How To Keep Your Money Safe When Traveling Abroad

How To Keep Your Money Safe When Traveling Abroad


If you traveling abroad, there are some precautions you have to take to keep your money safe. This consists of a mixture of money, traveler’s checks, and personal checks.

It is suggested which you take along primary credit cards if you have grossly underestimated the value of the trip. before you leave your country, it is probably clever to buy foreign currency, in small amounts, for buses, taxis, tips, and many others. while you arrive at your destination.

It’s far essential to note that a few countries regulate the amount of local currency you could carry in and out of the country. some require which you exchange a minimum amount. for example, in case you leave the U.S. with an extra than 10k bucks, you should file a Customs form 4790 whilst you enter or leave.

If you are not familiar with these details, take a look at with your local bank, the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to go to. you could additionally check with your travel agent for extra information.

How you can keep your money safe: Tips and Tricks

When you are on a vacation, you need to have a way to pay for your charges. Generally, you have to make money on your trip for things to go smoothly. There is a risk in having quite a bit of money when traveling as you may be a target of theft or robbery.

Below we will discuss some tips and things that you can do to keep your money safe when traveling.

o Money Belts for Travel

Start by buying a money belt that can be hidden under your clothes. It is a big mistake to keep your cash in your wallet. Several destinations with tourists will have those who will pick your pocket stealing your wallet. When your money and credit cards are under your clothes, they will not be so easily stolen at all.

o Try to keep your money in more than one place.

This means some in your pocket, some in your suitcase, some hidden in the hotel, and some with other people that you are traveling with. This ensures that if something gets taken you will not lose everything.

o Prepaid Credit Cards

Try to have many types of money when you traveling. Get a variety of prepaid credit cards with $100 or so on each. This way if you lose that card, you do not lose that much. Have some cash on you. Get some traveler’s checks if the destinations that you are at-will take these.

o Never pull out and count your money in public

This will make you a target and will attract the wrong type of attention while you are on your trip.

o Have A Backup Plan

Be sure that you have someone at home that might be able to mail you more money in the form of a prepaid credit card in case you do lose everything. At least then you will have something worked out.

Do your best to prepay as much as possible so you do not need as much money when you are on your trip. Your hotel rooms and traveling expenses many times can be paid upfront.

Traveler’s Checks & Travel Credit Cards: Things to Know

#1 – Traveler’s Checks

Traveler’s checks are not very popular anymore but they are more secure since you are the only person who can use them and you may also get reimbursed or replacement checks issued if they are misplaced or stolen.

Traveler’s checks may be bought in denominations of $20, $50, $100, $500, and $1,000 checks. keep in mind the smaller dollar amounts considering they will be easier to cash whilst you reach your destination. immediately once you buy your checks, make sure to sign them on the signature line. when you present your check, you’ll need to sign it once more in the presents of the one who is cashing it.

Traveler's Checks

Don’t forget to carry proper identification. in case you are overseas, your passport may be all you want. you can also be required to show a valid driver’s license or state-issued identity card, and/or a credit card.

Before you go away home, make a note of the serial numbers, the dollar amount, the date and region of the agency or issuing bank in which they were bought. You must also make a note of your credit card numbers. hold this information in separate places. ensure you have a phone number to call if your checks get lost or stolen. Upon returning home, coins in any unused traveler’s checks.

#2 – Travel Credit Cards

Many travel professionals recommend carrying two primary credit cards if you have sudden costs. among the primary credit card companies will assist you to charge products, also, to withdraw cash from your card all around the world. ensure your card may be accepted before you leave and carefully review the costs for the usage of international ATMs to withdraw cash.

Travel Credit Cards

Check if the expiration date of the card is valid during the period of your stay. tourists have been known to be arrested overseas for mistakenly exceeding their credit limit. make certain your bills are current.

You could already know that most inns and rental car companies require a credit card to guarantee your room or a car, however, remember that a certain amount is frozen on your credit card even in case you are paying with traveler’s checks or by using a different method.

Credit Cards Benefits

Many credit cards provide advantages like rebates on travel preparations; replacement of stolen airline tickets, and even reductions in hotel rooms. different advantages can consist of automatic travel coverage, 24-hour medical and legal referral service around the world and a few will also send a prescription to you without charge in case you’ve lost or forgotten yours at home.

Credit Cards can also be used to achieve additional traveler’s checks or cash advances through a local ATM. in case you use your credit card at an ATM to withdraw cash, you have to remember your PIN (Personal Identification Number) that you received with the card, so make sure that you have got your PIN.

These advantages range according to the credit card company; however, it might be really worth making a call to find out what benefits they could have to offer.

Credit cards and traveler’s checks summary

Credit cards and traveler’s checks are utilized instead of carrying all your money with you as cash while you are overseas. If you lost your wallet full of cash while overseas, there would be no way of getting it back; you would be put in the unwanted position of being stranded without money. However, both traveler’s checks and credit cards have the benefit of insurance, meaning that if your wallet is misplaced or stolen, you can normally get your money back.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, as well as many factors that you should take into account, including:

o Possible additional fees for international usage

o Any fees or commissions associated with acquiring or cashing traveler’s checks

o The exchange rate that your credit card or traveler’s check provider charges (can differ)

o As you might not be as dependable with credit card debt repayments while traveling, it is a good idea to be aware of the amount you will be charged in interest, especially for cash advances.


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