Comparing the DJI Osmo action and GoPro HERO9: Which one is the best?


Action camera

An action camera is a strong, sturdy, and reliable video camera which can generally be attached to a helmet, body, or vehicle via a clamp. The use of action cameras is to let people film extreme sports, such as skiing or mountain biking. A normal video camera would not be able to record you doing these activities due to the likelihood that it would break. An action camera is specifically built for these types of opportunities, so will be reinforced, waterproof and generally rugged enough to take a bit of a battering!

How to choose the best action camera for your needs.

The market today is flooded with sports camera that caters to different objectives. To reduce your feeling of overwhelming, we have listed certain criteria that need to be fulfilled before you purchase


One of the most important qualities of any camera is the resolution and MP it can record footage. These days any camera worth its salt delivers 4k resolution videos with high-end Mega Pixel images. However, with that being said, depending upon your display device and the purpose of the action camera, you can decide if a 4k action camera is for you or not.


The purpose of a sports camera is to capture different perspectives and that’s where its accessories play a critical role. With different accessories, you can capture various points of view and in diverse natural conditions. So, before buying any sports camera make sure to check the accessories available for your selected camera.

Size & Built

The whole purpose of an action camera is that it can withstand natural elements and reach remote corners easily and that is why they need to have a durable built and be small in size.

Weatherproof and every terrain proof are a must for any sports camera to be successful. Some cameras are made from water-resistant material while others need to be placed in a waterproof housing.

Battery Life

Because the action camera is designed to be portable and used ‘on the go’ you want to be assured that the battery has ample life so you can record as much footage as you can.

On average, you can expect about 2 to 3 hours of recording time from an action camera. If that is not enough for you, then you can buy spare batteries to ensure you always have enough battery life.


Filming video outdoors can really take it out on your equipment so you want to make sure your camera won’t break easily. it needs to be durable enough to withstand a few hits and drops onto hard surfaces.

It’s hard to know before you buy if it’s going to be strong enough. The best thing to do in these situations is to search for and read some user’s action camera reviews to see what they have experienced.


If your camera breaks unexpectedly, then you might be able to get it replaced under warranty. Each maker offers a different length warranty so check this out before you buy one. Some cameras have 6 months warranty and some have a year.


Memory plays a far more important role than just recording the content. A fast-performing memory card ensures that there is no breakage in the footage and that data transfer at a faster rate. Considering this, a class 10 memory card is the perfect fit for most users.

The best action camera: DJI Osmo action and the new GoPro HERO9 comparison

GoPro Overview

GoPro has long been at the forefront of the action camera market, developing cameras and accessories which continually push the boundaries of camera technology, while keeping the needs of its users a number one priority. GoPro is truly a part of the action sports culture.

GoPro Hero 9

The GoPro hero 9 as to whether I think it’s worth the upgrade. if you have any of the GoPro Hero range then stepping up to the GoPro HERO9 is going to give you a lot more in photo and video capabilities. the biggest sensor is definitely worth it.

And if you’re looking for a first-time travel camera or you’re looking to get into action camera content vlogs or social media content this is an absolute beast.

GoPro Hero 9 packages

You can choose from 2 subscriptions when you come to buying GoPro HERO9:

HERO9 + subscription ($349.98)

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Up to 50% off at GoPro.com2
  • Total camera replacement3
  • 32GB SD card included

HERO9 Bundle + subscription ($399.98)

  • HERO9 Black
  • Floating Hand Grip
  • Magnetic Swivel Clip
  • Spare Battery
  • 32GB SD card included

Key features

Front-facing color screen

First up though in terms of new features is the new screen on the front. Now, this is the front-facing screen, very similar to what we saw with the DJI OSMO Action. This allows you to hold out the GoPro and see yourself in the exact image on the front screen as well as the back


One limitation that I’ve had with this front screen though is that the frames per second, in other

words how smooth it looks, is pretty limited it doesn’t affect the recording rate but when I get in 5K mode or 4k mode it’s just really slow looking, so it’s like 3 frames per second, five frames Is what GoPro saying, I think that’s a bit optimistic. At lower resolutions like 1080p – no problems at all! And again, it does not impact the recording it’s just what you see on the little screen itself.

5K video resolution

In the past GoPro has always topped out at 4K, but now you’ve got up to 5K/30, in different modes as well. So, you can do it in wide, or linear.

the stabilization is still there as well so you can go all the way up to hyper smooth boost mode which is the highest possible stabilization GoPro has and it looks pretty silky.

you may be asking why do you need 5k and the answer is you probably don’t. but it’s handy for cropping in so if you have something a little bit too wide you can crop in and you get quite a bit more pixels it’s pretty substantial it’s not just like a single-digit four to five it’s a multiplier when you go from 4k to 5k.

 23.6 megapixel

If you want to take photos then the HERO 9 has a new 23.6-megapixel photo mode which is way more than it used to be in the past substantially more and it’s definitely noticeable, they are super crispy you can always up to another super photo mode which is kind of all like an HDR sort of effect but a little bit better executed.

Removable lens

The next item on the list is the removable lens. if you remember from the hero 8 black a lot of people hated the fact that you couldn’t remove the lens now you can.

More Specs:

  • 30% longer battery life
  • Cold weather performance
  • HyperSmooth 3.0
  • TimeWarp with RealTime
  • Webcam Model
  • Expanded Livestream platforms
  • Hindsight Mode
  • Scheduled Capture
  • Horizon Lock
  • New Mic water drain
  • Comes with a travel case


  • Dual Screen
  • 5K Resolution
  • HyperSmooth 3.0
  • Horizon leveling
  • Max lens mod
  • Horizon Lock
  • 20MP Photos
  • Removable lens
  • Bigger battery


  • Bugs and Freezing
  • Frame rate limitations
  • Port design
  • Glitchy playback

DJI Overview

DJI Osmo Action

Should you buy an Osmo Action in 2021?

I say definitely yes, it is the action camera that in my mind ticks off all the boxes and gets the best results from Rocksteady to voice activation for the time-lapse to photo time-lapse, and just the overall build quality of the unit. it’s a better value and not only is it cheaper than the GoPro it just gets the results that you need, so definitely if you’re looking for an action camera, but I would also consider picking up the Osmo action.

DJI Osmo Action: Unboxing

Osmo Action regular package ($369)

  • Osmo Action x 1
  • Camera Frame x 1
  • Flat Adhesive Mount x 1
  • Curved Adhesive Mount x 1
  • Quick-Release Base x 1
  • Battery x 1
  • Battery Case x 1
  • Locking Screw x 1
  • USB-C Cable x 1
  • + Free Gift

But if you want to upgrade you need to add $30 to the regular package and get the following items ($399)

  • Osmo Action x 1
  • Camera Frame x 1
  • Waterproof Case x 1
  • Flat Adhesive Mount x 3
  • Curved Adhesive Mount x 3
  • Quick-Release Base x 1
  • Battery x 2
  • Battery Case x 2
  • Charging Hub x 1
  • Locking Screw x 1
  • USB-C Cable x 1
  • Carrying Case x 1

DJI Osmo Action accessories

Here is a list of 10 best and must-have Osmo action accessories to make the most from your sports and adventures:

  • Osmo Action Waterproof Case: perfect for water sports (Action water sports) ($55)
  • Osmo Action Floating Handle: Practical handle for watersports ($19)
  • Osmo Action Mounting Kit: For more creative shots ($19)
  • Osmo Action ND Filter Kit: a must-have accessory for photographers and content creators ($55)
  • Osmo Action Battery: has a maximum capacity of 1300mAh, giving you plenty of recording time ($22)
  • Osmo Action Charging Kit: holds and charges three batteries at the same time (130 min) ($69)
  • SanDisk Extreme microSD Card 128GB: built to perform in challenging environments ($39)
  • PGYTECH Osmo Action Extendable Tripod: perfect for wide-angle selfies and capturing the entire scene in the shot ($30)
  • PGYTECH Osmo Action Hand and Wrist Strap: Secure and fix Osmo Action to the back of your hand or wrist to unleash new filmmaking angles ($19)
  • PGYTECH Osmo Action Strap Holder: you can fix your Osmo Action securely to your backpack or shoulder strap for more creative shots ($29)

DJI Osmo Action Key features

DJI has entered the action camera market with the Osmo action and we haven’t really seen that much innovation when it comes to action cameras in the past couple of years. the improvements were basically limited to higher frame rates and electronic stabilization.

Some of those innovations have been made in the physical design so let’s take a look at that First.


The size of the Osmo action is similar to other action cameras but it is a bit wider. the build quality is very good. it is made of high-quality plastics with a nice grippy texture. the lens cover can be easily unscrewed which is the simplest and in my opinion the best option.

The bottom side of the battery is actually a part of the structure which saves space so that is a clever solution.

The most striking difference in comparison with other action cameras is definitely the second screen on the front side of the device.


Osmo action is water-resistant up to 11 meters without the housing. Overall, I like the build quality a lot it feels very solid so no complaints here.


the first thing that you’re going to notice that it’s very different from GoPro is the fact that you have an additional screen which is on the front of the camera, you can use it for selfies, for vlogs, or anything that you like.

The screen itself is 1.4 inches big and it’s not just the data screen or informational screen, it’s a fully functional display that works the same way as the back display. So, I really like that and there is a button that you can use to quickly switch between the front and the back display for your own convenience.

Camera Quality

Many people are interested how is the quality of the camera and the camera itself uses a 1 over 2.3-inch CMOS sensor unfortunately they didn’t go for a full 1-inch sensor on this camera and quite bummed out about this.

The field of view is 145 degrees, so the wide field of view that we were missing in the Osmo pocket is here just like GoPros it’s going to be very wide it’s going to capture everything with an aperture of f2.8 the night recordings should also be in good quality.

Speaking about the camera, there is no way not to talk about the distortion the fish-eye distortion that everyone was complaining about on the GoPro and here because of how the lens is made DJI claims that there’s almost no distortion in the image whatsoever so I’m quite happy to see how the footage looks like from this camera it has no fish eye effect it looks sharp it looks smooth and it doesn’t look distorted.

So, more specs about this camera you can shoot in 4k 60 frames per second you can also shoot in 4k HDR which is going to give you more dynamic range so you can capture more detail in the shadows and highlights and that is going to combine these details from the shadows and highlights into one final clip.

More specs

  • 8x Slow Motion.
  • HDR Video
  • Custom Exposure Settings
  • Timed Shooting Mode
  • Timelapse
  • QS Button
  • Voice Control
  • -10°C Temperature Resistant
  • Snapshot
  • 16% More Efficient Cooling
  • 3Layers Safe from the Elements
  • UHD Image Quality.


  • Dual Screens
  • 4K 60 fps (100mbit/s), Full HD 240fps
  • Rocksteady Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Waterproof up to 11m
  • 2-second startup and recording
  • HDR Video
  • Timelapse, Interval Shooting, Custom modes


  • NO Hyper lapses mode
  • Activation Required

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