Travel Makeup: How to bring Cosmetics When Traveling and Stay pretty on the go.

Travel Makeup: How to bring Cosmetics When Traveling and Stay pretty on the go.


Vacations are exciting! From the picturesque scenery to the memory-making, you don’t want anything to mar your enjoyment of your amazing trip – especially the packing.

Having, or not having, your essential travel makeup on hand can make a world of a difference in how you feel during your travels.

8 Tips in Bringing Cosmetics When Traveling

Many women cannot leave home without bringing their makeup kits and other personal care products whether they are heading for work or going for a holiday. When traveling, you cannot carry your entire makeup closet. You only have to pick out items you cannot live without. This way, you can save space and reduce the weight of your luggage.

#1 – Have samples of every product in small clear containers, and then label each appropriately.

Your bags would be too bulky if you have to carry all the big bottles of shampoos, conditioners, colognes, etc. If your cosmetic items have samples in sachets, bring those instead.

#2 – When making hotel reservations by phone or online, ask the rep if they provide toiletries.

If they do, leave your own at home. This way you can keep your baggage lighter.

#3 – When boarding the plane, choose to hand carry your cosmetics.

Do not stuff them into your luggage, since it will just be stored in the cargo hold. It can get a little too hot there, and heat could affect the chemical nature of the products. if you have your cosmetics in the handbag, you may apply makeup anytime.

#4 – Consider where you are going when preparing your travel makeup kit.

For example, if you are traveling to Asia, there is probably no need to take your entire makeup kit. People in Asia wear light makeup as we know.

In Europe, on the other hand, cannot seem to do away with eyeliners. Backpackers and tourists on the constant go may need meager makeup. Sunscreens and lip balms may do for sunny places. Just have a little color on your face. Don’t go for too much-unwanted makeup.

#5 – Put your cosmetic kit in clear plastic bags.

Organize the things this way. Some women simply toss their cosmetics in their personal bags and later have problems finding the lipstick or face powder.

#6 – Observe travel regulations when bringing cosmetics.

There are limitations to the number of personal care products to be carried into different countries. Know these regulations so that you will not incur customs duty.

Check your bottles and containers of cosmetic items to be sure they don’t leak and wreak into your other items.

#7 – Pack toiletries and cosmetics in separate plastic bags for easy retrieval of stuff.

So, bring your makeup, foundation, eyeliner, and lipsticks in one bag. Put your tissues, toothpaste/toothbrush, shampoos, and deodorants in another bag. Have a different bag for combs, nail clippers, hair clips, and so on. If you bring razors, scissors, and other sharp objects, place them in safety bags.

Buying cosmetics once inside the terminal is better than bringing them, then having it confiscated later by airport security at the security checkpoint.

#8 – Fight the urge to bring your entire make-up kit.

As long as you are not going to a fashion or modeling convention abroad, there is no need to have a suitcase full of make-up. Stick to the basics, because you do not need to look like a rich person while touring Rome or basking under the Caribbean sun.

Travel makeup bag

Instead of having your makeup strewn around, buy a cosmetic bag. This is really an essential item especially for women who travel. These unique little bags are designed in a way that you can use them to organize your makeup and have what you need throughout your day. Travel makeup bags are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, styles, and materials. Some of the nicer ones are made of leather. When choosing one that will work for your cosmetic needs, decide first of all what amount you are willing to spend. Then from there, you can see what is available in the right price range. They can be purchased for as little as a few dollars to hundreds if they carry a brand name.

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Organizing Your Cosmetics

Choose a bag that contains more than one compartment. This will help keep the different types of cosmetics separate and you won’t have to dig through or dump out all the items to find something you are looking for. A cosmetic bag is especially nice to carry with you while traveling. You can take all the different things you will need to create the looks that go along with each occasion you experience while on your trip.

Some wonderful makeup bags are made to look like they have a single compartment. However, when they are unzipped or unrolled, they open up to many separate compartments. Usually, there will be an area where your bigger or bulkier items may be stored. Items such as foundation and concealing and face powders may be kept here. Other areas include special parts for containing both eye and lip products. Usually, there are smaller areas in the bag that can hold things like tweezers and clippers.

Some cosmetic bags come with a hanger and can be hung in the bathroom or vanity area. This is especially nice if space is limited. It can be opened up and hung with its contents displayed for easy access. Larger cosmetic cases are available that have both a top and bottom part. This type is bulkier and larger to store so your best bet is to find a cosmetic case that is made of fabric or leather and is smaller in size.

Be sure to keep your cosmetics up to date and throw out any old items. The items you use every day should always be with you, in case you need a quick touch up. Otherwise, extra cosmetic items could be stored separately.

Best travel makeup bags on the market: According to traveler’s reviews

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Makeup essentials

A pack of beauty items that is a must-have for every makeup lover is right here listed for you. Place it in your makeup bag and forget the hassle of finding your products last minute. With a good acrylic cosmetic bag, you can pack all your stash in a neat and organized way.

Here is the list of essentials:

Concealer: The perfect solution to cover blemishes and hide your undereye circles. A creamy formula may sort it out for you.

Foundation: A cure to cover patches on your skin, discoloration, and uneven skin. All you got to do is apply it where you find unevenness and you are good to go. One can also use a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation.

Blush: Give that slight blush to the cheeks and give your face a warm tone with a great blush tone.

Translucent powder: This is a powder that gives your makeup a quick and light dusting and also sets it well with some shine.

Mascara: The most appropriate way of flaunting your lashes is by giving a touch of mascara to yeyelashesshes. A basic black or a dark brown could do for any skin tone.

Neutral eye shadow: Add that tone to the eyes by adding a slight tint with a taupe or beige and brighten it at the lid.

Defining eye shadow: Eye shadow with a charcoal grey shade or a dark brown gives your eye makeup a little warmth and brushing it on the eyes’ crease and below brow bone gives your eye shadow a little more depEyelineriner: Enhance your eyes with a dark brown or black shade of a thin eyeliner across the lid or use the darkest shade of eye shadow along the lashes as an eyeliner. Give your eyes a fresh look with eyeliner.

Lipstick: Gives the perfect look to your lips with the right choice of color to match your skin tone and your dress. A lipstick gives your lips the appropriate look it deserves.

Powder Blush: To give your makeup its finishing touch, rub the powder blush with a rounded brush across.

Blush brush: Smaller in size than the powder brush, is used for dabbing some color on the cheeks and blending it right with the cheekbones.

Eye shadow brush: A brush that covers the eyelid lid with a tint in just a single swipe.

Some Extras:

Make sure to use small containers or travel-sized products so that everything will fit into your handheld toiletry bag. many brands currently produce tiny travel make up kits. Treat yourself to one! They are normally quite cheap.

Travel skincare

  • – MaMakeupemover
  • – Tonic
  • – Eye contour gel/cream
  • – Moisturizer
  • – Masks
  • – Scrub

Travel Makeup FAQs

Q: Should I wear makeup while traveling?

A plane is a place you will want to bare your pretty face and leave the makeup for the airport bathroom when you land. Flying can exacerbate oily skin or parch your already dry skin, and mixing makeup into that equation may lead to breakouts.

Q: Is mascara considered a liquid for flying?

The TSA counts mascara as a liquid. You can put as much mascara as you need in your checked luggage. But there are guidelines when you pack it in carry-on luggage. You can place more than one mascara in the quart bag, so long as it’s under 3.4 ounces.

Q: How do you travel with makeup?

Makeup is subject to the same liquid and gel rules as all other substances—so if you’re carrying liquid mascara, lip gels (such as Blistex ointment), or any other liquid or gel-like items, they will need to be placed in the quart-size plastic bag in 3.4-ounce or on smaller containers

Q: Can I put makeup in my personal bag?

Just about any kind of makeup or personal care product is permitted in a purse, as long as it meets TSA guidelines. Any quantities of dry makeup including eye shadow and face powder are allowed in purses and carry-on bags. Speed up your security screening by bringing all liquids in a clear resealable plastic bag.

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