Currency Converter

When you are traveling overseas you may use Elk travel currency Converter which allows you change to local currency and enables you to keep away from a rip-off at a currency exchange office.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: It knows where you are, and automatically picks the right currency for you., the fastest way to convert currencies on your trips
  • Translation
Elk Travel Currency Converter

#22 – Google Translate

When you travel abroad you will most likely need a good app to translate. Google Translate does a great job. to start with, ensure to download the language of your next destination, make to be had offline, before you travel.

This way, you don’t need an internet connection when you need to translate fast. Google Translate is super easy to use and covers almost the entire world. For most languages, you can also use their photo feature where you can simply hover over the original text and voila, the text is translated into your language in real-time. And for major languages, there’s the conversation option where you can record in real-time and the translation is played out instantly. Then, the next person can speak in their language. Awesome, right? 

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: 110+ Languages are supported, Translate Offline with no internet connection (59 languages), Photos: Take or import photos for higher quality translations (50 languages) …
Google Translate

There are many great apps to translate such as ITranslator, Speak Translate, TripLingo, and others. Check the link below if you want to know more.

Connected around the world

#23 – WhatsApp

Connecting to the world on your trip and communicating can be tricky. We often use WhatsApp because it uses your phone contacts and lets you call and text other people. 

#24 – FaceTime

There are many other apps available, like FaceTime if you are using an iPhone, which works well, but you will only be able to talk to other iPhone users.

  • Available for: IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Reach contacts using their phone number or Apple ID, Enjoy Group FaceTime with up to 32 people at once, Make both video and audio calls…

It’s probably best to download a few of them as in our experience, depending on the part of the world you are traveling to, people tend to use different apps. Sometimes finding a Wi-Fi connection is difficult. 

Use Facebook to discover Wi-Fi in your area. Or download Wi-Fi Map, an app where you can download Wi-Fi locations in advance.

When bored

#25 – Netflix

It’s finally time to go. But those flights, bus or train rides are way too long, so let’s try to spend those hours as comfortable as possible. So, if you don’t have to work on a plane or you can’t sleep, use Netflix. At the same time as Netflix isn’t a free app, there’s a monthly subscription, it lets you download films and TV shows or documentaries. so even if you have to switch to plane mode, you could watch your previously downloaded content, simply make certain to do it before you travel.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Premium
  • Features: Create up to five profiles for an account, enjoy a safe watching experience, download titles to your mobile device, and watch offline…

We also recommend using the following apps to make your trip easier: 

#26 – Podcasts

Explore and download a podcast on your favorite subject. iPhone has a great built-in Podcast app and if you’re on Android, you can download Google Podcast for free or pay $4 for Pocket Casts, a popular and easy to use podcast player. 

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Browse popular shows, search by category, access to more than 500,000 podcasts

#27 – Music

Let’s not forget about music. in case you use services that includes Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, or similar, you could download your favorite music before you travel. 

Apple Music

#28 – Games

And of course, don’t forget to download your favorite game or quiz at home. in particular, because video games are generally big apps and require plenty of Megabytes to download.

Making your trip pleasant

#29 – Headspace

Trips are fun but many times also overwhelming, Use Headspace, a great meditation app to help you relax while traveling when you come to your hotel room after a long day or even in a metro in a big city. Headspace will even help you fall asleep. Headspace offers guided meditation of various lengths and depending on your current situation. Completely different, but still something that will make your trip more interesting is Pocket Guide

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Sleep by Headspace to help you drift off, Hundreds of guided meditations, Move Mode workouts, and mindful cardio…

#30 – Binaural

This one is very unique because it uses beats and vibrations and frequencies to help you to be able to have a better sleep. it’s like white noise. I love listening to white noise when I sleep it has an option of fading and rain sounds in the background too while it does this and gives you an amazing sleep it’s great for meditation relaxation or full board nap so download that one and try it out on your next flight.

  • Available for: Android & IOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: It can help you relax, meditate, sleep, or even concentrate.

#31 – Where is Public Toilet App

An app providing location-based audio guides and whilst you can’t find toilets anywhere close to you, use the where is Public toilet App.

  • Available for: Android
  • Price: Free
  • Features: More than 280,000 public toilets in the World, Map and list Mode…
Where is Public Toilet App

Best Travel packing apps

Easy Pack

Easypack is a free packing app that you use it for travel or daily activities. Available for Android and IOS.

With this app, you can generate your packing list automatically and you can choose from many built-in templates or you can create a new checklist by yourself.


Packteo is an easy to use packing app. You can create and generate your checklist quickly and easily for all trip types. Available for Android and IOS.

You can use built-in templates or create one by yourself. Using this app before your trip will make sure you do not forget anything.


PackKing helps people around the world to arrange their packing list for their vacations. whether you’re making plans a holiday with a loved one abroad or inland, the app generates your personalized packing list based totally on the destination, planned activities, transport, and different personal needs. PackKing makes it easy for you to discern out what items you shouldn’t forget to pack into your backpack or suitcase for your weekend, business, or vacation trip.

Pack point

PackPoint is a free travel packing checklist for travelers. PackPoint will help you arrange what you want to pack in your luggage and suitcase based on the duration of the holiday, weather at your destination, and any activities planned all through your vacation.

once your packing list is built and prepared, PackPoint will save it for you, and then you may select to share it with your friends and family in case they need help packing too.


Packtor is a free packing app available for android and IOS. With this app you can create a perfect packing Checklist for your next holiday, you can add, remove, or rename items and categories on the list until it fits your travel needs exactly.


Packr is an ios app built for travelers. The app will help you pack your suitcase for every trip and the packing list based on the destination you travel to, travel dates, and activities.

It’s a perfect app for your summer holidays, long weekends, road trips, camping, and more.


Triplist is an ios packing list app a full-featured packing list and a to-do manager for travelers. This app will help you pack and organize your vacations and you will spend less time worrying about what you did or didn’t pack and more time on the things that matter.