15 of the best luggage brands on the market- and how to choose the right one
15 of the best luggage brands on the market- and how to choose the right one

Whether you are looking for a 4 wheels suitcase or some other type it is important to choose luggage that suits your needs. When you are going on a trip there is a certain level of stress that you are under, and if that level is increased by having the wrong type of luggage you might find that your trip is not as enjoyable as it could have been. There are a few things that you will want to look for when you are buying luggage for your vacation or business trip to make sure that you get luggage that suits your needs the best.

How to Buy the Right Luggage for Your Travels?

Having the good and right luggage could make all the difference in the success of your travels. Here is a checklist of important points to consider the next time you buy luggage.

Check with carriers

Check with each of your carriers for the number of pieces that can be carried on, stowed, or checked (with or without fees) plus size and weight limitations for each.

How long is your trip?

The length of time you are going to be gone is one thing that you want to think about. This will determine how many of your belongings you are going to need to pack inside the suitcase.

Purpose for traveling

Are you a business traveler who regularly needs the same type of luggage because you have to take along a laptop, files, and a briefcase? Perhaps you need to take along dress clothes for the evening as well as business attire for the days. Maybe you’re just an occasional vacationer who packs just what you need and that’s it. Or maybe you have a family and need to pack a lot for even just a week. Each type of traveler will need to use specific types of luggage that is more practical for their set of needs.


Do you travel overseas, across the country, or just a few hours from home? Overseas travelers have a whole different set of luggage needs than those who travel domestically. Issues such as airport security, overhead luggage space on a plane, and the weight of your luggage will all be issues that you need to address when traveling abroad. But if you’re a domestic traveler who is driving, you may take as many pieces of luggage as you want. Where you travel has a lot to do with what pieces of luggage and what styles you may need.

Number of pieces

Make sure to take only what you can manage without help. There is not usually a skycap, porter, or bellman available. Airport carts may not be where you are when you unload a car, and carts are not permitted everywhere in the airport. And it is very awkward to hop on a shuttle or a train – often unavoidable – if you have a lot of pieces to load.


Size is very important in case you plan to travel in confined spaces such as a ship, train, or houseboat. bags have to be stowed but very easy to access. If you are riding in a car with other passengers, determine their bag sizes and whether there is room for each piece of luggage ahead of time. Think about it, too, if you make plans to rent a car at your destination or share a cab.


The weight of an empty suitcase can be deceptive. That piece that was very easy to lift in the store can weigh as much 13 pounds before you even start packing. That is more than a 4th of the weight permitted on most airlines before they begin charging major fees. Find the lightest bag that suits your needs.


some bags open on or across the top. those are easier to open and use on a bags rack in the hotel. Others open within the middle, with divided pockets that zip closed. this will make it easier to arrange the contents of the bag, but they need more space to open unless you eliminate the contents from the top part first.

Interior space

interior space is a matter of choice for convenience in packing. you may like one large empty cavity to fill or choose separate compartments and pockets, inside and out. a few cases could have interior bags that snap inside and outside. it is handy to have as a minimum one sealable compartment or a packing cube that shuts tight for liquids.


capacity may be different in the same sized luggage. Look at how the bag is designed. A rounded end, thick walls, or a false bottom to cover up the supporting structure will limit the number of clothes and supplies you can fit into a bag. A strong duffel with the same outside dimensions as a difficult case may hold more but still weigh less after it is packed.


durability is especially essential whilst using common carriers – especially while flying foreign places. luggage handlers rush to toss bags from one place to the next and bags can land hard – breaking wheels and fragile contents. Flimsy bags can tear under a huge pile of heavy suitcases.

Reliable zippers and closures are essential

these can also damage under the weight of lots of baggage while in transit.


Check to see if a bag on wheels swivels easily when it is fully loaded.


Portability is affected by the bag’s weight, bulkiness, and grips. There could be times whilst you may need to lift a big suitcase in and out of the trunk of a car or pull it off a luggage carousel. If you have a duffel or a backpack, see how easy it is to throw it onto your shoulders and carry around when packed. in case your carry-on bag has wheels, it could be easy to pull around the airport, but ensure you may carry it easily with one hand in case you have to carry it down a staircase from an aircraft to the tarmac.


stability refers to a bag’s capability to get up on its own. Bulging outside pockets can move the center of gravity causing the bag to fall over. Any bag with 2 wheels would possibly tip when you attempt to stand it up completely packed. look for 4 wheels or more feet opposite the 2 wheels to keep away from this hassle.

The convenience of handles and straps

you’ll not need to bend, even slightly, to maintain onto the handle. If it extends, ensure the duration permits a comfortable angle for pulling the bag. check it to see if it is easy to pull out and tuck back in. Some duffels have more handles in strategic places so you may grab 2 of them at once for easier lifting. Shoulder straps must have cushioned reinforcement. Wide straps on the backs of small carry-on bags let you slide them over the extended handles of large suitcases for pulling.

Appearance should reflect your style

A lot of people like all of their bags pieces to match so they may need to examine the entire collection before shopping for the first piece. Black baggage tends to look alike but shows less scuffing so you can add a scarf or ribbon to a handle to distinguish yours.


Garment luggage would possibly work well for you on business trips, but would you need one for your next cruise? keep in mind the many ways you plan (or hope) to travel, and think about whether you may use the same bag for a couple of trips.

Storage after the trip

Do you have room for really big baggage or a couple of pieces? Can you use the luggage for different storage – like off-season clothes – while you aren’t traveling? A collapsible duffel might be the answer if you are short on space.


The cost must be the last consideration in making your decision. You may get great quality without spending a fortune, but don’t try to skimp. With the right choices, your bags can serve you well, take you anywhere you want to go, and last for many years.

How to Buy A Good Luggage Set?

Deciding on The Size of The Suitcase

There are different sizes of luggage that are available on the market, everything from a small shoulder bag to a large suitcase. I recommend you focus your luggage around medium-sized pieces, and that because it gives you flexibility as to how you can use the piece. For example, a medium-sized rolling suitcase can be used for a weekend holiday to the beach, or a longer business trip. But, if the suitcase is a larger size, it might be too much to take on a weekend getaway. Also, remember that it is easy to overpack the larger suitcases, which means that you will likely have to pay more in airline fees because they charge for the extra weight.

Determine How Many Suitcases You Need

If you have a family you will need a couple of bags to pack for every member. Think about how much space each person will need, and then choose the number of bags accordingly. It is always a great idea to have 1 or 2 extra bags available just in case someone needs it.

Choose the Brand and Quality

Brands make a big difference in the cost of the luggage you can find a suitcase ranging anywhere from $20 to $200 depending on the bag. Make sure to stick with mid-grade luggage, because it still had pretty great durability without breaking your bank account.

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How to Buy the Right Luggage for Children?

It is very interesting for you to travel with your lovely children. It would be an exciting experience since they are very important to you. But it also would be a worrying time if it does not plan. You can prepare by packing up the stuff of your children into your suitcase. But if you want to make your children feel important, you can buy special luggage for your children. It makes them learn for being responsible with their luggage and know how important the organization when they are traveling.

Step 1

You need to consider the age of your children when buying for luggage. The small backpack and rolling suitcase will right for younger kids. For older children, a backpack or large duffel is the proper one as they could more manage their very own items.

Step 2

Buy luggage with your children will more efficient as they can pick out the luggage they love. Before you buy the good luggage for children, you must be sure that your children will understand that they have to select the one as its functional, it isn’t about because the luggage cool or cute.

Step 3

Pay more attention to all available luggage choices for your children. They need luggage with compartments for their snacks and toys along with simply opened zippers.

Step 4

Ask your children which one of the luggage pieces that are easiest to bring. Have your children toted the luggage; you can role the suitcase and choose the duffel bag in the store.

Step 5

You must remember that the proper luggage for children is the one that is designed for waterproof. It should be tight and can easily clean. Children usually throw, spill on, sit on, and even eat on their luggage, so you should also choose the sturdy one. It is better for your children.

Step 6

Make sure to choose the functional luggage which is trendy and themed. Young children like the one with cartoon characters they loved. While the older like the luggage which has trendy designs just like graphics, flames, dots, or even stripes

The best luggage for travel

It is very important to make the proper choice about your bags before you start packing your items and head-off for your desired travel destination. The carry-on you choose must be of good quality, have a really good design, must be well structured and most significantly, really should be correctly priced so that the customer’s desires are best met. Whether one is traveling in and around the town or flying around the entire world, luggage is undoubtedly the first thing which should be carefully managed, as it does not just reflect the means you travel, yet is even a sign of your tastes. In case you take a look into the great luggage brands, they leave you with adequate alternatives, allowing you to make the right choice of travel bags that suit your type perfectly.

15 of the best luggage brands

every single brand of luggage will certainly attract you with their products and stuff by convincing you they have the whole thing you are looking for. The task may additionally seem easy to the veteran traveler but for beginners, the task seems daunting. to help you out with the task, here is a list of several top-rated luggage manufacturers in the market.

American Tourister luggage

What makes the American Tourister Luggage one of the best options for you when it comes to luggage sets? This particular brand offers a wide collection of pieces of luggage in one set that has varying designs and styles. However, the American Tourister Luggage offers several styles for luggage sets.

Samsonite luggage

Samsonite as a manufacturer of quality luggage sets have been around for almost 100 years and has remained a leader in the field. Why? Because they have a long-standing commitment to producing quality luggage that is durable whilst not comprising on style. They have embraced new technologies over the years and will continue to do. Emphasis is placed on keeping the luggage options, stylish and strong whilst keeping the weight to a minimum. The use of lightweight but strong materials that can be manufactured in a variety of colors allows for flexibility in design and style options.

Travelpro luggage

Travelpro doesn’t stop at offering you a huge line of luggage. Each bag comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. If you have some questions about what is covered and what is not there is a full team of customer service representatives to help. If it is something not covered, they can sell you the part you want or tell you where it may be serviced.

Travelpro luggage provides the complete package. It is well built and comes in several styles then the back it up with excellent warranties. Once you try them, they will be your new brand in luggage.

Eagle Creek

The makers of eagle creek luggage take enormous pride in their work. Most of these guys are travelers. They travel to the four corners of the earth by bus, train, taxi, and airplane and then come back and figure out how they can make their gear work better during all those different circumstances.

Eagle Creek Luggage comes in a wide variety of products that will suit any traveler’s needs. The products include: Lightweight carry on, Duffels and Gear Bags, Adventure Travel Packs, Day Bags, and Backpacks. The bags are spacious, the wheels are accompanied by rough footplates which gives them smooth overall traveling and not to mention that all the models are very stylish as well.

Delsey luggage

Delsey Luggage items are deemed as innovative and creative. Its name alone has served and satisfied millions of travelers in countries around the world. And with Delsey’s 90 years of existence, it has produced many Delsey luggage marked in high-quality.

The company provides Delsey luggage consumers around the world a fuss-free warranty and service policy. A dedicated effort to make sure that their customers maintain a high level of satisfaction with their products. Quality-wise, all Delsey luggage is subjected to intense sets of quality trials which include security, zipper, locks, and tearing tests. So, you can be sure, that all Delsey Luggage being sold in the market today is certified by the best quality analysts you can imagine.

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley, a world-famous manufacturer of luxurious luggage and travel accessories, has also developed many of their great traditions; making Briggs & Riley a premier luggage manufacturer since 1933. “Briggs & Riley strives to meet travelers every single need with the smartest, most well-designed luggage on the market! Innovation is their key, and since 1933, they’ve been listening to customers’ needs and responding with enhancements.

Victorinox luggage

Victorinox is a brand that provides a “Carry with Confidence” guarantee that covers airline damage. The guarantee itself speaks aloud the quality found in every luggage set.

This Swiss company may be better known for inventing the Swiss Army knife, but its versatility can also show in the bags it crafts. Bags in a Victorinox luggage sale come with a distinct bag care program that has proven its usefulness. For example, if you lose your travel bag, Victorinox can track its ID and have it returned to you as soon as possible.

Tumi luggage

If you’re the traveler who wants to take a trip in style, Tumi bags may be your ideal option. Since 1975, the bags in a Tumi luggage sale have been synonymous with luxury, as well as versatility and durability. Tumi is also known for its award-winning designs, catching the interest of bag aficionados worldwide.

Swiss gear luggage

Swiss Gear has been a reliable brand in the line of luggage and bags. Just by looking at one model, you will know that it physically embodies a product of the finest quality. It elicits a strong sense of durability. Popular and in-demand, luggage by the Swiss Army is made from the sturdiest materials like nylon, vinyl, and polyester.

Swiss Gear Luggage is considered a leading brand and that because of its competitive prices. Owning one seems to be a benefit because of its long-term promise. It is weather-proof luggage as the hems are very neat and strong. It provides sufficient lining and padding to secure your personal belongings and to keep them orderly in place.

Away luggage

Away produces and markets several travel items and accessories, using the direct-to-consumer business model. The company’s most well-known products are suitcases.

The Carry-On was developed based on the focus group and survey responses from hundreds of travelers. Vogue announced the creation of the luggage in November 2015, labeling it “The Perfect Carry-On.” by October 2016, it had launched three additional sizes: The Bigger Carry-On; The Medium; and The Large.

IT luggage

For over 30 years IT focused on designing luggage meets the travel needs of consumers.  IT luggage is recognized throughout the world as a leader in the travel industry by providing exceptional value, excellent design, and great quality.

Hartmann luggage

A Hartmann Luggage makes it possible to travel around the world with style. It does not matter if you are planning a business trip or a weekend trip, it is always advisable that you carry the best luggage and Hartmann makes sure you have it. It is also very well known for its business travel as they produce professional bags that are comfortable and durable.

The Hartmann bags have gained a reputation with the time because of the durability and style. It has excellent performance and super strength. There is not much problem with maintaining it too. Whatever the demand of the traveler could be, Hartmann will give you the best it has. The collections are versatile and meet the highest of standards.


If you’re willing to splurge, Bric’s luggage is both high quality and super chic. The Italian brand is well-known for its leather, which it even uses as trim on non-leather cases. The Bellagio spinner was a top performer in a recent luggage test: It was lightweight yet held a lot inside and proved to be durable.


Rimowa luggage is a Malaysian based company that was launched over a century ago. Over the years, the company has continuously received positive feedback from both new and old customers. The company produces a wide range of luggage items such as suitcases, briefcases, Trolley IATAs, and wheel luggage.

The luggage collection is available in different designs, colors, and styles. When it comes to designs, different designs have different names for example there is Rimowa air, salsa, salsa deluxe, Topas, Limbo, and Rimowa Topas. The colors of the luggage include red, evening pink, and gray.


Their luggage bags are handmade. This company ensures that you are getting a bag that can last for many years. These are simple case bags that are popular nowadays.

When you are buying spring or summer luggage, you may want to look past the design and get one that can be a timeless piece. It should last for many springs or summer seasons.

Best place to buy luggage

Shopping Online

When you want to buy luggage, it is always great to check online stores. Many great online stores can get you a better deal on the luggage that you need. Also, they give discounts on the many luggage you are looking for and free shipping right to the door. Shopping online also gives you the comfort of never having to deal with a salesperson that might talk you into more luggage then you might need. Plus, when shopping online you can see a lot more brands and styles then you would be able to see at some department stores. Online luggage stores are aa excellent place to find the luggage you want at a very cheap price.

Here is a list of best 20 places to buy luggage online:

  • Overstock
  • Amazon
  • Nordstrom
  • Target
  • Away
  • Bloomingdale
  • Groupon
  • Hayneedle
  • Jet
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Lord & Tailor
  • Sierra Trading Post
  • Macy
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Brookstone
  • Century 21
  • Spring
  • Walmart
  • JCPenney
  • Ebags

Clearance sales

Clearance sales are also a good place to find great quality luggage at a affordable price. Many times, it is great to think ahead of time and buy luggage at clearance sales even if you don’t have a vacation planned shortly. The luggage that you find at many clearance sales is of great brands and many styles. The only thing that you have to consider at clearance sales is you would not be able to exchange or return the luggage, just make sure that you choose the proper luggage and consider what you will be using the luggage for in the future. We hope that the information provided will help you to find an easier way to help you find cheap luggage. Also, to make your trip a lot less stressful and more enjoyable.

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Final Thoughts

Knowing how to buy luggage can be important if you travel a lot with your job or for recreational purposes. Just any old piece of luggage will not do especially if you need to take specific things on your trip or if you’re traveling overseas. Sometimes taking the right type of luggage and packing well can make the difference in having a good trip or a disastrous episode. So, make sure that you pick the right kind of luggage for your particular travel needs.

Travel luggage FAQs