How to Properly Prepare and pack for Your Honeymoon? Ultimate guide
How to Properly Prepare and pack for Your Honeymoon? Ultimate guide

As if getting married isn’t exciting enough, you also have your honeymoon to look forward to! Wherever you’re going, you’ll want to get packed and ready well in advance of your wedding day/departure date to minimize stress and manic flapping about the place!

Honeymoon packing: tips and & tricks

Packing for a trip is a huge feat for men and women alike, but it is more often women who tend to pack almost all of their belongings into multiple suitcases with the idea that they will decide what to wear when they reach their destination. Having so many clothes to choose from only adds to confusion and indecision when it is time to dress for a meeting or a night out on the town. It is even more important to avoid stress on your honeymoon. This situation can be avoided, however, by following a few simple rules.

Check weather forecast

First things first – check the weather and the itinerary at your destination, so you can plan your outfits ahead of time. Chances are that you already know most of your honeymoon plans, so take advantage of it, and save yourself some stress at the same time!

Mix and match

The best pieces to mix and match with our “neutral” bottoms. A neutral color can be any of the following – black, tan, white, khaki, navy, and denim. Whether it be in the form of accessories, shoes, or a top, adding color to neutrals will make you honeymoon ready. Choose a neutral color or two and pack several different bottoms in those neutrals, such as a skirt, shorts, and pants, and throw in some colorful tops, jackets, accessories, and shoes and you are set! You will be able to mix and match to create a new outfit every day from only a few basic pieces.


After you’ve checked your itinerary and have decided what you will pack to wear, it’s time to make sure all your laundry is done. Start laundering your clothing the week before you will be leaving so everything will be clean and ready for packing. This theory also applies to anything that needs to be dry cleaned. Go ahead and get all dry cleaning completed before starting the packing process.

Clothes rolling

There is a little trick to packing without wrinkling your clothing – it’s called “rolling.” Folding causes creases in your clothing, but rolling does not. The trick to getting the perfect “roll” is to start with a smooth, wrinkle-free garment. If you roll up a wrinkled shirt, it will, of course, remain wrinkled, thus defeating the whole purpose. Another advantage of rolling is that it saves more space than folding does. You will be able to fit more into your suitcase by rolling. Don’t be afraid to tightly pack rolled clothing.

Here are a few more packing tips to follow:

  • Pack your suitcase with the heavier items on the bottom.
  • Avoid taking clothing that you haven’t yet worn. You may not like the outfit as much as you thought you would
  • If you plan on doing some shopping while on your honeymoon, pack an extra carry on bag or leave a little extra room in your suitcase.
  • Stuff your underwear and socks into shoes and other empty spaces.
  • Wrap any belts you are bringing around the perimeter of the suitcase.
  • Find travel size items of your most used (and bulky) items, such as shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, shaving cream, and deodorant.
  • Tuck some safety pins and stain remover pads or pen into your bag for unexpected emergencies.
  • Take a small travel candle or room spray (or both) to make stuffy rooms more palatable and to keep the bathroom “fresh.” Don’t let odors ruin a romantic mood. Incidentally, a small cologne spray in a fragrance that you are not wearing can be a great room freshener. Just use it sparingly!

  • If possible, take only one pair of shoes for cocktails or dinner and coordinate outfits around the shoes.
  • Do the same for beach shoes and comfortable shoes for shopping or sightseeing trips. Footwear can take up too much space in the suitcase, so taking a pair for every possible outfit is unwise.
  • If plans include snow-skiing, consider shipping the bulky gear and clothing to the hotel or condo ahead of time and taking only essentials in easy- to -carry luggage when flying. Of course, you would need to call your place of lodging and make arrangements with the concierge before you ship. Doing so will increase the chances that your belongings will remain secure until your arrival.

Having a successful trip depends on how well you plan before you pack.

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Make Honeymoon Packing Easy

Packing for your honeymoon can almost be as stressful as planning the wedding. However, deciding what to take on your honeymoon doesn’t have to be stressful. With some simple planning, you can be packed and ready to leave for your honeymoon in no time at all.

What to Pack for Your Honeymoon?

we provide you a foolproof list of honeymoon packing essentials that will cover you for all sorts of emergencies whether you are sunbathing in Hawaii, climbing up the Alps and or meandering through the cobbled streets of Paris.

Travel Essentials – Remember to carry:

  • Plane tickets
  • Drivers licenses
  • Passports, Visas (if applicable)
  • Credit cards
  • Reservation confirmations (hotels)
  • Travel insurance
  • List of contacts which include emergency phone numbers
  • Copies of all above documents
  • Emergency cash
  • Camera with accessories
  • Some good books to keep you entertained

Toilet Basics

When you have your travel documents ready go on to the next essential thing- toiletries. Always carry a small bag with all your toiletries so that they are easy to find.

  • Prescription medications
  • Mini medical kit
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sunblock
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Soap or body wash
  • Face wash, makeup remover, skincare products
  • Shaving items (Razors, Shaving cream)
  • Deodorant
  • Lip balm
  • Cotton swabs
  • Floss
  • Contraception
  • Makeup Essentials (lipstick, eyeliner, blush, foundation)

Clothes & Accessories

It depends on the place you are making plans to go on your honeymoon. If you plan to go to a hot place carry sunblock, caps, sunglasses, lose clothes and swimsuits. but, if plan to romance in the cold makes sure to have enough woolens, headgear, boots, and gloves.

In general, have some casual clothes for your daily wear and some of the party wear clothes with nice accessories for romantic dinners or pubbing. Also, have a pair of comfortable walking shoes, a pair of high heels for occasional wear, and some flats to match your shorts or tunic.

Romantic Must-Haves

Besides the essentials, you must also carry a couple of romantic nick-knacks for.

  • Scented candles to heat things up
  • Special lingerie
  • Perfume and essential oils- To create the mood for something unique
  • An outfit to wear to dinner on the first night
  • A playlist of your favorite romantic songs to set the mood for a romantic evening

How to Pack for Your Honeymoon?

Some people are born packers and for everyone else, there is the obligatory ‘don’t forget’ travel-packing checklist. If you fall into the latter category, which unfortunately most of us do, you must stick to the tried and trusty list to remember everything. it’s even more vital if the vacation you’re going on is your honeymoon.

Here is how you can pack properly for your honeymoon trip:


Ensure you do all of your laundries a couple of days before you pack so you have access to everything easily. If you are taking any special garments, have them professionally cleaned and bagged so that you can simply pop them into your suitcase.


When selecting clothing choose full outfits rather than odd separates. Wrinkle-resistant clothing is also a good and handy choice so select items made of lycra, nylon, or spandex.

refrain from taking old clothes you’ve never worn before – chances are you might not want to wear them on your honeymoon either.

Pack your socks and underwear into your shoes or purses – not only will this help you with any space restrictions, but it will also ensure that these more fragile items will keep their shape.


Place any liquids like shampoos or cleansers into snap lock plastic bags – this will ensure that you arrive with full bottles and unstained clothes.

Mark all of your back with your details and put ribbons/stickers on them so that they are identifiable.


Have one more thing to fit in? Zip your bag up and then tap it on the floor a couple of times. This will rearrange all of your items into any spaces that exist and should free up any extra room.

Travel Insurance

Now that you have everything planned and packed, don’t forget to take out travel insurance. With so much at stake, it’s not worth losing all your favorite things on your honeymoon. After paying for the ceremony and the reception, we know how important it is for you to get a good deal so cheap travel insurance is crucial. A plan that doesn’t break the bank or impinge on your holiday spending is as important as peace of mind.

Must-have things for honeymoon

Below we have put together a small list of items that you must-have on your packing list:

  • Take all your medication with you that you feel will be necessary for your well-being.
  • If you are traveling to a foreign country remember that their electrical outlets most likely will not be the same as ours. ensure you prepare for this or you most likely will not be able to use your electrical items.
  • If you are traveling overseas or out of the country, you will need passports and or visas. Make sure you have for these items, way in advance. In the time we are living in now security of you and your loved one should be the number one factor so be cautious of where you are traveling.
  • Pack the right clothes for the environment. Take extra shoes for the formal dinners, flip flops for the beach, and coats for the cold.
  • If you are traveling to a foreign country make sure you go to your family doctor and get his suggestions on any vaccinations you should get.
  • If you wear contacts or prescription glass have a backup. If not your vacation will be ruined.
  • Make sure you take all of your health insurance information just in case of a medical emergency.
  • Make a list of your traveler’s check numbers just in case they get lost or stolen. Do not keep these in your purse or wallet.
  • If you are traveling overseas before you bring anything home with you check with the local government officials or search the internet to get the guidelines of what you can bring back.
  • With all of the bad weather going on these days make sure you are prepared. Take flashlights, candles, extra batteries, and perishable foods. Take anything you feel that would help you in such a moment of crisis.

What to Pack for a European Honeymoon?

Europe is always a popular destination for honeymooners. With so many sights, cultural attractions, and romantic restaurants, there is no shortage of things to do on a trip to the Continent. Get your trip off to a great start by learning what to pack for a European honeymoon.

For many newlyweds, their honeymoon is their first trip to Europe. There are some differences in what to pack for a wedding trip overseas than what you would bring on a beach honeymoon, so it is important to bring the right things.


The first thing you will need to pack is your passport. Make a spare copy to leave with a friend at home, as well as a copy to keep in your suitcase (separate from the actual passport). Also bring a credit card (call your bank to alert them that you will be using the card overseas, lest they think it is stolen and freeze the account) and a small number of Euros (or pounds if heading to the U.K.).


You will see many amazing things in Europe, so remember to pack your camera and plenty of spare batteries. Find out about the electrical outlets in the countries which you plan to visit, and purchase an outlet converter so you can charge your cell phone and plug in your hairdryer while on your honeymoon.

It might also be fun to bring a travel journal to document all the outings you took across the Continent. Given the length of time involved in traveling across the ocean, your honeymoon might be the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new Kindle or other E-book reader so you will have plenty of reading material on the plane.


You may have heard that people dress less casually in Europe, and it is true. When you pack for your honeymoon, your goal should be to bring a wardrobe that is stylish, versatile, and comfortable. Leave your t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers at home.

Instead bring pieces that can be mixed and matched like black pants, a few skirts, blouses, and cute sweaters. If you are honeymooning in the summer months, skirts will be more appropriate than shorts. Wearing the wrong attire may mean that you are not admitted to certain places, such as cathedrals, which may have a policy banning shorts and bare shoulders.

Final thoughts

Many brides to spend months and months planning their wedding and making sure their honeymoon plans are in order. To make the planning easy, many brides choose all-inclusive honeymoons and call it good. Booking your honeymoon is the easy part, packing for the journey to get there is another step all in itself.

When packing for your honeymoon, the first thing you need to do is make a list of all of the items that you think you will need. Once you have your list in hand, sleep on it for a few days, then take another look at it. You will find that some of the things on your list aren’t necessary. The first things you need to pack are the most important. Make sure that you have a special place to put your airline tickets, passports, credit cards, and hotel reservations. If you need any prescription medications, those will also be high the list of must-haves.