10 of the best travel adapters in the market

10 of the best travel adapters in the market


When you travel abroad, keeping a travel adapter handy is always a plus. It helps to keep you on the go and not miss a single moment to talk to your loved one at home, or take a picture of a great view – just because you’re on low-bat. Travel adapters are one of the essentials you must not fail to consider when you go on a trip overseas.

The country you are going to visit may operate on the same voltage as yours, but their electrical outlets might not be of the same shape. You need to know the type of electrical receptacle and the voltage of the country you want to visit. This will enable you to bring the appropriate travel adapter with you on your trip. But if you have a set that fits international standards, that would make things better.

Universal adapter for travel: buying Guide

A travel adapter changes only the number and arrangement of the pins on the plug so it fits any socket at the traveler’s place of destination. However, it doesn’t convert electricity to fit an appliance with a power input of 120 volts to a socket that outputs 220 volts.

Travelers needed a power converter for this. Thus, choosing the right travel adapter for your needs during a trip abroad involves two considerations: the country of destination and the type of appliances to bring along.

o  Travel Adapters for North and South America

In North America and many countries in South America, the standard socket requires two flat prongs placed parallel to each other. The type of travel plugs to bring along to the United States, Canada, Guatemala, and Venezuela must have the same flat-pronged structure. Another type of plus used in these countries have the same parallel prongs but has a grounding pin at the bottom. Most sockets in these countries produce 100 to 120 volts of electricity. And so, you can only plug hair dryers, chargers, and flat irons with the corresponding voltage as these sockets.

o  Travel Adapters for Great Britain

Plugs in Great Britain generally have three prongs: one flat and two round pins. They form a triangle on the plug with the flat prong serving as a grounding pin. They need a corresponding socket that outputs anywhere between 200 and 250 volts of power. Most appliances around the world are attached to power outlets with 220 to 240 volts. Moreover, many hotels and inns in England also offer dual-voltage power sockets for their international guests.

o  Travel Adapters Units for Other Countries in Europe

Most countries in Europe need travel plugs with two round parallel pins. Some earthed types have a grounding pin at the bottom. In France and Belgium, the grounding pin is already built into the socket and the plug must have a female contact slot to accept the pin. In Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway, the travel plugs follow the Schuko style wherein two grounding clips frame the sides of the plug with two rounded pins.

o  Travel Adapters Plugs in Australia

For travelers coming into Australia and New Zealand, they should take note of the position of the prongs or pins on their plugs. The power sockets in these locations can produce 200V to 250V of power and required plugs with diagonal or V-shaped prongs. Although hotels and inns may already offer international power plugs and dual-voltage outlets, households still use the standard adapters for Australian appliances.

10 of the best travel adapters in the market – 2020

If you are interested in buying travel adapters for your next trips here is a list where we list the top 10 best travel adapters that you can choose from.

#10 – KRIEGER Universal Worldwide All-in-one Travel Charger Adapter

KRIEGER Universal Worldwide All-in-one Travel Charger Adapter

With a compactly designed lightweight (0.3 lbs) adapter, Krieger makes the list of the best universal travel adapters as one of the best in the market. This adapter provides easy packing up especially because of its capacity to fold up when needed.

Moreover, besides its characteristic plug that allows easy charging for any device type, and it also boasts USB ports offering easy charging of your devices including tablets and smartphones.

What you need to note is that even with many input plugs within it, it doesn’t alter current as it flows through it.

#9 – ETPocket USB Power Strip Portable Travel Charger

ETPocket USB Power Strip Portable Travel Charger

Aside from converting the plug shape devoid of altering its voltage, this travel adapter also comes with 2 standard USB ports that share 5 Amps current between them for charging your devices.

What’s more, its adapter top comprises just a single outlet plug that only allows you to charge a single device consecutively. it has sliding extenders that interlock providing easy pushing of the adapter devoid of disengaging the plug.

#8 – AMIR Travel Power Strip

AMIR Travel Power Strip

The Amir travel power strip cuts a typical 3-plong US-made plug. It boasts 4 standard USB ports for charging your devices and 4 outlets that allow simultaneous charging of devices devoid of needing separate adapters.

With a 9 x 6-inch dimension, it is portable, and better yet, it has a fire-resistant design complemented by premium copper-based wiring.

#7 – LOOP BEST Worldwide Travel Adapter

LOOP BEST Worldwide Travel Adapter

Loop’s best travel adapter makes the list but with an interesting twist, it comes with a power bank. Aside from this, it boasts 2 standard USB ports plus an electric outlet for your convenience and use.

With its versatility, you not only charge your devices even when you have no power source, courtesy of its power bank but it also permits the charging of different devices simultaneously.

#6 – Travel Ready AC Power High-Quality Travel Adapter

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Travel-ready unleashes an adapter that fits typical wall sockets as found in many nations across the world. Aside from being compact, it is also lightweight, allowing you to easily pack it whenever you’re planning on taking a trip.

Moreover, besides a tight fit for all sockets, it comes with 2 outlets that allow simultaneous charging of your devices without doing any improvisations of your own. It should be noted that it is a simple adapter rather than a converter

#5 – BESTEK Grounded Universal Plug Adapter (3 Pack)

BESTEK Grounded Universal Plug Adapter

Bestek comes in with a typical 3 plug travel adapter which allows simultaneous charging of devices. Nonetheless, this is only possible in sockets that have a grounding prong hole or any similar system.

This adapter also comes with interchangeable and detachable pins that boost its versatility for simultaneous charging of different devices. On top of this, the adapter also packs several protection features for added safety.

#4 – LOOP World Adapter Plug

LOOP World Adapter Plug

Loop comes forth with the travel adapter that allows universal and limitless charging. With its dual USB standard ports and an AC socket, it allows the simultaneous charging of 3 devices.

It is made out of PC fire-resistant materials and boasts a simple 6A fuse ensuring safe charging of your devices.

It is not ideal for appliances that are high power by nature such as ions or similar appliances since it is not a converter but an adapter in every sense of the word.

#3 – BESTEK Portable Travel Voltage Converter Plug (Universal)

BESTEK Portable Travel Voltage Converter Plug (Universal)

If you want a convenient charging appliance for your devices, the Bestek travel adapter is your ideal choice.  It comes with numerous plugins (4 USB Standard ports and 3 US standard outlets) which boost its versatility to an impressive standard.

The adapter contains a surprisingly quiet fan that prevents overheating easing your worries about potential adapter blowing. The catch, however, is in its in-built converter that converts all voltages from different power systems to a standard 110V.

#2 – Insten Universal World-Wide Travel Charger Adapter

Insten Universal World-Wide Travel Charger Adapter

With Insten universal travel charger adapter, you get both convenience and versatility in a simple, yet highly reliable travel charger adapter.

What makes it stand out is the fact that you can flip back the plugs not in use to retain only the ones in use that you can stick out with one simple motion. As such, you get the ability to switch between plugs at your convenience and without too much effort on your part.

#1 – Belkin Mini Travel 3 Outlet Swivel Charger and Surge Protector

Belkin Mini Travel 3 Outlet Swivel Charger and Surge Protector

If you are a student residing in a dorm or a frequent international traveler, Belkin’s 3-outlet adapter might just be the best choice for you.

It boasts 5 outlets that allow the simultaneous charging of up to 5 devices, not to mention its flexibility where it rotates freely allowing the charging from either direction. what’s more, with its ingenious build, it also acts as a surge protector for your devices. As such, it is no surprise it is regarded as being among the best on the market, a travel adapter that stands out for all the right reasons.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re traveling for business or fun, there is no way you can’t enjoy total convenience without proper travel adapters. Invest in a high-quality travel adapter and spare yourself from being surrounded by a cloud of smoke as a result of using incompatible devices together.

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