What Do I Pack for a Surf Trip? Things Needed in a Surf Vacation
What Do I Pack for a Surf Trip? Things Needed in a Surf Vacation

If you love the huge breaking waves, then it means you are a surfer, windsurfer or kitesurfer. You have tried riding the huge waves by your surfing board and as you wait for the next one to come, you must be anticipating having a taste of surfing to some top surfing destinations.

Surf trip packing list: tips & tricks

As a surfer, you never wait till the summer season comes in hitting the waves. You might have gone to trips and at times, find it frustrating given that you need to prepare and packing everything you needed while away. Many are even water-logged in planning their surf vacation. Usually, any vacation trip involves good preparation to ensure that you are not overspending. As possible, you wanted to save money on your surfing trip. Here are simple directions you should not forget in preparing for your surfing trip and kick-off to the beach free from worries.

First, ascertain your destination. Your destination determines the things you will be bringing with you. If you are heading in an isolated coastal area, you might be sleeping in a camp or your vehicle. If you plan to stay in a town, you may have to book for accommodation in a motel thus you do not need to bring camping gear.

List all the things you will bring a few days before your travel date. This keeps you from rushing things in your pack and feel frustrated that you forgot to bring some important things. Advanced preparation effectively slows down your stress level and leave you comfortably to your destination. Experienced travelers find it effective to bring what is essential and several extra kinds of stuff.

Bring personal things such as toothpaste, toothbrush as well as flip flops and extra clothes to keep you feel clean, dry, and warm while away. You might find it necessary to bring shoes if it is cold or raining. Also, bring some foods like oranges, raisins, peanut butter, bread, nuts, bananas, honey, tuna, and especially water. These surely help in a way that you do not have to buy them at your destination wherein prices may a bit higher.

If surf camp is what you want, bring a sleeping gear or tent. If you have a traveling sleep pad, bring it with you. This helps you to sleep well even while on a trip.

Lastly, your surfing trip is impossible without your surf gear such as your board bag, surf wears like your wetsuit booties and gloves for cold weather, board shorts, towel, and sunscreen. Also, bring an extra leash with you.

Remember to double-check your packing list once in a while to ensure that you pack right before leaving home.

What to pack for a surf trip?

Going on a surfing vacation is not all that different from other trips; except for the things you must carry. A surf trip is special in that it is the only trip requiring a most specific gear by way of surfing the board. Packing for any trip requires making lists, shopping, and space management! Surf trips require the same.

Before you can pack for a surfing trip, you should know what you will need on a surfing trip. Anyone who wants to surf will know the equipment that is required and the maintenance of it.

Surf essentials / Surf equipment


The surfboard would be the first on the list. Along with the board, you will need the things to keep the board in a top condition such as the wax, a ding repair kit. For the regular surfers, this would be a familiar kit. But, for those novices out there, a ding is a crack that appears on the surface of the board. This crack if left unrepaired could harm the board and render it useless.


Leashes or the leg ropes are a very important surf accessory. While selecting a surf leash, always keep in mind to opt for the one that is at least one foot longer than the board. Leashes are very useful equipment, as it keeps the surfboard from washing to shore if a surfer wants to stop the board from hitting other surfers.


Wax is another important accessory, as it keeps a surfer from slipping off the board. This accessory is very inexpensive; therefore, one must opt for branded wax.

Deck Grips

Deck grips are another way instead of applying surfboard wax. They have an adhesive back that is utilized to permanently affix it to your surfboard.


Every surfboard needs a fin. These fins can either be permanently attached or interchanged. It is always advised to opt for a good brand fin, as they offer the facility of forwarding as well as backward adjustments.

Board bags

Board bags are a must-have if you want to keep your surfboard safe and ding free while you’re transporting or storing it. They come in three styles, sock, soft board bag as well as a hard case. There is a huge amount of different kinds of surfing equipment that you’ll see at your local surf shop and on the beach. Take your time to research your options, ask questions if necessary, and observe.

Car Racks

Buying the right car rack is also an important thing that needs to be kept in mind. One must opt for a bolt-on version, in case they own a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and if you have a minivan, shorter boards would also do for you.

First aid kit

After all, if you’re hurt or sick, you’re not surfing, and that defeats the purpose of a “surf trip”. It’s better to have essential first aid items close at hand, so you can spend your time in the water as opposed to land-locked on the beach.

Surf clothing

For the trip, you would need appropriate clothing and other personal gear suited to weather conditions of the location you are traveling to. If you plan to surf in warm waters, all you need to take is several pairs of shorts or bathing suits. But, if you are going to be in a colder location, you might want to carry your wetsuit with you. A wetsuit naturally comes with a rash guard to be worn under the suit.


Remember to pack your sunscreen as you are bound to stay in the waters for long periods whether you are an experienced surfer or a novice. Surfing and getting a tan do not go hand in hand consciously. You might get burned instead. You will need to carry a strong sunscreen and will need to use it frequently throughout the day. There is bound to be a double dose of the sun from above and the harsh glare from the reflection on the water.

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Surf accessories

Here is a full list of items you need to bring on your next surfing trip:

  • Money
  • Valid passport with at least 3 months remaining before expiring
  • Crocks, Gators, Tevas, reef walkers, or similar water shoes. MAKE SURE THEY’RE COMFY!
  • Small flashlight
  • Light rain jacket (May-Dec)
  • Umbrella (May-Dec)
  • Beach towels (at least one)
  • 2 Bathing suits (at least, 3 if possible) so you always have a dry one to put on
  • Sunscreen
  • Repellent
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sarong / Pareo
  • Beachwear (tanks, shorts, and short skirts)
  • Watch and/or alarm clock
  • Camera
  • Any extra batteries, chargers and memory cards for the camera (no need for converters)
  • Any medications necessary for known medical conditions
  • Food & snacks
  • Personal care products

What to wear surfing?

Even in case, you don’t surf yourself, there’s no denying that apparel from Surf associated shops including Quicksilver and O’Neill, come up with the best beachwear around. From bikinis and women’s board shorts to men’s flip-flops and sunglasses. Even those of us who don’t arrive at the coast as much as you want, this gear is amazing for relaxing in at any time of the season.

Surf clothing

2 decades ago, surf stores sold surfboards and rarely anything else, these days they may be major contenders in the fashion industry. surfing was once all about the thrill from the ride and additionally the continuous hunt for waves, however many people believe nowadays that it has moved into the fashion mainstream. The easy-going lifestyle and its unique associated surf wear have become widely desired featuring its ecological ethos and ideals to enjoy life. surfing along with different board sports including skateboarding, snowboarding, and windsurfing are extremely famous and often seem in the media.

This year guarantees to involve some amazing styles in beachwear, discover when you start to think about the numerous possibilities out there. you’ll see considerable amounts of quirky designs and styles along with a selection of beachwear which is much more than only a swimsuit. Beachwear can consist of light-weight and sweeping summer clothes, it might be simple or extravagant long or short skirts. It is halter tops, shorts, wrap-around, and tie-ons. With Beach wear anything goes, it’s all a matter of one’s individual preference.

If you’re thinking about purchasing this year’s trendy swimwear without breaking your banker, you might be looking for a set of cheap board shorts. Board shorts are great because they are loose-fitting and available to both women and men. Initially designed for the surfers, these shorts are well-known beachwear for anybody on beaches around the world.

Surfwear can be quite well-liked, not only at beach locations and surfing events but also on the street and at parties. The younger people are not only seen trying to find something to wear whilst they surf, but also for when they’re relaxing.

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When hitting the beach don’t forget to take a stylish, yet spacious bag that you can store all your beach products in. Such things as cream, shorts, additional swimwear, footwear, and so forth. You’ll need a hat and sunglasses to keep cool and shaded, also to look good. Shades not just shield you from the sun’s rays, but enable you to gaze discreetly in the direction of other beach users.

Final Thoughts

Surf trips are an excellent way to get out and see the world. They are also the best way to score perfect and uncrowded waves. A surf camp can also be a great way to learn to surf for the beginning surfer.

Use a great packing list as a key to a low-stress and happy surfing trip. With the internet, there’s no excuse to not use a good packing checklist to speed your travel packing and ensure enjoyment.

Surf trip packing list FAQs