Most interesting sites for street art lovers: Ultimate Guide

Most interesting sites for street art lovers: Ultimate Guide


Street Art is a very popular yet unique form of art that is spreading fast around the world. Street art has become a worldwide art and even museums and galleries are collecting the work of some great street art artists.

History of Graffiti / Street art

Street art started secretly and because it is illegal to make these paints on private and public property without permission. People often have different opinions about this art. Some people think it is a crime and others think it is an amazing new form of art and culture.

Art experts claim that this movement began in New York in the 1960s. Young adults sprayed words and other paints on walls and trains. This colorful, energetic style of writing became known as graffiti today.

Graffiti art showed that people wanted to rebel against society. They didn’t want to accept rules and traveled around a lot of cities to create paints that everyone could see. In many cases, they had problems with the police and the government.

Most people know street art as graffiti, but actually, there are so many different street art types as we mention below the 4 most popular ones:

#1 – Graffiti. 

Originally linked to gangs, hip hop, and street culture, graffiti is now taking its place in the street art world as well. Some critics out there undoubtedly still see graffiti as a ‘waste of space’ vandalism, but for many, it is a way of life and expression.

#2 – Spray paint murals.

Spray paint murals are another popular form of street art. A lot of street art artists prefer this type of art and they draw their paintings on the walls using spray paints.

#3 – Street Poster art.

The Concept of Poster Art secures a vital position in the world of Street Art. It is actually Graffiti done on paper. While a lot of these posters are 100% handmade, and some others are digital designs as well.

Moreover, being a basic art form, this type stayed in the local street corners and roads rather than sitting pretty inside a gala museum or gallery.

#4 – 3D street art.

3D Street Art has been around since the 16th century. Created by Italian Renaissance Madonarro’s and Trompe l’eil painters from France, it has continued to be highly popular and its magic has been captured by Wiley Admen in the 21 century. 3D Street Art creates a 3D effect from a 2d picture when viewed through a camera.

Best Street Art Sites Around the World

When you decide to see this amazing artwork there are a lot of places around the world to choose from. Here we list some popular destinations to help you find the best spot.

#1 – Top 5 Best European Cities for Street Art fans

In case you’re passionate about street art and urban tradition, Europe is the best destination for you. Europe is the home of different artsy locations that stand out because of the way they merge history philosophy and tradition.

So, Let’s Take a look at some wonderful places to see street art in Europe:

Bucharest. Romania

Romania street srt

Bucharest worth the visit for many reasons, but it is one of the amazing cities that comes to mind when you think of European Street art. Travel to Eastern Europe continues to rise in popularity year after year and many are catching on to the ones overlooked travel gems that are many Eastern European countries.

Street art in Bucharest does simply that, with lots of graffiti and murals throughout the city with politically charged messages that won’t be understood until you get the right background information. It’s a top preference for people who want to start the journey of exploring the creative gems of eastern Europe.

Berlin. Germany

Berlin street art

Berlin is praised as one of the great art street cities in Europe. And is a protracted-reigning hub for city art in Europe. the city is overflowing with stunning graffiti and effective political art that grabs your interest the famous remnants of the Berlin Wall are an obvious go-to for lots of Berlin travelers.

There are numerous murals and artists to find out about in Berlin if you make the effort to discover them. Our recommendation is to stroll along with the east side gallery or take a spree riverboat cruise to take in the massive gallery in all its wonder.

Bristol. United Kingdom

Bristol street art

The UK has its proportion of iconic cities to go to and if you’re looking for exceptional street art Bristol has to absolutely be on your list. The cutting-edge art on every corner and the famous graffiti artist Banksy hails from this city should be enough to make you book your ticket.

The city has plenty of great murals gracing bridges alleyways and back streets throughout the city neighborhoods like Southville in Bedminster are hip areas with plenty of art to soak up.

Lisbon. Portugal

Lisbon street art

The colors filling the streets in Portugal at each turn are sufficient to make photographers and travelers swoon. Walking the Lisbon streets frequently feels like walking through an ancient artist’s backyard. the streets are paved with abstract cobblestone and the homes are covered in colorful azulejos or traditional blue Portuguese tile. on top of the mesmerizing colors and culture, the bold murals at some stage in the city are awesome and a must-see for street art lovers.

Lisbon has to be a pinnacle selection for the European street art scene because the city is determined to public art and the unique manner that it blends modern art with the traditional Portuguese style. Lisbon is bursting with exciting art around every corner and those who love vibrant colors with intricate details will feel right at home.

Athens. Greece

Athens street art

In recent years Athens is becoming known as a street art heaven, on any street which you peek down your eyes are met with colorful artwork that has unexpectedly starting to pop up in recent years.

The rise in street art in Athens has coincided with the country’s wrestle with the economic crisis since depicting the strife of a country deep in the throes of a financial crisis are on every place in Athens.

The search has caught the eyes of locals Street around the world and art hungry tourists nevertheless art is always served as a canvas for self-expression for artists and a source of inspiration for those who view it. Most of the art in Athens is reasonably recent which makes experiencing Athens as a street art traveler unique.

#2 – Street art in New York City

Here is our list of the top 11 places to find street art in New York City.

o The Bushwick collective

To see a collection of spectacular street art murals, head to the Bushwick collective. there’s so much artwork to see that you won’t be able to stop talking about it for weeks.

o Mural Project

For years Ground Zero was a construction zone that reminded New Yorkers and visitors of the September 11th attacks, but if you go to the World Trade Center Oculus you will see the amazing work of some of the best street art artists.

o Harlem

Harlem is definitely one of the places that worth a visit if you are a street art lover. particularly murals. there is also one large mural on the side of the Harlem Hospital which was commissioned back in the Great Depression.

o Bowery mural

You’ll also find a mural wall on the corner of Houston Street and Bowery. selected artists from the world are invited to bring their unique style to this wall, and it’s repainted by new artists every several months.

o Tristan Eaton

Another great place to check out street art is at the little only street art project. this nonprofit organization brings street artists to the Little Italy neighborhood in lower Manhattan to paint murals on the walls of participating businesses and residential buildings. mostly along the historic Mulberry Street.

o Museum of street art

You’ll also want to check out the Museum of street art. This museum is located in the basement of the Bowery Hotel. it’s kind of a family reunion for the original artists of Five Points in Long Island City. but you should make a reservation before you go, they limit the number of people in it at any one time.

o The High Line

The high Line is an innovative park that sits some of the remains of an extended commercial rail line on the West side of Manhattan. and it has a changing contemporary public art program that includes murals. but you’ll also see a lot of street art that is parked up against the High Line.

o First Street Green Cultural Park

A must-see space located in the East Village is the first Street green art project. this public space supports rising artists who paintings in different mediums you could see big murals pictures and art installations.

o Welling Court Mural project

A little off the beaten path but well worth the trip is the Welling court mural project in Astoria Queens. it’s a massive collection of murals meant to beautify the neighborhood and transform how people experience their environment.

 o Dumbo improvement District

The Dumbo walls project is 8 walls near New York Street subway station. which were selected as sites for

large murals. all sorts of art pop up in numbers consistently so be on the lookout for random art in unexpected places.

o The outdoor museum of street art

Another place to check out street art is the outdoor museum of street art at Coney Island.

Final Thoughts

Street art is a very famous form of art and spreading fast everywhere around the world. you can find it on sidewalks, buildings, streets, etc. This art has come to be an international culture and even art museums and galleries are accumulating the work of street artists.

Graffiti began out very secretly due to the fact it is illegal to paint public and private property without permission. people regularly have many reviews about it. a few assume it is a crime and others think it is a completely stunning new form of culture.

Street art FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of street art?

Street art is one of the most hybrid forms of artistic expression nowadays because its purpose is to draw upon what the viewers know and manipulate the physicality of the subject to make their point.

Q: How is street art defined?

Street art is an independent visual art created in public spots for public visibility.

Q: Is all street art illegal?

Graffiti is illegal. Street art, on the other hand, is most often done by street art artists who have received formal training.

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