What Not to Pack when traveling: Things You Don't Need
What Not to Pack when traveling: Things You Don’t Need

There’s an ancient phrase that when you travel you should pack half as much as you need but double the amount of money you bring.

Packing too much luggage can put a crimp in your traveling style. When you have too many bags, you could find yourself spending a lot of time waiting at baggage claim. And it’s never fun to lug around too many heavy bags.

The next time you travel, make a pact with yourself to travel light. When you pack light, you’ll free up your time when you travel. In some cases, you may be able to get away with taking all of your items in a carryon and avoiding baggage check entirely.

Packing light tips & tricks

The key to getting your luggage reduced to one or two bags is to pack only what you need. While you are packing, continually ask yourself these questions: “Do I really need this or just want it?” or “Do I need to carry this or can I buy it cheaper while I’m traveling?” Think twice before you put anything in your bag. You can always purchase what you need when you arrive at your destination.

how to pack light?

Create a checklist

First, scribble a list of everything you think you might want. Everything and anything. From clothes to toiletries, to electronics, to jackets, and everything in between. This packing list will usually end up pretty long. But that’s ok, we’ll get it down fast.

Next, look at your list and think about your trip. If you are going to the islands, do you want pants or jeans? If you are going to Rome in July, do you want to pack long sleeve shirts?

Cut your packing list

Next, you should have cut your packing list down a bit by eliminating those items that didn’t have much to do with your destination.


Now, let’s take a peek at your toiletry list. Why are you bringing so much? In this age of over-caution, travelers tend to pack every medicine known to man just in case. Let’s be real- do you ever use most of them? Can’t you buy them at your destination? So, go minimal. If you do get sick, you can always buy Tylenol or diarrhea medicine there. Take only the bare essentials. Some pills that take up only a little space- you don’t need the entire box.

What about the non-medical supplies your packing? Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razor, and shaving cream are what you need. If you are staying at a b &b, you don’t even need soap or shampoo since it is provided for you. You’re going on a trip not to a corporate function so lose the cosmetics and facial products.

Now, think about your packing list. What could you buy there if you need it? Probably lots. Toss the bug spray, the suntan lotion, and whatever else you are bringing. You can’t take it on the plane anyway.


Ok, the final step on the path to packing light. We’ve probably cut out a lot of your checklist now. The next step is to just throw out another half. You are a holiday, relaxing. Things don’t get very dirty and you can wear the same shorts a few days in a row. Get rid of the towel- just borrow the one from the hotel. Take half as many clothes. Wear many longers or don’t wear any! You never wear everything you take and unless spill something or sweat through your shirt, you can use it for more than one day.

That’s it. That is the trick to packing light. Cutting, cutting, and cutting until you get to the essential items you need to pack. If you follow my opinion, I guarantee you will pack light and make the whole packing process much easier.

What not to pack?

With carrying more bags has become extra expensive, it’s highly advantageous to be hard-nosed about what you take with you. in any case, traveling with a smaller bag is size is much easier to hold around than lugging around a large over-packed heavy suitcase.

And it’s also nice and easy to close your bag without any trouble if you need to open it. Reduce your packing stress by removing this lot straight off from this list.

Travelers Cheques

Never travel with a traveler’s cheque. Welcome to the new world, leave those obsolete pieces of papers where they belong: that is in the past.

Cheap Clothes

When you are going for longer trips, try taking more affordable clothes than high-quality, expensive clothes. That stylish yellow poncho might seem to be a great dress when you prance around your home, but when you are in the middle of the jungle, sweating like hell and with rain pouring thoroughly you would wish that you invested in a rain jacket.

Too Many Gadgets

Let’s be quite clear about a few things, there are some pretty useful devices that you can take with you on your trip, but taking all of them won’t be necessary. Priorities and think carefully about the value of each one and its contribution to your journey. Do you need to take your laptop and tablet with you? How about packing those over-ear and inner-ear headphones? If you are traveling to several destinations, then carry a world adapter with dual USB chargers so that you can perform multiple functions at one time.

Extra Toiletries

To be honest, all those toiletries that are stuffed in your bathroom don’t count as essential. Leave the eye cream, night cream, day cream, Dead Sea bath salts, and exfoliating scrub at home. You can carry shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and deodorant with you as those are the basic toiletries that you will need.

Your Entire Bookshelf

Books are pretty heavy and take up a lot of space. If you think you will read more than one novel while being on the trip, then take an e-reader with you.

Hair Straighteners

Remember the time before hair straighteners? If you don’t let me tell you – people managed to survive before it. There is no denying the fact that straighteners have transformed many frizzy mops into a sleek mane, but while you are on holiday then ditch the extra baggage weight and embrace the freedom of being away from home and go for a beachy look

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Your entire shoe collection (For women)

For the ladies out there, one of the things to leave behind is your entire shoe collection. I do fully understand the importance of having selection and variety, and to be able to wear what is matching for the day, but simply to bring your full shoe store worth of shoes with you isn’t easy.

your entire hardware collection (For men)

One of the things to leave behind is your entire hardware collection. I understand that sometimes we need to have the tools to be brought with us in case we may need to exercise some of our handy work skills. But the main problem with bringing these along is that it increases the weight of your baggage.

More items you should leave at home:

  • Jewelry and Valuables.
  • Heavy Zoom Lenses for Your Camera.
  • Bulky Towels.
  • Extra cotton clothes.
  • Your entire beauty products
  • Things you can buy there.

Five Things NOT to Pack for Your Cruise

Packing for a cruise is a special skill, but here are five things you should never pack for your cruise, no matter what.


No cruise ship on Earth doesn’t provide fluffy, clean towels to its passengers. Towels take up incredible amounts of space in your luggage and serve absolutely no purpose. Leave them at home. And don’t pack the cruise line’s towels when you leave – they keep track and they will likely charge you for the memento.

Razors (and Most Toiletries)

Trying to get a razor through an airport these days is a disaster, and your cruise line almost certainly provides razors – and most other toiletries. Call ahead to make sure, of course, but unless you have a real need for something custom, leave all of that stuff behind. You won’t need it.

A Hairdryer

Do you bring a hairdryer on other trips when you stay at a hotel? Of course, you don’t – because they provide one. So will your cruise ship. The hairdryers they supply are designed to work with the ship’s electrical system – yours will likely blow a fuse. Leave it at home.

Suitcase Numero Dos

There isn’t a ton of room in your room, my friends. Two pieces of luggage mean you’ll have one piece of luggage sliding around the room your entire stay. And as we’re about to see, it’s probably not necessary at all. If you absolutely must bring two bags, make sure one can be zipped up into the other so you can store them both in the space designed for one.

Extra Clothes

Every modern cruise ship has laundry facilities, and you don’t need to have three outfits for each day. Be minimalist in your clothes packing and simply launder a few items if you miscalculate. The less stuff you have to manage the happier you’ll be.

Forget these five unnecessary things and concentrate on enjoying yourself once you’re there – not on where you’re going to put all your stuff.

What items are not allowed on an airplane?

These days, airports around the world have increased their security measures on what you are allowed to and not allowed to carry in your luggage. Once you have booked your ticket, the next thing you should do is to start packing your bags. But when you reach the security checkpoints, you are surprised to see that a large amount of the items from your baggage have been discarded. Therefore, it will be helpful for you to know beforehand what you can carry on a flight and what you cannot.

Rules regarding food items

First of all, you must know that any packed food such as soup, vegetables, fruits, sauces, and peanut butter should not exceed 3 ounces. This also includes cheese, yogurt, and whipped cream. if you have decided to pack your meals for the flight, ensure that it does not have a strong smell, as it could be disturbing for other passengers on the aircraft. if you have a baby traveling with you, you will be allowed to carry cow milk, formula, breast milk, and soya milk. You can also pack sterilized water in the baby bottle. But for security reasons, you may be asked to taste it at checkpoints. You should realize that these are for security purposes only and you should do it without hesitation.

Sharp objects

sporting items, equipment, kitchen utensils, and different such things having sharp points or edges can injure someone on the plane. therefore, such items aren’t allowed to be carried on a flight. Such objects include crampons, knives, ice axes, ice picks, meat cleavers, metal cutlery, open or straight razors, scalpels, utility knives, saws, crowbars, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers. Sporting goods that have sharp points or edges include ski poles, ice skates, drills, darts, and rock-climbing equipment such as hooks, pitons, bolts, and hammers.

Sharp objects that are not weapons, but may cause harm through penetration include razor blades, bodkins, letter openers, metal scissors, and hypodermic needles. The security checkpoints will not allow you to take these items on the flight.

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Items that can be used for threatening someone

After you book your flight to your destination, make sure that you are not carrying any object that the security check people will discard. These objects include not only sharp objects but also blunt objects big enough to threaten someone. Such items may be golf clubs, cricket bats, softball, baseball, hockey, billiard, snooker or pool cues, lacrosse sticks, or any wood or metal piece that can be used for terrorizing someone.

Flammable goods

The security check will also not allow you to bring any flammable goods on the flight. Such items may include aerosol containers, fireworks, petrol or any flammable liquid, dynamite, plastic explosives, blasting caps, gunpowder, grenades, or replicas of plastic explosives or incendiary devices. Also avoid explosives such as paint thinner, toiletries, turpentine, flammable paints, cooking fuel, lighter fluid, gas torch, matches, or gasoline.

Other items that you will not be allowed to take on the flight such as:

  • Poisons like pesticides, weed killers, arsenic, cyanides, or rodent poisons.
  • Organics like peroxides or fiberglass resins.
  • Strong magnets like those in loudspeakers or lab equipment.
  • Infectious materials like viral organisms, medical lab specimens, or bacterial cultures
  • Any dangerous item like spray paint, tear gas, spa or swimming pool chlorine, or torch lighters.

Before you pack your baggage for your cheap flights, make sure that you do not carry any of these items in your luggage.

Packing light FAQs