Ultimate Travel Packing List For Men

Since men and women are different, they also have different needs. And when it comes to traveling, you’ll also find different items in their luggage.

You can find many resources on the web that give tips on what and how to pack when traveling. However, most of these tips focus mainly on female travelers. This is why this article offers tips for men who are traveling for the first time or find it a challenge packing every time they’re heading out to a travel destination.

Let’s list down the basics:


The size and type of luggage you’ll take with you will depend on factors like the nature of your trip and your length of stay in a place. You also have to decide whether you’ll have a carry-on (for short trips) or bring a bigger suitcase if you’re packing in sporting equipment or if you’re staying for a long period in the place you’re heading towards.


The clothing items you’ll pack will depend on several things. First is the weather. Needless to say, the outfits you’ll take with you will be determined by the weather in the place you’re visiting. The nature of your trip will also partly dictate the wardrobe you’ll be packing. If it’s a business trip, you’ll have to pack appropriate apparel. Try to limit your items so you don’t exceed baggage weight limits. If you can, pack only a pair of shoes (max. of 2) and two pairs of pants, especially if you’ll be away only for a few days.


If proper grooming is such a huge deal for you, especially if you consider yourself a ‘metrosexual,’ you have to pack all your essential toiletries. The basic items you’ll take with you (if you don’t want to use those provided by hotels) are soap, shampoo, razor and shaving cream, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, and comb (or brush). When packing liquids, however, you should know the rules on how to pack them and how much you can pack in your checked luggage.


Well, these days, there’s almost no difference in terms of what type of gadgets men and women take with them whenever they travel. Most people can’t leave their homes without their smartphones, tablets, and/or portable computing devices like tablets and notebooks. Perhaps the only difference would be the apps that are loaded onto their gadgets.

Whether you’re a first-time or frequent traveler, these are the things to consider whenever packing for a trip.

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