Things You Must Consider to Track Down the Best Car Rental Deal: Ultimate Guide
Car Rental: Things You Must Consider to Track Down the Best Deal: Ultimate Guide

Car rental companies offer several services to their customers. And they provide numerous combinations of all car types. Today, while leasing or buying a car are two main options available for most people, car rental industries are still functioning due to different reasons.

These industries are especially approached for special holidays and vacations. They provide travel deals that are tempting in some cases. Thus, most families, even if they have their cars, would take vehicle rental services to save money for accommodation or food during holidays or vacations.

Rent a car is a good option than buying it or getting it on lease. Buying a car is suitable only for those who have enough money to make the payment while taking it on lease is a good option for very few people, who don’t possess ready cash but are certain about the flow of money to them. Renting a car, on the other hand, is the best option that most people can go for. It is a suitable alternative even for the ones with a low budget.

The best companies to rent a car

There are many rental car companies nowadays and finding the best one may seem difficult, there are the local independent companies then there are the national companies. This is a good mix and keeps both on their toes providing the client with good service and most of the time if you receive good customer service you will return to that operator and that is just what every business wants return business.

We all like to think we are getting the best and finding a car hire operator that constantly provides cars in tip-top conditions at good prices is going to make you feel better about that company and you will feel you are getting the best. Don’t just think that because you received a cheap daily rate for your car rental that you are getting the best. You may find that the car is older than you expected or not maintained which makes you wonder if the company can’t be bothered to clean the car do they service it? Think about safety.

A good rental agent will have many options for you from the type of vehicle to the options for extra’s available to you to make your trip that much better, this may be Satellite Navigation Systems or baby-seats the car hire company should have everything available for you. This will encourage clients to keep coming back and many car hires companies do have loyalty programs.

Here are a collection of the most well-known companies in the industry.

Enterprise car rental

Enterprise gives a whole variety of client products, which includes truck rentals, but additionally, they shine in the business arena. They provide everything from business discount programs to fleet control services for any business.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Enterprise car rental overview

  • Free customer pickup
  • Online reservations
  • Business rental program
  • Long-term rental
  • Many makes and models
  • Discounts
  • Car and Ride Sharing
Enterprise car rental


With discounts of up to 40%, and easy-to-understand vehicle guide and a range of business programs, Hertz has become the largest company in the U.S. They have locations in more than 145 countries around the world.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Hertz overview

  • Loyalty program
  • Business-to-business services
  • Accident partner
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Roadside assistance
  • Many makes and models
  • Car and Ride Sharing
hertz car rental


Turo started in 2009 in San Francisco and has since expanded to provide its car-sharing service in participating cities in the US and Canada. Turo is dedicated to making cars sharing a thriving industry.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Turo overview

  • Car pickup or delivery
  • Insurance
  • Security considerations
  • Turo Valet
  • Turo OpenRoad community

turo car rental

Dollar Rent A Car

Dollar Rent a Car has 570 locations around the world. They have a complete range of vehicles, along with convenience features including car seats, express return, and rental cars equipped for physically challenged drivers.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Dollar Rent A Car overview

  • Seasonal specials
  • Dollar EXPRESS
  • Easy reward redemption
  • Business rental plans
  • Multi-month rentals
  • Many makes and models

dollar car rental


Avis car rental services consist of white glove options for business travelers that allow for faster check-in and check-out. They also provide low mileage vehicles for sale at discount prices, offering the option to rent, then buy.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Avis overview

  • Find the right rental (Avis Guide)
  • Business-class travel
  • Tiered loyalty program
  • Airline loyalty program
  • Business programs
  • Travel partners (Hotels & Airlines)
  • Discounts 30%

avis car rental

Budget car rental

Budget provide deep discounts for a client that pay at the time of their reservation, along with significant discounts to business ones. At Budget, renters can select from several rental cars and moving trucks.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Budget car rental overview

  • Business-friendly rates
  • Prepay and save
  • Inexpensive no-show fee
  • Discounts 30%
  • Fast reservations
  • Truck rental

budget car rental

Alamo Car rental

Alamo Car Rental provide early check-in with an online option that allows them to go right to their rental car. They also have an easy to join a rewards program that offers all members an instant 5% discount.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alamo Car rental overview

  • Loyalty rewards
  • Prepay discounts (10% off)
  • Arrive and drive
  • Large vehicle selection
  • Vacation in style

alamo car rental

Thrifty Rental Car

A part of Hertz Global Holdings, Thrifty Rental Car has more than 1,000 locations in 77 countries. It focuses on serving cost-conscious business travelers and consumers.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Thrifty Rental Car

  • Best-rate guarantee
  • Airline loyalty program
  • First-time rental guide
  • Loyalty program
  • Get more for less

Choosing the very best company is not always easy if you do not have a good idea of how that company works. You should, therefore, spend a bit of time looking into the company to learn more about it. A bit of basic research should be more than enough to help you figure out whether or not it would be a good idea to rent from one car rental company instead of another. Some rental companies will offer better rates and might be more lenient on their insurance fees for young people, so looking around is always a good idea.

Types of Vehicles that Car Rental Companies Offer

Some rental companies specialize in sedans and compact cars while others specialize in limousines and sports cars. And some companies have a wide assortment of different size vehicles available to try to meet the needs of various drivers.

It is very common for the website for each car rental company to provide a list of text and images to describe what type of vehicles are available. Many times, you will be able to choose a vehicle online and make your deposit for the car and reserve it for when it is needed.

It is important to speak with a representative because while many companies will keep their information on available cars current and updated, not all companies are as diligent about doing so.

Taking the time to call the company to ensure that a specific vehicle is available will help you to make certain you will be getting the car you want instead of being surprised by a different car once you show up. This has happened to many people on numerous occasions and it is not always a pleasant surprise.

Some companies will upgrade the person’s car rental for no additional fee if they have run out of stock of the type of car that the person requested, but other companies may not offer this service or courtesy.

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Small / Compact cars

Small, compact cars can be found in many companies. These cars are ideal for one or two people who will be making a trip. Little space is required with one or two people and the compact cars generally get excellent gas mileage compared to larger cars. Compact cars are also ideal for driving in heavy traffic and highly populated areas. They are easy to park and can maneuver well in dense traffic.

Medium-sized / Larger-sized

Sedans, both medium-sized and larger-sized, are available commonly through most rental companies. Sedans work well if a person wants extra legroom and space within the interior of a vehicle. These are ideal on long trips as they provide more space and comfort and often have options in horsepower which can make the trip an easier one.

Trucks / SUVs

Trucks and SUVs are also available through many rental car companies. These vehicles are commonly rented by people who need to haul a boat, a trailer, or are going camping or fishing. The extra horsepower, hauling capabilities, and four-wheel drive options make these vehicles ideal for individuals who are doing more than just going from point A to point B.

Large Vans

Large vans are other options that renters can find commonly available through companies. These provide a great amount of space for passengers and luggage, and many vans also have towing capabilities.

Car rental for younger (under 25): The best car rental company for under 25

Many people think that people under 25 can’t find a car to hire. However, some car rental companies are willing to hire out cars to people under 25, albeit at a more expensive rate. However, if you want to rent a car then you have to be willing to pay this premium.

The best way to find a car rental company that’ll be willing to rent to you is to get online and start doing your research. There are now many rental companies that have their websites will all the information you will need on their policies. You may even be able to find some price comparison websites that help you find the deals you’re looking for. It can even help you to find a good car rental rate.

The main reason that car rental companies will not want to rent to young people is that they are seen to be riskier in terms of accidents and damage to the car. This is why you may need to put down a higher deposit or a large fee in terms of the insurance. There may even be companies that will allow you to get someone else, who is over 21, to sign up on your behalf. However, sometimes this won’t be possible.

It isn’t impossible to find the car rental for people under 25. It will take longer, but just do your research on the internet and you’ll find many companies, in many different countries, that will be willing to rent you the vehicle you need.

Things to consider: Car Rental essentials Tips

Here are some of our best 10 advice that will help you get the best car rental deal for your trip:

1 – Use online car rental services.

Check more than one site like Travelocity, Expedia car rental, Priceline car rental, and so on. Next check car rental company websites and check whether they are offering higher or lower rates.

2 – Look for discounts and special offers.

3 – Join a Loyalty Program

Although there are still a lot of travelers who hesitate upon joining any extra programs, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. A loyalty program is great because signing up is free of cost and the long-term benefits are great.

4 – Make Use of Coupons

Before booking your car, it’s always clever to look out for coupons and deals related to car rentals. No matter what time of the year you’re traveling, there’s plenty for those in need. The best part of possessing coupons is that you’re rewarded for over and beyond the discounts you get as a frequent flyer. At Alamo, Avis car rental, Dollar, and Budget, you will come across the hottest deals on car rentals.

5 – Comparison shop.

6 – Always pick up and drop the car, unless the service is free.

7 – Avoid the Airport

Because of the convenience, a lot of us end up making the mistake of paying higher at the airport. To save a lot more, all you have to do it so allow yourself more time and commute out of the airport vicinity. This would help you to come across several choices of offsite agencies that would offer you some great rates. Although this challenges your convenience and comforts, you can benefit in the form of huge savings.

8 – Lengthen your Reservation

A lot of people when trying to save some money book for the same duration as needed. Try doing it otherwise next time. This is because reserving for a longer time can substantially lower your base rate. For instance, on weekends, rates are often higher in comparison to weekdays. Luckily, some car rental companies give a great return even if you hand back the car earlier than expected. However, for the clarity of procedures, it is a must to go through the terms and conditions before agreeing on the contract.

9 – Gas Costs

Unfortunately, a lot of people consider this cost insignificant. it’s far a should research the fuel charges to estimate them over some time. GasBuddy is a great mobile app that allows you to find out the cost of gas no matter where you go.

10 – Be clever

If a rental car agency is out of economy cars do not give in to their promotional spiels and get prepared to spend higher amounts. If you keep insisting on only the economy the chances are, they will give you a larger car at the same economic cost just to keep your business from going to the competition.

Must-know Car Rental fees

Increasing car rental companies are finding very creative methods to pick your pocket. a number of the silly, yet legal methods that car rental companies can jack up your bill are:

o    Duplicate charges: Watch for fees that are charged twice so to speak. you can go back a car to the car rental lot with a full tank of fuel because this is in the agreement, but you will be unaware that the car rental agency is charging you a gas charge. This charge is only supposed to be charged to the ones that don’t put gas in the rental cars and the rental car companies will say it is an honest mistake, but in case you don’t check you’ll never know. There are even rental companies that will charge you a toll road fee, whether you intend on using a toll road or not, and even if you do use a toll road and pay your tolls. The only way to find out about this fee is to ask upfront.

o    Tire fee: No joke, some car rental companies will charge you a tire fee. not that you may order a rental car without tires, but car rental agencies will say that the price is for the wear and tear placed on the tires. Doesn’t the rental fee cover that?

o    Privilege fee: Some rental companies are getting extra creative and charging what is known as a privilege fee. This fee is charged when a car is rented within 48 hours of landing at the airport so if you want to avoid it then perhaps you should sleep in the airport for a few days.

Avoiding car rental nightmares

It might not take much effort to find car rental disaster testimonies. only a few online searches and you may see them. In reality, research will show that some rental companies have a worse reputation than others. online searches will bring up stories of people charged for coverage they did not need or charged for damage they did not cause, of cars not be serviced while they may be due or even a bumper falling a car as it was being driven down the road.

whilst it is impossible to keep away from a terrible experience completely, taking a few precautions will keep the chance of getting your very own car rental horror story to a minimum.

  • Plan what you need
  • do a little research
  • ensure you understand the fee and terms
  • book well earlier
  • check your car carefully for any damage earlier than you drive away
  • return the car with a complete tank (ensure you’re clear on this policy at the rental desk)

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Final Thoughts

Car rental may be a headache and the car rental agencies like to play the game. in case you prepare yourself and understand the answers to the top car rental questions, then you may not only be able to play the game with them however win the game and save yourself some time and more importantly, money.

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