How to pack for your First Trip to Walt Disney World - Getting Ready for The Magic
How to pack for your First Trip to Walt Disney World – Getting Ready for The Magic

Disney World has inspired the dreams and fantasies of kids and adults for many years. One of the most fun things about planning a Walt Disney World Vacation is deciding to go, and then making the plan.

We all have heard someone’s story about how terrible their Disney World trip was. Please, try to be subjective and try to learn from others’ mistakes. Millions of people have enjoyed their Walt Disney World holidays, and you can do that too. The good news is that you are doing your research before you head to Orlando. Making a plan will give you peace of mind about what to do next and will help focus your vacation on enjoying your time away from the office and with your friends or family.

Disney World Tips

Below, you will find practical tips and information on how to plan your Disney World Vacation the right way.

Decide on the hotel

First of all, you have to decide where to stay. You can choose to stay in Disney Vacation Homes, Orlando hotels, or Kissimmee Vacation Homes. Each option has its pros and cons that you need to know about so you can make an informed decision. For example, if you stay at a Disney hotel, you can enjoy perks such as extra hours in the theme park or free use of shuttle service around the premises. If you are going to book in an Orlando hotel, you can save a great deal of money. If you choose to stay in Kissimmee, you get to enjoy the serenity and peace that this charming city has to offer. Determine what your priorities are so you can make a decision that is most suitable for you and your family.

Plan your itinerary

Get a hold of a Disney World map before the trip. You can get this from a local travel agent or the theme park’s official website. This is important so that you and the kids can decide already on which specific attractions to visit. This would allow you to plan your time more effectively. You would not waste time falling in line on rides that your kids would not like. This would also help you make the most out of your vacation in Disney World.

Read traveler tips

Online, you will find a myriad of reviews, travel tips, and guides that you can use for your vacation. This helps a lot because you’ll be getting them from people who have been to Disney World. You can get lots of advice on where to eat, what to bring, how to survive to bring too many kids to Disney World, and so many more. All these bits and pieces of information will help you during your planning stage.

Disneyland packages

Vacation packages are great for so many reasons. For one, it saves you time because you no longer have to book for hotels, park admission, airfare, and so on separately. Apart from that, you also get to save money because you can get exclusive deals that would give you maximum discounts.

Walt Disney World tickets

Discount Disney tickets are a money-saving opportunity for all visitors and are readily available and easy to purchase. No matter what type of ticket you’re searching for – Park Hopper Tickets, Disney World Plus Tickets, or Disney World Base Tickets (with or without expiration) – you can usually find a good deal on them if you take a little extra time to do some searching. Discount Disney tickets for the onsite water parks are also available as well as options to visit Disney Quest and the Wide World of Sports complex.

Disney world map

The Disney World map is the ultimate guide for your Disney vacation. Every family must have it if they wish to fully enjoy their vacation right at the Disney world. There are so many sites to see at the place and this is precisely the reason why a day will not be enough to see everything it has to offer. But with a map in hand, you can be sure that you can explore every nook and cranny of the place.

Create a packing checklist

When packing, it is a must to create the packing checklist that will help you pack just the right amount of stuff for the trip. This is also important so you don’t forget anything essential for the trip.

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Disney world packing list

Perhaps the most imperative characteristic of any vacation is to be physically relaxed. It won’t necessarily make your trip to be comfortable, but it can certainly break your trip if you are uncomfortable. Therefore, since Walt Disney World is most likely located in a different area than you live in and has different weather than you are probably used to, it is important to pack the correct clothing and accessories. This is the one department where it pays off to be equipped. If you go into a vacation tidily packed and ordered with the proper clothing, etc. you have set yourself and your family up for an excellent time at WDW. Conversely, if you go in with the wrong gear, prepare for feeling uncomfortable yourself or at least uncomfortable with the countless complaints you will hear from those in your party.

What to wear to Disney land?

Check weather forecast

The two most essential things to recall regarding clothing preparation for Disney World are hot and humid. Depending on the time of year you visit, you may find temperatures in the 90s and humidity readings in the 90th percentile. And, with a huge quantity of time, you will spend walking, this weather can have a serious impact on your body. Naturally, be sure to find the best socks for this occasion. Cotton socks are not the way to go here, as they absorb moisture and can cause blisters. Buy the new high-tech socks that wick away moisture from your skin such as the CoolMax brand.


Next, as you might have guessed, it is essential to have a great pair of walking shoes when visiting WDW/Disney World. If you buy new shoes, make sure to break them in for a couple of weeks before your trip. Make sure they have plenty of arch support and thick soles. Thin soles do not provide enough padding for the hard cement and can even allow in the heat from the ground. Also, bring some “moleskin” (found in most pharmacies) to place on any problem spots that may occur in your shoes and prevent blisters.


Another Disney World essential is an excellent hat. Stick to light-toned hats with a brim that shades your eyes and face. If you do not care for any fashion “no-no’s” that may accompany it, a floppy hat covering your whole face and neck can be very comfortable. As with all of these items, it is best to bring them from home as opposed to paying the higher price to buy one from the WDW stores.

Disney world essentials


Even if you are wearing a hat, you will want to bring and apply plenty of sunscreens. It should be at least SPF 20 even if you are one who does not typically burn because Walt Disney World is known to bring out the burn-in everyone as the sun reflects off the white concrete. You do not want to be burnt after the first day and spend the rest of your Disney World vacation in pain.


Of course, be sure to bring plenty of water. WDW now allows you to bring in a cooler with snacks, water, etc. (anything except alcohol basically). So, take advantage of this and pack in 15-20 water bottles.


Finally, some miscellaneous items that I highly recommend for any Disney World vacation are a waist pack, a personal handheld fan with a mister attached, and a rain poncho.

The waste pack catches a lot of flack for fashion reasons but WDW is not a fashion expo. It’s a war for comfort out there and you do not want to be on the losing end. These handy pouches can be used to carry your room key, car keys, money, credit cards, etc. instead of cramming these items in your pockets.

The personal fan/mister can offer you that much needed cool down when the temperature heats up. The rain poncho is pretty self-explanatory. One great way to take advantage of it is if many head home without it, you will be able to have the park to yourself along with the few otherwise souls who brought one along.

Disney world FAQs